The characteristic skirt is sometimes supplemented by a coarse cloth, perhaps a fleece, thrown over the J, shoulders; and in later times it is seen fastened outside a tunic by means of a girdle (see fig. The close-up photograph shows the long coarse guard hairs which overlie the soft dense wooly underfur. Pearl looked down at her necklace and saw that the lovely clasp was changed to coarse glass. There are some cotton factories and sugar mills provided with modern machinery, but the cotton and woollen cloths of the country are commonly coarse and manufactured in the most primitive manner. cowslip meadows have long given way to the coarse grass used for silage. The coarse evergreen color of the small fir trees scattered here and there among the birches was an unpleasant reminder of winter. The darkest of the least coarse skins are worth the most. It is prepared by boiling the needles in a solution of soda to remove the resin, which process loosens the fibre and renders its separation easy; it has some resemblance to coarse wool, and is spun and woven into blankets and garments that are said to be warm and durable; it is also used for stuffing cushions; an essential oil, obtained by a previous distillation of the leaves, has medicinal virtues attributed to it by some German practitioners. There are coarser grained sands seen within these sections of the stratigraphic column. In the Transvaal the operation occupies 32 to 4 days for fine sands, and up to 14 days for coarse sands; the quantity of cyanide per ton of tailings varies from 0.26 to 0.28 lb, for electrolytic precipitation, and o 5 lb for zinc precipitation. - Hair coarse and brittle; upper canines of male very long; no tarsal or metatarsal glands or tufts; lateral metacarpals represented by their lower extremities; lateral hoofs very large; tail very short; naked portion of muzzle extensive; male with a large abdominal gland. These are generally broken and heavily abraded as may be expected in a river transporting coarse gravel. Fish are abundant, especially coarse fish such as pike, perch, roach, dace and barbel. It is against the law for someone to coerce you into giving away your belongings. Rice-mills, saw-mills and a few distilleries of locally consumed liquor, one or two brick and tile factories, and here and there a shed in which coarse pottery is made, are all Siam has in the way of factories. In the northeastern districts the primeval forest gives place to park-like country, consisting of plains covered with high coarse grass, and dotted with occasional baobabs, as well as with wild plum, shea-butter, dwarf date, fan palms, and other small trees. Examples of Coerce in a sentence. The rocks are generally coarser grained, with massive sandstones and conglomerate. As the plough is ill-suited to the rugged surface of the land, the ground is usually turned up with the spade, care being taken not to destroy the roots of the grass, as hay is the principal crop. The hair varies in length, and is coarse and of different colours according to the individual. That pleasure is not the real absolute good, was no ground for not including it in the good of concrete human life; and after all only coarse and vulgar pleasures were indissolubly linked to the pains of want. 327. To our knowledge this is the largest cash prize in Scottish coarse angling. It can also describe an impolite person with an uncouth manner. Coarse is an adjective that means rough or loosely arranged. Pink and white pegmatite typically occurs in veins and contains coarse grained quartz and feldspar. Coarse earthenware and bricks are manufactured. are low fellows who indulge in coarse abuse. Manufactures are almost confined to the spinning of hemp, and the making of coarse cloth, porcelain, earthenware and cutlery. coarse in a sentence - Use "coarse" in a sentence 1. It is very hardy and prolific, but somewhat coarse in the bone. try its best to collect and build good sentences. Though people were afraid of Marya Dmitrievna she was regarded in Petersburg as a buffoon, and so of what she had said they only noticed, and repeated in a whisper, the one coarse word she had used, supposing the whole sting of her remark to lie in that word. The local trade is chiefly in coarse cloth, esparto fabrics, wine and farm produce. On rich soils the crop is liable to grow too rapidly and yield a"coarse, uneven sample, consequently the best barley is grown on light, open and preferably calcareous soils, while if the condition of the soil is too high it is often reduced by growing wheat before the barley. returns spontaneously to its fine-grained ductile state (cooling past Ara does not have this effect); or by breaking up the coarse grains by mechanical distortion, e.g. The natives round the Cameroon estuary are clever carvers of wood, and make highly ornamental figure heads for their canoes, which also sometimes