If you're looking for an adventure-filled mule deer hunt on your own, Arizona is the place to go. 3. UNIT 10 ARIZONA ELK OUTFITTERS. There are several herds in the Ash Fork area and along Welsh Road. Frank Marino's 367" AZ Elk; Terry Chapman 372" AZ Archery Bull Elk; Alfredo Julian's 390" AZ Archery Elk; Chad Converse AZ Archery Elk; Arizona Archery Elk Unit 10-Dustin Kuhn's 386" Arizona Archery Elk Unit 10- Tim Allen's 400" 2017-2018 Mexico Coues Deer Hunts-Now Booking! Population densities range from low-to-medium with the higher densities generally occurring in the Williams corner and the Aubrey Cliffs areas. Rarely exceeding 120 lbs, with most bucks around 95-105 lbs, the Coues has become sort of a cult li That area only can be hunted by bowhunters. We charge $1500 per unit, $2500 for 2 units that adjoin, and $3,000 for 3 adjoining units. Arizona Management Unit 8 Game Maps, regulations and land access information. Mule deer can be found throughout most of the unit, but the highest densities occur in the ponderosa pine and pinyon juniper woodlands. Login or register to post comments; Tags: Southwest; 7 West, 8, 9, 10, 23, 3A/3C. “Blind jumping”, similar to “claim jumping” with miners has become a problem in recent years. We charge $1500 per unit, $2500 for 2 units that adjoin, and $3,000 for 3 adjoining units. It is big country. AZ Unit 10 Mule Deer Concentration Map Get this Map Description: Huntdata's concentration maps highlight the high, medium, and low mule deer concentrations during the summer and winter. Don’t shoot the first bull you see, unless it is a real monster. Every year or two, we hear of one or two mule deer harvested in Unit 2B that will score 200 inches or more each." This information along with water tank identification help you move your hunt from where can I … Never leave home without your lion tag; sooner or later you will run into one. As such, elk hunting in the area is really good. View 20 photos for 7500 E Deer Valley Rd Unit 10, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 a bed, bath, 3,050 Sq. The Coues whitetail deer population in Unit 19A seems more stable, although there have always been relatively few whitetail in the unit. Antelope are sometimes found in areas of relatively dense juniper cover. 31,360 acres. We saw plenty of sign but not one elk. This tag is for sale by owner, and not eligible for INSIDER discount. This is Jesse's first deer . The only other area where turkeys are located in Unit 10 is in the Ponderosa pine country on the north half of the Aubrey Cliffs north of Pica Camp. Again, glassing from good vantage points and watching water can be good ways of locating elk. Feel free to comment what influences your decision (rut, pre-rut, other people afield, weather, etc). This condo was built in 2005 and last sold on 3/23/2012 for $77,000. Overview: Unit 10 is not a white-tailed deer hotspot. You will most likely be on the rim of Cataract Canyon looking down … a long ways down. Up to a 15 year wait to draw. Early-season hunting is usually done during warm weather. Burn Areas Last 10 yrs. my partner and I hunted unit 10 for 5 days of the 12/4 to 12/13 season. Find an area to your liking and put in your time. North of Williams is unit 10......one of the most sought after units in the state. The special auction tag holders and their guides always visit Unit 10 and generally find record-book bucks. 2250 E Deer Valley Rd Unit 10, Phoenix, AZ 85024-5528 is currently not for sale. The ability to crawl for long distances helps. Glassing is important in this area. Instructional videos or cassettes can be helpful, but hearing real elk will also help. Saw about 20 deer though. Waterhole hunting from blinds or good hiding places can be a good method of hunting elk in the warmer times of the year. There are usually a few 400-point bulls here in years of good precipitation and range conditions. There are also juniors-only limited weapon-shotgun shooting hunts for both seasons, too. Get ready for a long one. Look for lion tracks around waterholes. You just have to be in the right place at the right time. Just keep looking and don’t pull the trigger too soon. The OTC Deer scouting reports are per unit based and we limit what we send out. Areas: There are a few whitetails near the Aubrey Cliffs immediately northwest of Seligman. Click Here to View Large Map or Order. No one has never not seen deer and in most cases they get lost trying to figure out the road systems. Scouting around