I'm considering picking this up when it drops in America, but I'm wondering if there are assets that can allow you to create more ethnic characters, such as black people or Latinos. #27: MAKE THEM SWEAT. Other genres can be diverse as well, and if you do a little research, you’ll find even the smallest town in Middle America may have Sudanese refugees like Salt Lake City, or a … Writing diverse characters isn’t just trendy, it’s becoming more and more necessary if you want your scripts to get read and commissioned. Nothing wrong with heterosexual cisgendered white men – my very longterm partner is one and he’s just the best! What you want are round characters. Make Them Round Characters. In other words, characters that are not flat and one-dimensional. Diversity isn’t about having every book shoehorn a tick-list of diverse characters into the story (the irish one, the black one, the asian one, the woman, and the gay one…), it’s about making sure there’s a wide variety of books with a wide variety of characters for a wide audience to read. Jennifer Camper. Creating only white characters to avoid writing about race is writing about race, albeit in a manner that is unrealistic, sad, and boring. Remember that racial and ethnic diversity aren’t the only kinds of diversity there are. If you don’t know what your genre is, or what tone you’re going for – or what your audience wants from it – you’re at a mega disadvantage when you try to create diverse character/s. 2. Once you know who your character is and what your character wants, you have to be diligent about adding the details that will make your character authentic and believable. This is no real surprise, since ‘more diverse characters’ has been on the the industry’s wish list for a good while now. Real people are complex, so your major characters should be too. Wanted: Diverse Characters. Another important part of creating realistically diverse characters is subtle yet clear description. Describe your characters thoughtfully. If white creatives are truly unable to create realistic characters of color, then they might at least create white characters who live in a … This character is a little different from the rest, mostly because they’re generally used an amalgamation of several character types when an author doesn’t want to use all seven. In Basque Country, there were Basques. There were pagans. Game of Thrones is really the best example of a multiracial, physically diverse cast of characters but any sci-fi or fantasy project can be just as inclusive. Can you create ethnically diverse characters in this? User Info: Lu_Gi_Oh. Handing your character success on a silver platter is a sure-fire way to cheapen their development. – but there are a lot of other exciting stories to tell, and a… Read More »Top 5 Diversity Mistakes Writers Make Great piece. Diverse Characters were in demand in my latest experts panel … Producers, Agents, Publishers, Script Editors and Script readers all said they wanted more of them in the year to come. 5 – Create a world that’s diverse. The same way you comb through wikipedia pages about archery and create Pinterest boards for your stories is the same way you should approach writing a diverse character. The reason for this is obvious: there are certain types of story and audiences that prefer MORE diversity and others that prefer LESS. A little advice for all of those sjw writers from a amateur artist weeb comics: Miss Abbott and the doctor background image from Drizzit. 3. One-note characters will always fail to come to life on the page. Give them flaws Real people aren’t perfect. If you’re going to write a medieval European fantasy, do a little research into all of the racial and ethnic groups in medieval Europe at the time. 2) Research. Lu_Gi_Oh 3 years ago #1. While some authors do take the route of keeping their characters’ identities vague, readers tend to … This is the thing. It’ll make your world much richer. Allow readers to see your character as fully-realized by showcasing what makes them laugh, cry, seethe, cower, and otherwise experience a wide array of emotions. Here are some ways to make sure they are real and round. No.