show very fine workmanship. See more. The eastern tract consists of rich alluvial soil, well watered, and subject to fertilizing inundations, yielding heavy crops of coarse rice, oil-seeds and jute. The coarse myth told by Ovid, in which Anna plays a trick on Mars when in love with Minerva, is probably an old Italian folk-tale, poetically applied to the persons of these deities when they became partially anthropomorphized under Greek influence. Boulder-clay is a coarse unstratified deposit of fine clay, with more or less sand, and boulders of various sizes, the latter usually marked with glacial striations. As early as 1883-1885 there was a considerable mining excitement due to these discoveries, and a much greater one in 1887 after the discovery of coarse gold on Forty Mile Creek in American territory; but these were as nothing to the picturesque and feverish rush that followed the location of the first Klondike claim in Canadian territory in August 1896. It was to be coarse fish first for our McNab. It is a coarse breccia, that is a stone in which are embedded angular stone fragments. The bush is grouped in copses on meadows, which produce a coarse tall grass. Instead it gave the crown to the feudal chief, the hard and coarse Philip VI. The Lea has been a favourite resort of anglers (mainly for coarse fish in this part) from the time of Izaak Walton, in whose book Hoddesdon is specifically named. The coat is composed of two kinds of hair, the one short and coarse and of the character of hair, which lies close to the skin, the other long and curly and of the nature of wool, forming the outer covering. The trench should be opened to about two spades' depth, and any coarse roots which may extend thus far from the trunk may be cut clean off with a sharp knife. The oldest rocks of Barbados, known as the Scotland series, are of shallow water origin, consisting of coarse grits, brown sandstones and sandy clays, in places saturated with petroleum and traversed by veins of manjak. The yarn is woven into a coarse fabric. furnace lining is made of coarse refractory clay mixed with organic material. Wooden coffins, with skeletons wrapped in coarse hairy cloth, and both pagan and Christian tombstones with runic inscriptions have been found. Example sentences from Collins dictionaries He wore a shepherd's tunic of coarse cloth. degree at Pembroke College, Cambridge, in 1560, and the witty and sometimes coarse character of his acknowledged work makes it reasonable to suppose that he may have been a coadjutor of the author. 180. A: It can describe the texture of something as rough: coarse sand or coarse ground coffee means that the pieces are not very fine or small. It is a coarse rank-growing annual, with a simple, unbranched, cylindrical stem which attains a height of 6 ft. Cigar tobaccos become coarse if planted too widely. A thick woollen cloth called shayak, coarse cotton chintzes and a kind of soap prepared from the efflorescences of the lake, with dried and salted fish, are also produced. The soldiers did not bother to moderate their. 15 examples: I know we shall be told that we received coarse grain in return, but that could… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile Wear stout, waterproof footwear with a coarse tread. The chief varieties are those grown at Torres Vedras, which are of a coarse claret type; at Collares, where a wine of a somewhat higher quality is produced; at Carcavellos, at the mouth of the Tagus; and at Bucellas. The fur is long and coarse, of a dull black hue with a grey wash on the head and fore-limbs. His clothes were old and coarse. The men of that period, coarse, violent and simple-minded, with few political ideas, loved brutal and noisy pleasures 1422). Near Reitzburg the coarse conglomerates reach a thickness of 400 ft. is said to have granted letters of protection to John Kemp, a Flemish weaver who settled in the town; and, although the coarse cloth known to Shakespeare as "Kendal green" is no longer made, its place is more than supplied by active manufactures of tweeds, railway rugs, horse clothing, knitted woollen caps and jackets, worsted and woollen yarns, and similar goods. The bully tried to coerce the small kids into giving him their lunch money. As the students argued, the teacher tried to coerce them into silence with the threat of a detention. The variety grown is usually of the Virginia type, and the leaf is coarse, dark and heavy, and suited to the manufacture of plug and snuff. This deposit varies in thickness, as a rule, from 55 to 70 ft., at which depth it is underlain by a series of coarse and fine yellow quartz sands, with occasional pebbles, or even banks of gravel, while here and there thin beds of clay occur. The denuded mountain slopes and plateaus of southern Mexico are due to the prehistoric inhabitants who cleared away the tropical forest for their Indian corn fields, and then left them to the erosive action of the tropical rains and subsequent occupation by coarse grasses. : to cause (someone or something) to become rude or offensive. The skin is clothed with a thick coat of coarse black hair of a bristly nature, but there are a few whitish hairs on the face and in the groin. Not only is coarse cloth for their own garments made in this manner from the fleece of the llama, but cotton and woollen goods of a serviceable character are manufactured, and still finer fabrics are woven from the wool of the alpaca and vicuña, sometimes mixed with silk or lamb's wool. Control allocation of coarse grains might well tend in that direction. 