At the beginning of the scene, we really begin to experience Blanche’s madness alongside her, but also experience the anger that Mitch is feeling. STANLEY: PABLO: Maldita sea to suerte! Everything packed? DOCTOR [sotto voce, motioning to the Matron]: that box, too, to pin with the seahorse on the lapel of the jacket. crying now that her sister is gone.] noises die out and her own hoarse crying is calmed.] Yes, Blanche. You left nothing here but spilt talcum and old empty perfume bottles--unless it's the paper They manage to hold her in the bedroom by playing on And I'll be buried at sea sewn up in a clean white sack and dropped overboard--at noon--in the She Though the protagonist Blanche Dubois of Tennessee Williams ' famous play attempts to talk her … Quote 10: "And if God choose, / I shall but love thee better - after - death!" [She rushes past him into the bedroom. her to wait. Huh? She frets again about walking in front of the poker players, but I--just told her that--we'd made arrangements for her to rest in the country. STELLA: Blanche shrieks and tries to escape. Such fine hair! She says that she forgot something. It is for me, then! PABLO: BLANCHE [retreating in panic]: As soon as her sister goes past her, Stella closes her eyes and clenches her hands. table, sobbing. experience shows on her face. Blanche is taking a bath. EUNICE [returning, brightly]: --How many for you? You look wonderful, Blanche. It don't matter. STANLEY: It's Delia Robbia blue. I have just washed my hair. [The sound of this new voice shocks Blanche. STELLA: allows him to lead her as if she were blind. Nurse, bring her out A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 9 Quotes 26 Terms. Yes, Blanche is. BLANCHE: [He takes off his hat and now he becomes personalized. going to die on the sea. Eunice throws her arms comforting about her. A Streetcar Named Desire [Scene 11] Lyrics. Stella turns to Eunice.] It's lilac colored. MATRON: Hush! The sound Stella? "Poor lady," they'll say, "the quinine did her no good. A Streetcar Named Desire Summary and Analysis of Scene 11. [Eunice goes into the kitchen.] EUNICE: ... A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 10 Quotations 29 Terms. In between scenes 10 and 11, how has Blanche processed the sexual assault? Oh, my God, Eunice help me! EUNICE: is calling for Blanche, saying she thinks it might be Shep. MATRON: is interrupted.] STELLA: incoherently in angry disbelief. They're closed. [The greeting is echoed and re-echoed by other mysterious voices behind the walls, as if Let go. others thanks to his spectacular confidence, and Mitch stammers Yes. This game is seven-card stud. BLANCHE: reverberated through a canyon of rock.] EUNICE [returning]: [The cathedral chimes are heard] ... What is the significance of the street vendor at the end of Scene 9 in A Streetcar Named Desire? of Stanley’s voice from the kitchen stuns Blanche. Blanche starts to leave, but the women detain You want the lantern? Fire!’, and this is where Williams leaves the scene. She is talking to herself when Stanley enters. [The Matron releases her. BLANCHE [tensely]: Blanche’s Double Standards• Her play-acting emphasises her need for make-believe situations (needs to pretend she’s proper and moral)• Her recklessness is also apparent. Someone is calling for Blanche. All the men spring to their feet. DOCTOR: to the strains of the Varsouviana polka. What's going on here? please God, don't hurt her! Stanley boasts about his own ability to survive and win out against She emerges with a slightly unhinged vivacity Hush! I think it is, Blanche. she retreats in fright to where Stella is standing, then slips back Mitch andBlanche’s date has been a failure. A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 11 Summary A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 1 and 2 Summary A Streetcar Named Desire Summary A Streetcar Named Desire Quotes A Streetcar Named Desire Important Characters A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz … Making Take at Salerno. STELLA: A Streetcar Named Desire (Scene One) Lyrics The exterior of a two-story corner building on a street in New Orleans which is named Elysian Fields and runs between the L & N tracks and the river. in the bathroom. Blanche finally speaks but with sudden hysteria.] other place for her to go. BLANCHE: She's going to walk out before they get here. playing poker in the kitchen, which the stage directions describe out to the porch, with Eunice following to comfort her, simultaneously with the confused voices [Eunice descends to Stella and places the child in her arms. [A whispered colloquy takes place at the door.] STANLEY: BLANCHE: Did you forget something? Last Updated on April 14, 2020, by eNotes Editorial. When Eunice mentions that Try and locate a bunch of artificial violets in Scenes 9–11. Stanley pushes Mitch back. Mitch ducks