Below are the most common queries we receive regarding modular degree programmes. Having failed the module following two attempts, a student has the option to repeat the module in its entirety. The substitute module(s) must satisfy the programme requirements in terms of credit-weighting and academic level. Polytechnic . Referral is a further attempt at a module assessment without the requirement to repeat any attendance. Is the module counted towards the final degree classification 4. I am finding myself in the exact same situation after failing my second year exam. Reading your article gives me hope. During your time at University, there may be occasions when you need to review the small print. If they fail assessments for a second time, they must repeat the module with attendance, that is, take it again from scratch attending all the teaching and sitting all of the assessments, regardless of whether they passed any or not the first time around. If you have a question about modular programmes that is not covered by the FAQ, or a query about the on-line Faculty Handbook, please contact us using the Comments and Questions form at the foot of this webpage.. If you fail an entire module you are usually required to re-sit the assessments, either by re-submitting the coursework or, in some cases, by resitting an exam. Students failing more than the maximum credits that may be condoned are deemed to be failing the programme. Please note, if you do not successfully pass the compulsory module on the second attempt you will be required to withdraw from the course. Additional information on repeats and referrals for students holding a Tier 4 visa. above Spanish 2, Chinese 2). [POLY] Failing a module? This regulation applies to final-year Bachelor’s degrees and to final-year Advanced Initial Degree candidates. If it is an optional module, you can retake or register for an alternative module. Failed Module. If you take a re-assessment your mark is normally capped at a maximum of 40%. What happens if you fail a core module? The second attempt of a module must be taken at the next scheduled offering. If you fail up to one module per year you can leave with an 'exit qualification' in the form of a Certificate or Diploma or you can move into the Ordinary degree stream of your degree programme. You remain liable to pay the minimum and second payments. The form of the assessment will be decided according to the existing module guidelines, university regulations, and the decisions of the lecturer and board of examiners. * You will need to get the details of the re-assessment from the School that runs the module. A resit counts as one of your permitted attempts for a module. Non-finalists, and students who are not receiving an exit award, should expect to receive their results in … A second full attempt at a failed module will normally take place in the subsequent session or in the case of postgraduate awards, when the module is next offered. I'm in my second year at Cardiff Uni studying Ancient History and there is no information on what happens if you do. Receiving your late summer resit results. It rarely leads to an immediate pass. More information concerning re-sits/first sits including the number of attempts you are permitted to take for a module can be found in the Academic Regulations. The maximum grade awarded for the module on taken as a second full repeat will be the minimum pass mark regardless of the actual grade achieved. If you have a status of 'Failed; Retake' for any of your modules this means you will be required to register to retake this module with full attendance in the next academic year and attempt all items of assessment. Second year: A student who fails the second year examinations has the right to resit some/all of the failed modules the following year as chosen by the exam board. Once I talked about it to my mum and after reading your post I feel more positive about my future as a doctor. Year modules (second payment) 15 May 2020: If you cancel a module before this date, you will forfeit the minimum payment. Four-year degrees rules, with or without a year abroad or placement year, specific to your year of study. Core modules must be retaken and in most cases will automatically be registered for you. Every year, a number of students are required to withdraw from their year abroad due to academic failure in second year. Two key documents for all students are: Is the failed module a compulsory module for progression 2. I’m doing good in all my modules, but really messing up one of them. The substitute module(s) must be treated as a second attempt and marks must be capped at the Pass Mark (Section 3.7). Foundation Year rules of assessment For students studying a Foundation Year before continuing onto an undergraduate degree course. ... Second year 30% Second year 30% Second year 10% Final year 70%. For each year level you must complete a specified number of first and second semester courses, for example, you must complete four first semester and four second semester courses in your In most cases, a successful appeal will mean that you can resit the exam or repeat the year. S3. If you cancel a module after this date, you will forfeit the minimum payment and and the second payment. What happens if I fail a module? For this particular module, ‘Foundation Programming’, I have got 43/100 & 46/100. . 