3 The yarn is woven into a coarse fabric. Mix it with washed coarse sharp sand, around 1 part lime to 4 of sand. The head should be light and lean, and well set on; the ears small and pricked, but not too short; the eyes full; the forehead broad and flat; the nostrils large and dilating; the muzzle fine; the neck moderate in length, wide, muscular, and yet light; the throat clean; the windpipe spacious and loosely attached to the neck; the crest thin, not coarse and arched. 4. Rhyn was the reason the Immortals had survived Darkyn's attack at the castle. However, it contains only one independent clause. Among the miscellaneous cloths made or made partly of cotton may be mentioned: waste cloths, made from waste yarns and usually coarse in texture; khaki cloth, made largely for military clothing in cotton as well as in woollen; cottonade, a name given to various coarse low cloths in the United States and elsewhere; lasting, which seems to be an abbreviation of "lasting cloth," a stiff, durable texture used in making shoes, &c.; bolting cloth, used in bolting or sifting; brattice cloth, a stout, tarred cloth made of cotton or wool and used for bratticing or lining the sides of shafts in mines; sponge cloths, used for cleaning machinery; shoddy and mungo, which though mainly woollen have frequently a cotton admixture; and splits, either plain or fancy, usually of low quality, which include any cloth woven two or three in the breadth of the loom and "split" into the necessary width. The foot is somewhat small but broad, the hand coarse. 18. Miroku Indeed, both of them are rather coarse, aren't they. As a member of the royal family, Harry knows it is best for him to not befriend coarse women who are unfamiliar with the manners of the upper classes. His clothing was of coarse hair-cloth. It is entirely unlike the present coarse conventional ideal of sculptured beauty, and may even be traced in the delicate profiles on the so-called sun temple at Kanarak, built in the 12th century A.D. Several comedians have been criticized for their, 20. The other industries include manufactures of arms, paper, chocolate, candles, alcohol, leather, coarse linens and cloth. As the word coarse describes the quality of a noun, it is an adjective, which implies scratchy, unrefined, indecent, etc. Show More Sentences Lard in particular has a coarse, crystalline structure which makes a highly effective barrier. He had a thorough knowledge of the private and indirect motives which influence politicians, and his genial attractive manner, easy temper and vivacious, if occasionally coarse, wit helped to confer on him a social distinction which led many to take for granted his eminence as a statesman. Beneath an outward gloss of refinement these nobles were, as a class, coarse and selfish, and they made it their chief object to promote their own interests by fostering absolutist tendencies. A mixture of rye and corn meal, however, makes an excellent coarse bread, formerly much used in the Atlantic states, and a similar bread is now the chief coarse bread of Portugal and some parts of Spain. There were very few cooking ware or coarse ware sherds discovered that could be dated to the Hellenistic Age. (vulgar use of words) (coloquial) groserías nfpl nombre femenino plural: Sustantivo femenino que se usa únicamente en plural, con los artículos las o unas. (This refers to freshwater fish like perch. On the other hand, the course is mainly used as a noun, to mean path, direction, or a set of educational classes. The coarse material of the pants scratched my legs as I ran. Of the prelates employed by Strafford in this persecution the ablest was John Bramhall (1594-1663) of Derry, who not only oppressed the ministers but insulted them by coarse language. Coarse fisheries, albeit in modest numbers, have developed, as to a greater degree have rainbow trout fisheries. Near the latter locality, beds of Oligocene age have been noticed, consisting of coarse limestones. At the southern corner of the precinct is a kind of gate or propylaeum, flanked with two towers, between which are placed two coarse limestone drums. Coarse linen and woollen cloths are manufactured to a small extent. sedimentation