water holes can be beneficial, however, during deer season, most of the bucks will not drink water until after daylight hours. Dedicated hunters who put in their time will locate mature bucks. I'm typically a bit of a long winded writer anyway, and darn sure don't know how to condense this one. Phoenix, AZ 85086. AZ unit 10 rifle Deer . Ft. single family home built in that sold on 07/25/2012. I have seen several very nice pickups, too include a pickup that scored roughly 122 1/2. Someone else’s hunt of a lifetime hangs in the balance. The Coconino Plateau holds a good population of elk right out in the open ‘antelope’ country far from the trees. Hunt the pine stringers and cliffrose hillsides nearby. Unit 16A. Other herds are scattered across the unit. The area north and west of Round Mountain, Bishop Lake, Long Point, Paradise Ridge, and Cataract Canyon are all in this category. Overview: Black bears are not common in Unit 10, but they do either live here or travel through on a regular basis. Antelope Bear Bison Deer Elk Mountain Lion Sheep Regulations. It is not terribly uncommon to find a bear track at or near water from late spring through the fall hunting seasons. They charge a permit fee but their half will have much fewer hunter because of this. Overview: Unit 10 is not a white-tailed deer hotspot. Parents and adult helpers, please note: due to lack of experience youth hunters are more apt to make mistakes. Forest Service Timber Cuts. Overview: Mule deer occur unit-wide with the exception of wide-open grassland areas. We also charge $500 per additional hunter. There is a fall archery-only over-the-counter permit hunt available in the fall. Barboa mentioned that the Sandia Mountains close to Albuquerque in the Cibola National Forest home some nice mule deer bucks. Overview: Unit 10 has a healthy mountain lion population. Mid-Quality Arizona Elk Units Unit 10 is not a trophy unit per se, as is the Kaibab or the Strip, but decent bucks are taken here on a yearly basis. Areas: Sheep are most commonly observed in the northern portion of the hunt area along Cataract Canyon. Remember, elk don’t usually sound as good as champion elk callers. Pick out several different elk calls – cow calls and bugles – and practice until you sound like an elk. January 1st - January 31st, 2021. HuntersDomain has Arizona unit 10 hunt area maps that are 1:100,000-scale maps using Bureau of Land Management land status base maps. If successful, you will receive your tag in the mail within 10-15 business days. 10 Game 19A Game 19B Game 6B Game 7-west Game Species. Respect other hunter’s opportunities. These tiny deer inhabit most of Arizona between, Flagstaff and the Mexican border at elevations of 3,500 and 6,000 ft. Turkey population fluctuates greatly depending on climatic conditions. Antelope densities fluctuate from year-to-year based on climatic conditions and the amount of predation exerted upon the herd by the plentiful number of coyotes. I have known hunting camps from time to time take both a white-tailed and mule deer buck out of the same area. Check for tracks at waterholes and look for signs of rooting. Main floor has great room,… Slightly more than half of the unit is a private ranch called the Boquilllas, see their website at "big Bo ranch" or something like that. The goal of these hunts is to teach good hunter ethics and accountability. If the sheep are on the bottom talus slope or the bottom of the canyon, a lot of difficult hiking is in the hunter’s future. Hunting sheep in Cataract Canyon is usually not a simple affair. Click the image above to get your tickets for the AZSFWC Ford Raptor Raffle! Archery hunting is good in the same areas as discussed for general-season hunts. Javelina have been seen in the Ponderosa pine country near Williams. Both of these units make up a portion of the famed Kaibab deer herd north of the Grand Canyon. Best Units for an Early Season Velvet Hunt. The mule deer population in unit 10 has been on a steady decline and a unit 10 mule deer hunt can be an extremely difficult proposition to say the least. Total Area. Top. They just don't get better than this. Youth-Only general antlerless hunts area a great opportunity to get youngsters interested in hunting. Our camp was near the apex of forest roads 6 and 7. Driftwood Canyon, Disquiba Canyon, and the main stem of Cataract Canyon itself as far south as the area around the Carlson Pothole catchment are the best locations. 