Besides hunting 34A for javi' and mule deer, my buddy and I will also be hunting 4A. PARTNERS. Like most big game animals, deer are most active at sunrise and sunset. EKYHunter. 928-925-9395. Arizona Hunting Unit 13A Unit 13A, on the Eastern side of the AZ Strip can be tougher to hunt than unit 13B but the quality of the mule deer that are found here is phenomenal. Camp Included: 1 Person $2,800 2 Person $4,200. My friend Jared Papa put in for the same hunt units that I did, and he ended up drawing this mule deer … Access Information. 6mm Remington; Nov 20, 2020; 2. More . AZ Archery Elk .....Tim's 4B & Eric's 4A Bulls Sorry for the blitz in posts, but we're trying to get caught up. This hunt can be a rut hunt depending on the weather and rainfall. Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area. In Arizona, you can come and buy the over-the-counter mule deer tag for Coues deer tag. Peeples Valley Arizona I have hunted 4 alot starting about 45 years ago,mostly archery,but some riflle.Elk are all over the unit,most of my experience is on the west side towards leonard canyon.You will have a good hunt,some of the canyons are deep,but not what I would consider a real physical hunt. If you want to properly preserve velvet antlers, you will have to inject & brush them with formaldehyde or some of the new less toxic chemicals (4 in 1 solution works great as does Knobloch's antler in velvet tan) as its easier to use however, both will work. $19.95. Description. From guns and outdoor gear to photography and trail cams, we have the information you need. PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS. Arizona Unit 8. The bucks are few and far between up there. Hunter: JOHN C. McCLENDON. If you want to hunt public land in Arizona, I can help you find the joy of hunting. These maps are 1:100,000-scale and include unit boundaries, ownership, topography, roads, and key … Arizona Bowhunting Forum - discussion forum dedicated to Arizona bowhunters and Arizona archers. Essentially, it could take decades of applying to get drawn for a premier hunt for one of Arizona’s world class mule deer. Purchase a License. My hunt is for most of the month of May ( 1-21st) . 1981 Commerce Center Circle Ste A. Prescott, Arizona 86301. Arizona hunting class. I have archery hunted units 1 and 27 and several southern units for deer a few years ago. High quality 36" x 48" printed Unit 32 hunt maps shipped to your door. I had hoped for Early hunt late April but didnt get it. AZ deer, bison, and sheep draw!!!! Access district and public hunting land maps. Price $39.00. Arizona Unit 33. Tons of info about elk hunting 4A but info about deer hunting the zone seems sparse. Arizona Hunting Regulations. According to Arizona Game and Fish, Hunt No. ... Come join us with our family and friends as we share our outdoor experiences while chasing elk, mule deer, antelope, coues deer, turkey, and predators. 3799 – Units 12A, 12B, 13A, and 13B have an extremely low-density elk population, about 40-50 elk combined for all four units. Overview: Mule deer can be found throughout the Unit, but the best areas are the pinon-juniper woodlands and ponderosa pine forests. ... See all maps by Arizona HuntData LLC Deer Elk Mountain Lion Sheep Regulations. Ideas. 31-May-20. The units for OTC archery deer are generally not great. Barstools Dallas Tx Ideas. Products. Click Here to View Large Map or Order Arizona Unit 4 A hunting map topo with printed boundaries HuntersDomain has Arizona unit 4 A hunting area maps that are 1:100,000-scale maps using Bureau of Land Management land status base maps. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there just aren't many deer in those units. Most have very low success rates, average is 12%, but hey, it beats being behind a desk. Best Mule Deer Hunting Tip? I'll be coming from Maine so on the ground scouting is … Arizona Hunt Unit 6B Map. The OTC archery hunts are listed in the brochure and you can find the success rates in the Hunt Arizona starting on page 38. 11-Jun-20. 6. Big Chino Outfitters. Add to cart Unit 4A General Elk. I'm an Arizona-based guide service, specializing in fair game chase hunting which means I will help you locate and hunt your elk, deer … Monday at 6:07 PM. Hunt Permit-Tag Application Form. Replies 28 Views 2K. Our UNIT 4 A maps include: Arizona public land ownership boundaries Topographical contour lines 1:100,000 […] 16-Jun-20. unit 10 mule deer, As mule deer descend in elevation in fall, their diets shift and contain a higher percentage of mixed mountain shrub species such as true mountain mahogany, antelope bitterbrush, and service berry. Listen as Jay Scott and Daniel Franco of Burnt Timber Outfitters discuss Arizona deer applications for units 1,3A/3B,4A/4B,3B,23 for mule deer. ... Arizona Hunt Unit 27 North Half Map. Related Posts. $19.95. Got drawn Spring turkey 2020 unit 4A/4B, but was going to hunt 4a mostly since Ive been in that area. Everything you need to plan your Arizona hunting trips for 2020. Listen as Jay Scott and Daniel Franco of Burnt Timber Outfitters discuss Arizona deer applications for units 1,3A/3B,4A/4B,3B,23 for mule deer. Add to cart ... Unit 21 Mule Deer. Arizona Unit 4A Bear. Add to cart Unit 22 Javelina. Arizona Unit 5BS. Price $39.00. Add to cart Unit 27 Elk. Providing produts for the Do It Yourself Hunters in the great state of Arizona. Arizona Hunt Unit 5B Map. Bars Hunting Service, LLC, specializes in Arizona fair game chase big game hunting. ... Unit 27 Mule Deer. Monday at 7:33 PM. < > 1 - 1. Arizona Hunt Unit 6A Map. Arizona Unit 23. Arizona Digital Maps. To allow an increase of deer ... disease is marked by pulmonary edema and erosions, ulcerations, hemorrhage, or abscesses in the oral cavity (Fig.