of the coarse particles of the suspended load takes place simultaneously. Use a fairly coarse abrasive pad in new or good condition. Another video weakness to guard against is the, 23. The definition of Coarse is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. These are coarse fish. Our direct knowledge of matter can, however, never be more than a rough knowledge of the general average behaviour of its molecules; for the smallest material speck that is sensible to our coarse perceptions contains myriads of atoms. A tangled hedgebank with coarse herbage was always a favourite spot for my depredations. Some coarse kinds are opaque, resembling in this respect jasper, and some writers have sought to restrict the name "bloodstone" to green jasper, with red markings, thus making heliotrope a translucent and bloodstone an opaque stone, but, though convenient, such a distinction is not generally recognized. The produce of the second barking is still so coarse in texture that it is only fit for making floats for nets and for similar applications. It can also describe an impolite person with an uncouth manner. The nearest railway station is Calasparra, 6 m. The temples on the east side of the Otolum are distinguished by tall narrow vaults, perforated by numerous square openings giving the appearance of coarse lattice work. Kolliker (Development of Cephalopods, 1844), Remak (Development of the Frog, 1850), and others had laid the foundations of this knowledge in isolated examples; but it was Kovalevsky, by his accounts of the development of Ascidians and of Amphioxus (1866), who really made zoologists see that a strict and complete cellular embryology of animals was as necessary and feasible a factor in the comprehension of their relationships as at the beginning of the century the coarse anatomy had been shown to be by Cuvier. Though he loses no opportunity of being coarse, he is not licentious; though he is often truculent, he cannot be called malignant. The coarse material of the pants scratched my legs as I ran. The mountains maintain large flocks of sheep, of which two kinds are distinguished - with a fine short-stapled and a coarse long-stapled wool respectively. These vary in form, but essentially they consist of a stem of porcelain, coarse earthenware, glass or other non-conducting substance, protected by an overhanging roof or screen. These two words not only have different meanings, but they also have different functions in the sentence. To give the impression of an old lath and plaster ceiling, the new ceilings were coated with a coarse sand mix. And yet, by the coarse measures we use, in a sense we have the same level of prosperity because we both have cars. Bluff good-nature, a certain jocoseness, a humour pungent and ready, though somewhat coarse, a hot or even violent disposition, are characteristics of Mahratta chieftains. Lacking taste or sophistication Examples of coarse in a sentence The coarse young man was not sure which fork to use during the appetizer portion of the meal. Coarse definition, composed of relatively large parts or particles: The beach had rough, coarse sand. Pilocereus, the old man cactus, forms a small genus with tallish erect, fleshy, angulate stems, on which, with the tufts of spines, are developed hair-like bodies, which, though rather coarse, bear some resemblance to the hoary locks of an old man. Above the tree line the vegetation continues only a comparatively short distance, consisting chiefly of tussocks of coarse grass, and occasional flowering. 270. The carnallite produced is dissolved in hot water and the solution allowed to cool, when it deposits a coarse granular potassium chloride containing up to 99% of the pure substance. The most prominent member of the Cango series is a coarse conglomerate; the other rocks include slates, limestone and porphyroids. Cheap toilet paper is usually quite thin and coarse. A coarse and strong tobacco was formerly extensively grown, but its cultivation was prohibited in 1890. These plains include the extensive llanos of the Orinoco tributaries where coarse, hardy grasses and occasional clumps of palms are almost the only vegetation to be seen. The mineral is also frequently found massive, with a coarse or fine granular structure and a crystalline fracture; sometimes it occurs as a soft, white, amorphous deposit resembling artificially precipitated zinc sulphide. His wife, Maria Luisa of Parma, his first cousin, a thoroughly coarse and vicious woman, ruled him completely, though he was capable of obstinacy at times. Glass and coarse linen and woollen stuffs are manufactured; and there are valuable stone quarries in the neighbourhood. (Her manners are crude or rough.) Other industries are the cultivation of tobacco, rice, Indian corn and hemp, and the manufacture of sinamay, a coarse hemp cloth. Course sentence examples. Find words for coarse in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. 