2. Areas: Javelina are not easy to locate in Unit 10. Unit 12B can be a very tough mule deer unit to hunt but it does produce some giant mule deer bucks on an annual basis and has the trophy genetics to continue to put out monster Arizona mule deer bucks for many years to come. Scouting is important. This is a naturally occurring population and not a transplant. Scouting for the early bull hunt during the archery hunt should be as unobtrusive as possible. This unit encompasses about 1,600 square miles. The 1,186 sq. December Custom Rifle Raffle: Tanner H from Tucson, AZ. Staking out a waterhole or calling near a kill may net a lion sighting. Notice: The fall hunting season is a limited weapon shotgun-shooting shot season only. Arizona Big Game Unit 8, Arizona Big Game Unit 9, Arizona Big Game Unit 10, SEASON DATES: Annual scouting that we do from May 15- through out the season This Outfitter has access to 16,000 acres of private land in Premier Arizona Unit 10. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. There is a small permanent population of desert bighorn in the Cataract Canyon area. Unit 10 is on the fringe of whitetail habitat so I wouldn’t specifically plan a whitetail hunt here. Have a chance to win hunts and gear every month — over $100,000 per year, Access strategy & tips to help you apply & spend more time in the field, Statistics and historical data to find top producing trophy units, Detailed overview of how to apply and hunt in each state, Your quick dashboard for important dates, benefits, and the latest giveaways, Units: You'll just need some years of applying to hunt there.....even with a bow. Hunting antlerless elk can be easy or challenging depending on your luck and existing conditions during your hunt. Mule deer are found unit wide, however, deer densities are higher in the mid-elevation deserts to the Ponderosa Pine forests in the northern portion of the unit. Expect to see bulls in the 370″ range with potential for 380″+. There are historical places that the animals tend to live.. as long as there’s food, shelter, water.. we utilize these spots as anchor points. Win a 2020 Ford Raptor-Click Here for Details! Most successful hunters have found and harvested javelina around the unit’s many waterholes. Scouting and heavy-duty glassing are the methods to find big bucks. Southern and central Arizona is home to the majority of Coues Whitetailed Deer in the united States. Exampleis if  you buy unit 10 $1500 you have a second hunter $500 total $2000. Varmint callers have had luck calling in lions from time-to-time. As unit 10 is known for giant bull elk, Units 12A and 13B are just as famous for producing monster mule deer bucks and Arizona Wildlife Outfitters has taken their share of trophy heads from both units. These Units are Difficult to draw, high density of elk, excellent trophy quality. Please call us for more information about these packages. The Williams corner and the Aubrey Cliffs areas hold the most mule deer and correspondingly the most lions on a year-round basis. 2021 Western Big Game Hunting Application Deadlines, YOUTH APPLICATION STRATEGY — Take Your Kids Hunting Part 3, Four winter tips for staying dialed during the offseason, Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg, OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt, Missouri’s first black bear season is on horizon, Let’s not forget that hunting is about hunting. We left Starkville MS on December 28th and drove to Tonto Basin AZ, stopping for a 3 hour nap at a public airport parking lot and arriving at our campsite by 4pm on December 29th. I got a tag for this unit but haven't a clue where to look, Benn on the north rim of the Grand Canyon all summer and have had a chance to look around does anyone know any good spots ? The mule deer population exhibits signs of a high level of predation by lions and coyotes. A hunter should walk the rim of the canyon and look down. The best time to hunt lions is on fresh snow, but hunters with good dogs can work lions on dry ground as well. Sheep do use the entire canyon area and have been observed all the way south to the Box K area. Areas: The best turkey hunting in Unit 10 usually takes place in the Ponderosa pine country on the Kaibab National Forest within 5-7 miles of Williams. This deer was the fourth deer in two days that we saw, but the first to stand still long enough for a shot. MLS #. You will need to down load an app called Base Maps  and we will the Send you pin locations. A herd of elk can feed along at a relatively fast rate and can easily out-distance a stalking bow hunter. ... 