Laser cutting wood is a sublimation process that will require the use of proper optics and precise focusing, as well as a distinction must be drawn between engraving and/or cutting. We were suffering from strange variable power issues on the laser cutter. I have this issue but my machine is sitting on the floor and this problem also began after a fire and I only needed to replace the belt and tube due to the tube actually caught fire. Table Setup 2. The most common are stainless steel and carbon varieties. I center the laser to the first mirror, then bring the second mirror up close and center, when I move the mirror back to the front the beam moves up and towards the left side of machine? If you fire a test shot near each corner of the bed you should get something like this: Laser Alignment Test Shots - One shot taken in each corner of the laser bed. After searching I could not find an answer to this solution. Make sure “Axis X mirror” is unticked, and “Axis Y Mirror” is must ticked. The laser vaporizes through extruded more easily leaving a smooth, almost glass-like, flame polished edge. Even when the Crumb Tray is clean and flat, the material may not be lying flat on the surface. Laser Cutting Acrylic. Jon, hope you don’t mind. Hi, regardless of how perfect we get the allignment, it only lasts an hour before ghosting again and not cutting through anymore. "My BOSS laser cutter was delivered just last week - and I am very satisfied. There’s usually a flow sensor – if no water flow is detected it will prevent the laser from firing. Any ideas? Speed 4. So, I'm very happy with my decision to go through with my purchase with Boss Laser." Materials. My enable button won’t turn on or doesn’t stay on. Is there any more, I’ve seen some sketches with 4. After 12 passes it will eventually cut through the 3mm plastic. Material not lying flat. Please run through the following checklist to fix or diagnose the problem. Power 2. Hello Lightburn Community. It turns out the desk on which the laser sits has bowed slightly under the weight of the laser cutter resulting in a slight twist to the entire machine – so it’s not the laser head that’s high, it’s the entire front right corner of the machine. This exact same thing happened to us, and then I realised that after having recently changed the water cooler, I hadn’t plugged it back into the mains, and the laser cutter seemed to know this and would refuse to actually cut anything, just go through the motions as if it was. Metal may not be cut on this machine at this time either. In other words the laser head start point is now 4 inches in from the right of the machine and 2 inches past the bed on the left of the machine. Mini 60 Laser Cutter. If not all vertical, please adjust the laser beam path (directly adjust the third reflective mirror). Hi Dave One left rear, one left front and the cutting lens. The BOSS Laser Cutter is a high end machine utilized to engrave and cut a variety of materials to create products. The laser beam is being focused at an angle to a spot, so no cut can be perfectly square, but there are things that can make it worse. still interested in the progressive improvement of the old laser. What should a 150 W laser chiller be set to? Its also cheaper than cast. See for yourself how laser cutting MDF and Plywood differs from cutting regular wood. You first need to understand how the lens works. Customer case. Video. The problem is especially likely to occur if the print is large. Material PreparationBy managing these variables, we are able to ensure perfect, reliable and repeatable laser cuts of our acrylic material. Exhaust 4. It appears to be working fine - be it that I can send the laser an image. Run the Emblaser 2 Calibration procedure again and check the Machine offset value is correct. 3. The laser is not cutting through my material. – they are not cheap. Note: All of the images are exaggerated to show the affects. Frequency 3. Boss Laser has been fantastic to work with. Check material appropriateness. r u sure the water cir pump is circulating water !! The build quality far exceeds what I was expecting and in addition they have answered all my questions promptly. What makes a material not suitable for laser engraving and cutting? A Laser Process Setup 1. We have a HP 3655 bought new in December and we were just now getting around to cutting metal and we were having trouble. The reason I purchased my Boss Laser … The reason I purchased my Boss Laser was because of all the great reviews and their excellent staff. ... Not all materials react to the laser in the same way. Some materials can develop a curve (called ‘warp’), and warped material may not cut through consistently. The machine no longer knows the size of the largest cut anymore. Type of Acrylic 3. I … Happy laser cutting! Hi I read your info about mirror alignment, I am having problems with this. After much research into the correct machine to purchase for our metal cutting needs, we settled on the BOSS FC5555 ACCUCUT, 4x4 Fiber Metal Cutter. I am having problems with cutting through cleanly with my laser My alignment is ok, however there are a few more things to check,1 clean the water filter this will make the beam fire intermittingly if algae builds up , 2 renew the water flush with tap water and drain, then refill with ionised water 3 check the lid sensor this will break the beam if not set correctly , 4 lower the temperature of the water, other then that I hav’nt a clue. Thank you, Luckily we have not had many issues with either of our laser machine from Boss laser, but of course with anything troubles do arise. For this reason, we recommend that you select a different laser material for your application. Aug 20, 2016 - Creative ideas for using the BOSS in the DNGC STEAM Studio. The laser is not cutting through my material. Please start up the laser software RDWorksV8. Janet. I called a talked with them several times before purchasing my laser. Mistake 1: Engraving Fabric but the Laser Burns through the Material. The modern metal cutting industry provides consumers with machines such as the Boss Laser Metal Cutter that gives you the ability to cut into over 100 different types of metals. Try aligning at max range and see if that helps. The X axis uses a V rail, but the Y axis seems to slide on a smooth rod. Hello – Im hoping i can get some Help we bought a Full Spectrum Laser Pro- about a month or so ago and to this day we can not get the alignment right – one day we were trying it out trying to align couldnt get an even burn deeper on the left side than the right – well we gor frustrated left it for another day — well when we went out a few days later to try it again did a practice cut – and wouldnt you beleive that it wastnt cutting at all no laser at all was working with no laser coming out it was moving like it was workig but wasnt cuttung anything — tried again to adjust alignment still couldnt get it this is so frustrating dont know what to do called tech support at company – they have been trying to help but nothing as of yet– we are in desperate need of help and guidance — not sure what is going onn this was a pricey mchine and for us to be having such problems is crazy — i would really appreciate some kind of help. Even at maximum power, using the slowest speed and making 3-4 passes I am getting all the way through on about 85% of any given part. Please check whether the laser beam is all vertical to the working table’s center and four corners. 1 Test Cuts; 2 Known Settings. Boss Laser's Customer Service and Tech Support is excellent. I’m writing this because it appears we’re not the only ones to suffer from this problem, but there’s little information out there, and it initially had most people I asked completely baffled. They helped to ensure a smooth implementation of their lasers with our products in a phenomenal way; from talking through initial setup logistics to working out the details with the software. If the problem is still not resolved or if you have any feedback for us please contact us at, Emblaser Core: Troubleshooting After Assembly, Remove and Recreate a Device in Lightburn. I want to make the most out of my bucks so I think I’ll go for steel rod based design instead of v-groove bearings on tracks because I think the former is much studier, what do you think? Although extruded acrylic has limited color selection (clear, opal and black) cutting extruded is much cleaner than cast. What kind of laser cutter did you use. If the materials listed above are laser engraved or laser cut, dusts or gases may be produced that endanger the laser user or the functionality of the laser machine. Class 1 Laser Cutter. Check that the support and material heights have been entered correctly in Lightburn. I’m having problems with laser not cutting all the Wat through, takes 3 passes to cut through acrylic. Or a tube issue? Laser Parameters 1. I’m having problems with laser not cutting all the Wat through, takes 3 passes to cut through acrylic. These can range from the settings you have selected in the software to the type or appropriateness of your material. Material list. I am trying to clean the lenses, I’ve found 3.