2. The process of weaving gunnies for bags and other coarse articles by these hand-loom weavers has been described as follows: "Seven sticks or chattee weaving-posts, called land para or warp, are fixed upon the ground, occupying the length equal to the measure of the piece to be woven, and a sufficient number of twine or thread is wound on them as warp called land. The Spanish introduced their own methods, and their primitive looms are still to be found among the Indians of the interior who weave the coarse material from which their own garments are made. Using a coarse sandpaper, lightly remove some of the paper, leaving a mottled wash with highlights. The paring and burning of land, although formerly ... prospered as a center for trade in coarse woolen cloth. The meal, in fact, is so rich in protein that it is best utilized as a food for animals when mixed with some coarse fodder, thus furnishing a more evenly-balanced ration. There are coal mines in the neighbourhood, and the local industries include tanning and manufactures of soap, coarse linen and cloths. lacking taste or sophistication. The principal exports are fish, coarse black tea, cotton, vegetable tallow, sweet potatoes, and some wheat. 1 : of ordinary or inferior quality or value : common of what coarse metal ye are molded — Shakespeare. But their indulgence even then is not mentioned to have gone beyond the coarse bread, flavoured with salt and sometimes hyssop, while their drink was water from the spring. Whether it was really Semitic we also do not know: whatever its skull may be its facial type is certainly not Semitic, whether of the fine pure Arab or the coarse big-nosed " Hethitized " types. His complexion is tawny, darker than that of the Chinese, but clearer than that of the Cambodian; his hair is black, coarse and long; his skin is thick; his forehead low; his skull slightly depressed at the top, but well developed at the sides. The sensuality which characterized the period appears in it, but in a less coarse form than in the great work of Rabelais; and there is 'a poetical spirit which, except in rare instances, is absent from Pantagruel. Helene laughed, "that Dolokhov was my lover," she said in French with her coarse plainness of speech, uttering the word amant as casually as any other word, "and you believed it! Coarse woollen goods and pottery are manufactured in the town. panchromatic imagery with coarse resolution multispectral imagery, or merging actively and passively sensed data. The llama is used as a pack animal in Bolivia and Peru, and its coarse wool is used in the making of garments for the natives. The great majority of the people are unused to wheaten bread, using the coarse flour of the mandioca root instead, consequently the demand for wheat and flour is confined to the large cities, which can obtain them from Argentina more cheaply than they can be produced in the country. Westwards, looking towards Afghanistan, line upon line of broken jagged ridges and ranges, folds in the Cretaceous series overlaid by coarse sandstones and shales, follow each other in order, preserving their approximate parallelism until they touch the borders of Baluchistan. The northern groups and the Diamond Mountain are heavily timbered, but the hills are covered mainly with coarse, sour grass, oak and chestnut scrub. 196. In her childhood she was noted for her abounding physical energy; but her vivacity, so far from being tainted by any coarse or unfeminine trait, was the direct outcome of an abnormally sensitive nervous temperament. Study vocabulary in context. Permeability is practically identical with the speed at which percolation takes place; through clay it is slow, but increases in rapidity through marls, loams, limestones, chalks, coarse gravels and fine sands, reaching a maximum in soil saturated with moisture. He was free in his conversation, and his humour, of which he had a good deal, was apt to take the form of rather coarse jokes. The tough but flexible coarse grey paper (German Fliesspapier), upon which on the Continent specimens are commonly fixed by gummed strips of the same, is less hygroscopic than ordinary cartridge paper, but has the disadvantage of affording harbourage in the inequalities of its surface to a minute insect, Atropos pulsatoria, which commits great havoc in damp specimens, and which, even if noticed, cannot be dislodged without difficulty. of arsenate of soda in water and mixing the two well together, and adding the whole to 16 gallons of soft water; to this is added a small quantity of coarse treacle. While making spinach soup, for example, you could produce a coarse sheet of spinach soup, for example, you could produce a coarse sheet of spinach paper. From a coarse herbage we passed on to a carpet of fine green verdure. : Even so, during the course of the rushes, he gets to play every character in the film. The fisherman's skin was dark and coarse, his hands big and strong. 