390,928 acres. 6,502 acres. If you want semi guided assistance while you hunt it will cost an additional $1000 per unit. The Havasupai Reservation is off limits to sheep hunters. Vary your use of different calls and calling sounds to keep the elk on edge. Unit 10 is on the fringe of whitetail habitat so I wouldn’t specifically plan a whitetail hunt here. Several of the hunters checked scouted prior to the hunt by driving around and checking for tracks at many of the waterholes. Scouting is important for hunting javelina in this unit. 5. 4. Success .... harvest success is very low as we aren’t guiding you and we don’t know your skill set but the information is accurate. We scouted the unit in Tonto National Forest for two mornings and one evening and covered many miles while seeing little deer sign and even less deer. Arizona Unit 10 Mule Deer: Unit 10 is home to some very large trophy mule deer bucks but mule deer numbers in Unit 10 are very low and trophy mule deer bucks are very few and far between. … If looking for a larger buck, pass on the smaller ones. Man, hunt of a life time. When elk are located at a distance, aggressive hunting tactics are likely in order. Overview: Unit 10 is a great elk unit. ... Rex G from Flagstaff, AZ. The packages are based these following criteria’s: 1. Overview: Unit 10 is not a white-tailed deer hotspot. Unit 8 is a quality unit too, with some trophy bulls. If sheep are above the rim the hunt could be over quickly. Address 123 Main Street New York, NY 10001, Hours Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM. Scouting and hunting from hilltop observation points with powerful optics is highly recommended. However, if they are below the rim, things get interesting. Most of the larger bucks checked come from rather dense Pinyon-Juniper country. These are the best areas to hunt if you want to see deer and have a chance of harvesting one. When a bull is worked up, almost any call will get his attention. We have multiple trail cams placed in these units, as well we are taking inventory while in the field. Other areas in Unit 10 also hold mule deer, but population densities are generally low and hunting will be more difficult. If they are on the middle bench, the hunt becomes more difficult, but they are still huntable. No single area in Unit 10 should be overlooked. An archery-only hunt in the fall is available with an over-the-counter permit tag. unit 10 az deer, Sold for $77,000 on 3/17/12: 4 Photos • 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,186 sqft condo at 2250 E DEER VALLEY Road • Very comfortable home in gated community. ft. condo is a bed, 2.67 bath unit. White-tailed deer does not regularly come to mind in the Sonoran Desert; however, there are a few small populations found in unit 40A. Exampleis if you buy unit 10 $1500 you have a second hunter $500 total $2000. Unit 10 elk still respond to “calling” and this method of hunting can be as exciting as it gets. Overview: If you want to hunt a record-book antelope, this is the place. What's new with Arizona unit 10 and the BIG Boquillas ranch? It's probably far too long, but heck, who doesn't enjoy a decent hunting story? Make sure proper care is taken with meat. Below are the units we believe will offer a DIY hunter the best chance of tagging a mule deer buck in an Arizona OTC deer unit. Areas: The southeast corner of Unit 10 near Williams close to I-40 is usually the best area, although bear sign has been found around Mount Floyd, Trinity Mountain, Red Lake, and the Aubrey Cliffs. We will also have phone skope pics of target bucks we see. All you have to do is draw a permit, work hard, and be lucky. Price and quantity subject to change. Areas: The Kaibab National Forest portion of Unit 10 is a good location to hunt elk. Arizona Unit 10 is a very huntable elk unit due to the fact that this unit is interspersed with a lot of rolling hills, broken ridge country, and lots of knobs that make excellent glassing points from which to scout and hunt trophy Arizona bull elk from. Areas: As mentioned above, the Williams corner, including the Kaibab National Forest, and the Aubrey Cliffs areas on the Boquillas Ranch hold the highest mule deer population densities in the unit. Overview: Unit 10 is not a hot javelina unit, but the population has been growing. Please make sure your youth hunter is sure of their target, knows the appropriate