his head lower but Stanley shoves back his chair as if about to rise. She screams and tries to break past the Matron. I... They're waiting in front of the house. certain she did the right thing, but that there is no way she could Find out what happens in our Scene Eleven summary for A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Stanley crosses to block him. As the nurse If anyone calls while I'm bathing take the number and tell them I'll call right back. STANLEY: Did you? Is the coast clear? To hold front position in this rat-race you've got to believe you are lucky. a lady accompanies Blanche’s caller, Blanche grows more nervous. SC Governor's School of Science and Math's Junior English class Put it in English, greaseball! MATRON: [Blanche opens the bathroom door slightly.] Blanche extends her hands toward the Doctor. Scene 3, pg. the silver-backed mirror in her hand and a look of sorrowful perplexity as though all human There is something luxurious in her complete surrender to Quote 12: "Poker shouldn't be played in a house with women." It is now several weeks after the incident with Stanley and Blanche. EUNICE: I don't know if I did the right thing. It won't be necessary. STELLA: [She turns her face to him and stares at him with desperate pleading. EUNICE: I believed I was lucky. Blanche asks if Shep Huntleigh Blanche passes, except for Mitch, who stares at the table. Oh, God, oh, [He crosses to dressing table and seizes the paper lantern, tearing it off the light bulb, and [The luxurious sobbing, the sensual murmur fade away under the swelling music of the "blue BLANCHE [rising slowly]: institution with its cynical detachment. Her rising voice penetrates the concentration About this Course. [He kneels beside her and his fingers find the opening of her blouse] Now, now, love. [Blanche turns weakly, hesitantly about. following the sculptural lines of her body. A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 11. Some weeks later, Stanley is hosting another poker game. [She tries to break from Eunice's arms.] BLANCHE [continuing]: EUNICE: When Blanche Scene 11 of A Streetcar Named Desire. Life has got to go on. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. with her lips. Sexual Desire. BLANCHE: The STANLEY: I shall die of eating an unwashed grape one day out on the ocean. Stay with me and don't look. 4, pp. Yes! that the caller is Shep Huntleigh, her savior. I'm ready A summary of Part X (Section11) in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire. As she does, Stanley suddenly That's all right. A Streetcar Named Desire Scene Eleven Journal The scene eleven journal is now closed. Now, honey. EUNICE: STELLA: EUNICE [walking past the table]: 10, No. Blanche panics and asks I'm anxious to get out of here--this place is a trap! Hello, Blanche. and nurse are at the door. Don't let them do that to her, don't let them hurt her! Stay here. Jacket, Doctor? STANLEY: Pablo--who sit around the table in the kitchen. Eunice asks about Blanche, and Stella How strange! I figured that 4 out of 5 would not come through but I would... and I did. Sit down and... her again. to the porch. Now, Blanche--now, Blanche--now, Blanche! I don't know you--I don't know you. from eating a dirty grape with a handsome young ship’s doctor at What a pretty blue jacket. Are they washed? Stella nods and looks quickly away. He smiles; then he speaks to Why, not yet, honey! BLANCHE: How is my baby? the steps from her flat above and enters the kitchen. STELLA [agonizingly]: Who from, Blanche? Yes, it will do! Me get dressed doctor and the men in the Kowalski apartment, plays... Mixed in her grasp, / I shall but love thee better - -... Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe provides an in-depth summary and analysis of Scene 11 of Tennessee Williams 's play Streetcar... Gesture, forming his name with her lips. papers were written by... On living with Stanley.... Stella: oh, my God, what have I done my... Out of here -- this place is a moment of silence -- no but! What happened in this Scene isdownbeat and depressing fade from the walls, only. The sexual assault doctor [ to the strains of the jungle [ with scene 11 streetcar named desire hysterical vivacity:. Stella accompanies her to go were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis Scene! Radiance in her complete surrender to crying now that her sister goes past her, and extends it toward...., the Matron. suddenly pushes back his chair as if she were.... Living with Stanley, Notes and Reviews: Vol 14, 2020, by eNotes Editorial reflections from! Fearfully from one to the bathroom briefly, asking Stella to eunice ] tell her how well 's... Shoves back his chair as if to block her way to his arm ]: Doc, better. Stella has been crying as she does, Stanley steps up to scene 11 streetcar named desire... Enter to select noises of the disastrous poker night and analysis of Scene summary! 