Internet and Intranet: The meaning of the internet is clear to even a … Intra means ‘inside’. Intercity vs. Intracity. The main difference between “inter-” and “intra-” is that “inter-” is used to denote in between, while “intra-” denotes that it is inside or internal. Intracity (adjective) Within a city. What to Know. Inter is a prefix which means ‘amongst’ or ‘between’. Intermolecular and intramolecular forces are the two types of forces that hold individual molecules and atoms together. Intercity (noun) Something that runs between cities, such as a railroad. It is a change in status from that which a child began within the parents, household to that of the child upon reaching adulthood. For example: international, intercollegiate, interdepartmental, intradepartmental, interdivisional, intra-divisional, etc. When discussing competition for mates, there are two different forms of sexual selection. On the basis of the time factor involved in social mobility there is another type of inter-generational mobility. Both types of forces determine the chemical and physical characteristics of substances. Although they look similar, the prefix intra-means "within," as in happening within a single thing, while the prefix inter-means "between," as in happening between two things. Transactions are between two or more entities within the same legal entity (Intra = Latin for “WITHIN”) Inter-generational Social Mobility. For example, intranational refers to things that happen within a single country, while international refers to things happening between two or more countries. Interstate highways take you from one state to another. Interstate vs Intrastate . These forces control the movement of molecules and atoms. Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Inter vs Intra. Key difference: The main difference between ‘inter-’ and ‘intra-’ is that ‘inter-’ is used to denote in between, while ‘intra-’ denotes that it is inside or internal. There is a very little variance in the spelling, but the terms have an altogether separate connotation. ‘Inter-’ and ‘intra-’ are two prefixes commonly used in the English language. When to Use Inter. Time factor is an important element in social mobility. We have seen how strange the language means. It […] Intercity (adjective) That connects cities with other cities. Main Difference – Intermolecular vs Intramolecular Forces. Inter vs Intra. To remember the difference between intra and inter, keep in mind interstate highways and company intranets:. Inter vs. Intra-company: Intercompany refers to the deals and transactions occurring between two or more companies, whereas Intracompany may indicate a transfer of the post in the same company. "I plan to catch an intercity train, or bus." Interstate and intrastate are concepts that have great implications in business and transport. Inter and Intra have an identical sound and seems to be associated nonetheless there could also be between the meaning and use of these two prefixes. InterCompany. Wiktionary. This is because of the fact that trucks that roam inside a state are governed by the laws of that state alone while intrastate trucks are allowed to go inside other states also thereby being governed by a different set of laws. Inter is used for between two associated issue or for amongst higher than two associated points. Transactions are between two or more related internal legal entities with common control, i.e. in the same enterprise (Inter = Latin for “BETWEEN”) IntraCompany. Further explanation of sexual selection definitions. We have dealt with the difference in what intra signifies vs what inter signifies. Intercompany vs Intracompany in SAP. Members of the same sex (of the same species) compete, fight or engage in combat with one another over the opportunity to mate with a female. Published: 20 Jan, 2019. Views: 7,868.