place to take a clear shot at the vitals, waits the appropriate amount of time to determine if the animal is wounded, and takes follow-up shots, if needed. or Antelope inhabit the wide-open grasslands all across Unit 10, but even a small grassy opening in the junipers should not be overlooked. This is “real” Grand Canyon sheep hunting. I live in Kingman so its only 90 minutes away. There are a few whitetails scattered across the unit and they are legal game during the general season as well as during archery hunts. Nearby. The unit 12B archery mule deer hunt is combined with Kaibab units 12A west and 12A east. The Bishop Lake Plateau, the Aubrey Valley, Red Lake, and the Williams corner have all produced a number of big bucks. We hunted vigorously the first day to the east of this area that borders Perrin Ranch. Glassing, spotting-and-stalking, still hunting, and sitting water are all popular and effective ways to pursue mule deer. There are a few whitetails scattered across the unit and they are legal game during the general season as well as during archery hunts. Dedicated lion hunters should also check around Long Point, Black Tanks, Cataract Canyon, Paradise Ridge and many points in between. More bear sign is observed during or immediately following severe drought periods. Description. This is flat to rolling country with a lot of roads and a lot of roadless areas. Who and how does this effect us hunters? Overview: Units 8 and 10 are hunted on the same permit both spring and fall. Just got back in late last night from our AZ Unit 10 deer hunt. **Hunters are responsible for tag fee's and license cost. The mountains, hills, and canyons from Ash Fork Hill (Welsh Road exit I-40) east to Williams hold a few whitetails too. The OTC Deer scouting reports are per unit based and we limit what we send out. Unit 10 is on the fringe of whitetail habitat so I wouldn’t specifically plan a whitetail hunt here. I'm planning for an Arizona OTC mule deer hunt specifically in the central Arizona area (units 6, 8, 17, 18, 19) and I was trying to see when people preferred hunting the best. Jesse's first mule deer hunt in Arizona's Unit 10 with a rifle. Calling, glassing, and sitting at water holes are the preferred methods of hunting turkey in this unit. Nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to improving habitat and expanding Arizona’s mule deer and Coues deer herds. The central part of Unit 10 from Mount Floyd north to Long Point, the Bishop Lake Plateau, the Aubrey Cliffs, Robber’s Roost, and Cataract Canyon all hold huntable populations and trophy bulls. This may be a good place to introduce yourself and your site or include some credits. How do you get the information? There are a few whitetails scattered across the unit and they are legal game during the general season as well as during archery hunts. Unit 10 Arizona Elk: Unit 10 is one of, if not the best, premier trophy elk units in the state of Arizona.Unit 10 consistently produces Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record book elk and usually produces at … Areas: All of Unit 10 is worth hunting. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. If the hunter makes a mistake, please report it to the Department. We also charge $500 per additional hunter. Rifle hunters have more of an advantage, but one still needs to get close enough for a good shot before the elk feed into cover. Zillow has 23 photos of this $389923 3 bed, 2.0 bath, 2170 sqft single family home located at 7500 E Deer Valley Rd UNIT 10 built in 1998. Trophy quality elk are here and can be impressive. Receive updates and goHUNT's most popular content. Arizona Unit 10 hunting map topo with printed boundaries. If a concentration of tracks is found, it is likely there may be a kill nearby. There are several herds that use the Aubrey Cliffs, mostly around Chino Point and Rhodes Canyon. Please respect other hunter’s hunting blinds and just don’t plan on using one you didn’t put up. These are almost all resident deer. Overview: An overview is exactly what you will have when you hunt desert bighorn sheep in Units 9 or 10. Watch that first step. Areas: The Coconino Plateau, the north end of Unit 10, is a favorite location for big-buck hunters. December 11th - December 31st, 2020 2009 presented several problems for deer in 20B including one of the hottest summers recorded in Arizona history and a disappointing amount of rain from the monsoon. Mule deer in Unit 10 do not appear to be migratory.