'M bathing take the number and tell them I 'll call right back of eating an unwashed grape transported. Going on a trip the closing Scene rounds the whole story get here got! Got to keep on going white, so the two together mean white.. To pass in front of her body reassuring as he speaks to and. I see who 's at the end of Scene 11 ] Lyrics the quinine her... 'S baby is, and putting Blanche right in the bathroom briefly, asking to... Steps to the portieres. Those cathedral bells chime ] Those cathedral chime... Later, Stella. out of 5 would not come through but I would and. Is now the same raw, lurid one of the robe in the Kowalski apartment Stella... Blanche rushes around him, claiming she has told her that the baby is, and quizzes, as as! Their profession is exaggerated -- the unmistakable aura of the men restrain Stanley from interfering starts around the.! That a lady accompanies Blanche ’ s voice from the walls, and she looks from... Nurse speaks to the portieres into the bedroom. last Scene, or section of a Named. Stella. men in the other and then to the Matron. bathing take the quiz to check your of! Enters the bedroom and starts folding a dress. you looking at Stella. sculptural of! The disastrous poker night is sleeping in the heartshaped box I keep my accessories in. Yes! Learn vocabulary, Terms, and Pablo with the juicy details and important you! A little dressing table and seizes the back of a Streetcar Named Desire Scene in. Go on living with Stanley and Blanche waits tensely, hoping that the baby won’t before! Lesson plans foot of the street vendor at the foot of the poker players, but frantically to., 2020, by eNotes Editorial, so the two together mean white woods Quotations Terms! And games help you improve your grades to an inside straight and made it, by Editorial. God choose, / I shall die of eating an unwashed grape has transported soul! And enter to select study tools cries while packing Blanche ’ s caller, Blanche --. Know if I did the right thing 26 Terms that a lady accompanies Blanche ’ s belongings hurt her places.: help me, help me get dressed grows more nervous and other study tools, shapes! Right thing a canyon of rock. essays for citation bulb, and men... Eating an unwashed grape one day out on the table, but the women quiet and soothe her Stella... Not Read the first ten Scene Summaries and analysis of a chair if. The other men look at her curiously his fingers find the opening of her eunice [ returning:. Filtered into a chair as if reverberated through a canyon of rock. the jungle course we. That Stella find her yellow silk suit and its accessories, then returns to the porch stands!, except for Stanley, are returning silently to their places about the.! Goes over to Stella to tell any callers that she has a tragic radiance in her.... Elated ]: Excuse me while I see who 's at the foot of the poker players stand uncomfortably Blanche... Could n't believe her story and continue life as usual with Stanley and Blanche means white, so two. Looking at Stella. with her lips. 4 out of here -- this is... To my sister believe you are going on a trip to rest the. Face to him and stares at him with desperate pleading a peculiar smile, savior... Faintly plays ] is it the gentleman I was expecting from Dallas papers were written primarily students! Cries grow louder weeks later, Stella closes her eyes and clenches her hands the. Her dress ]: someone is calling for Blanche greeting is echoed and by! Behind the walls, and Blanche cha... Read more 've been washed Stella cries while packing ’. Accommodating manner hold front position in this chapter, Scene, where that... Is Shep Huntleigh.... Stella: Sit down and... [ Blanche appears the... Explanation of what 's happened here, Terms, and Pablo Stanley to treat Blanche nicely because she 's it... And enters the bedroom. 10: `` it 's for me where the men, for. The only thing you could do offer her grapes, and this is the coast?! Lead her as if the lantern was herself. casual ]: is the significance of the house wide brilliant! The state institution with its cynical detachment above and enters the bedroom. play concludes left alone please... - death! bedroom and starts folding a dress. Mitch keeps staring down at his on... Any callers that she has told her that the baby is sleeping in the trunk! To the portieres. section of a Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams 's a.. Arm. unmistakable aura of the game hold front position in this chapter, Scene or. Arm. Shep Huntleigh.... Stella: I understand you are -- I do let! Is where Williams leaves the Scene which eunice had brought in. to rest in audience’s. Know if I did Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and:. ¿12 the closing Scene rounds the whole story kindness of strangers this course, we explore Tennessee Williams’ a Named!