84. The module mark will be capped at the pass mark but students on a classification border may wish to consider this option. 16. % Incorrectly listed as failing to return to their 68 9 second year Incorrectly listed as withdrawn or failed 17 2 Correctly listed as failing 690 89 to progress Total 775 100 ... (over 2/3 of the degree level intake take at least one core mathematics module). Student policy and regulations. I have never experienced failure and it was a hard pill to swallow at first. Co-requisite: A co-requisite is a module you must take in the same year as another module. However, Part Two students, with the Department’s permission, may recommence their second year again on a different degree scheme provided learning outcomes have been met for the first year of the new degree scheme. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can find all published student regulations and policies in one place, along with guidance notes and any relevant forms that you'll need to fill in. Page 2- Failing a module UCC. 1st and 2nd year students If you fail a module at either Level 4 or Level 5 you will be given the opportunity to take a re-assessment. Is the failed module a compulsory module for that degree programme 3. 17. 17. Students who fail a non-core module in second year can progress to study abroad in third year providing they have not … For full-time students, there is an additional module fee if you register more than 8 module credits in an academic year. Candidates who accumulate 80 credits or more but fewer than 120 credits and achieve an average mark of at least 35% in the Final Year but have failed core module… Failing a module can result in you not proceeding but doesn't automatically mean … 7.20 Failing Your Module. Thank you for sharing your experience. If you repeat an alternative module, the number of attempts at the original module will count towards the maximum number of attempts at the alternative module. Repeating the module. Failing a module. It depends on how much you failed the module by - eg. You will need to pay a registration fee but no tuition fees for that module. Relevant variations are also included. Providing a stage average of 40% (at UG level) has been achieved, in most cases failure of up to 30 credits per stage may be condoned. No marks are carried forward, and their overall module mark is capped at 40%. 83. It depends on what the program board of your course decides at the end of the year. I’m doing foundation year computer science. Massive failure at university is one of the hardest things to deal with. Turns out, I was rejected in J1 once again, only to have COVID cancel A Divs in my second year. Will I just get kicked out if I fail as I hear you can't retake them? Module status - Failed; Retake. if you got say 35% you would probably be compensated. Final Year students: if you have not studied a language during your First or Second Year, you are permitted to take a language module in your Final Year, only if that language is at an advanced level (above accelerated beginner or equivalent, e.g. 8 If the appeal is unsuccessful, think about your next steps. I suspect failing a module would mean you couldn't possibly score high enough to stay on the Masters?. Consider these four options. Year modules (final payment) 15 August 2020 After 12 years of education, I failed to make my Father proud. Failing a non-core module in second year. Most students never experience it, or expect to experience it. Has the student passed enough modules without the failed module to progress I failed a module in my 1st year which technically was a compulsory module. The maximum number of attempts students are allowed at a module is defined in the University regulations. Students must not take modules from a subsequent year of study in advance. In Part Two, a student may not resit any module for which a pass mark has been attained previously. 1. These add up to 50% of this module & I have a 50% project for this module (so final assessed piece) for today. uses cookies. Students must consult the programme specification to establish whether failure in each specific module may be condoned for that programme. Semester examinations are held in the modules of the MBL degree (first and second years of the new curriculum, and second and third years of the old curriculum). The module mark for your resit will be pegged (except LLB), and will count for the year in which you originally took the module rather than the year of the resit. Recommendations to withdraw a student or for the repeat of a full year must be referred to the Faculty Dean for consideration. The maximum mark for the module that can be awarded for a second attempt is 40. B, D, F, H run in the second semester, for example, Psychology 1A, is a first year level course (1) and is presented in the first semester (A). You may only take LL200 coded modules or higher in the Second Year. 85. Final year students who have been awarded a compensated pass will be offered a referral as a next attempt in any element with a mark below 40% (subject to the maximum number of attempts at a module). This is used when there are two linked modules in the same year. After 12 years of education, I look at the Teddy Bears sitting in my room. Failing the first year of attendance; ... No. My daughter's doing a four year Masters degree, and at the end of the second year all those who weren't maintaining a high enough standard were dropped back to the three year Bsc course.