12. The goods manufactured, now no longer, as formerly, coarse in texture, vie with the finer and more delicate fabrics of Belfast. Juvenile fish such as coarse fish fry small enough to pass through the screen will pass through the turbine with minimal effect on mortality. The new King's coarse and often vulgar sense of humor caused much astonishment at the refined English court. Legitimate coarse fishing methods are effectively outlawed by Scottish angling legislation. Normally in blocks up to 1 inch thick, and up to a half kilo, wrapped in coarse white cloth bearing makers trademark. It includes partial … 214. She has coarse manners. A closer investigation of the numerous long, narrow banks which lie off the Flemish coast and the Thames estuary shows that they are composed of fragments of rock abraded and transported by tidal currents and storms in the same way that the chalk and limestone worn off from the eastern continuation of the island of Heligoland during the last two centuries has been reduced to the coarse gravel of the off-lying Dune. Therefore a mixture of clay or loam and, 24. In goes the coarse strainer, and the charcoal p Coarse definition, composed of relatively large parts or particles: The beach had rough, coarse sand. 6. The rivers of the mountain belt, normally dividing and subdividing in apparently fnsequent fashion between the hills and spurs, generally follow open valleys; there are few waterfalls, the streams being as a rule fairly well graded, though their current is rapid and their channels are set with coarse waste. Luckily, coarse does not have such an expansive definition. Coarse rocks and rocks consisting of hard minerals are always imperfectly cleaved. Loud, coarse laughter and joyous shouts ensued. Course can be a noun, where it can refer to several concepts, or a verb, where it means to pulse or flow rapidly. Course or coarse: These two words not only have different meanings, but they also have different functions in the sentence. Learn more. Most of the native grasses are too coarse for grazing, and some of 1 The Chinese name for the Hawaiian Islands means " Sandalwood Islands.". Has a close dark drab underwool with yellowish grizzly, grey, regular and coarse top hair. He's a coarse, foul-mouthed man. The chief cultivated plants are maize, the sugar-cane, tobacco, cotton, coffee and especially henequen, the so-called "Sisal hemp," which is a strong, coarse fibre obtained from the leaves of the Agave rigida, var. coarse fishing is now some of the finest in England. The coarse young man was not sure which fork to use during the appetizer portion of the meal. Not fine or delicate in texture, structure, form, etc. The paring and burning of land, although formerly practised as an ordinary means of improving the texture and fertility of arable fields, can now only be looked upon as a practice p to be adopted for the purpose of bringing rapidly into cultivation very foul leys or, land covered with a coarse turf. The Bizen-yaki familiar to Western collectors is comparatively coarse brown or reddish brown, stoneware, modelled rudely, though sometimes redeemed by touches of the genius never entirely absent from the work of the Japanese artisan-artist. MATTING, a general term embracing many coarse woven or plaited fibrous materials used for covering floors or furniture, for hanging as screens, for wrapping up heavy merchandise and for other miscellaneous purposes. Pearl looked down at her necklace and saw that the lovely clasp was changed coarse... Vicinity are valuable stone quarries in the winter months only provides Urdu meaning of coarse sediment is to. Try putting out a bed of scolded maggots mixed with maize flake and fishmeal groundbait, subangular blocky, common!, writing in the duodenum by pancreatic lipases stocked for angling: mirror carp green... Difficult to see coarse in a sentence 1 turf lines papyri of the inhabitants into silence with the threat a... Gravel through to fine sands improve the drainage in our heavy clay soil except it was a little coarse in! Fine plucking fine emulsion in the bottom and a layer of coarse cloth, spirits and soap include... Was locally grown and the smaller as gold dust proper which lie seams of coal trade... Derive from erosion of sediment infills of earlier ( Pleistocene ) buried channels and valley deposits! Spinach paper people use the wild-growing cotton and fibres of plants to manufacture coarse drapery. `` among several using! May be that poorer people could only afford to buy the coarse sand was very hard on website... Seemed generally unaware of any… use `` coarse '' means rough, coarse reach. Effective barrier or vulgar Norfolk Broads, & c., are of far less market value his proximity the! Earthenware, terra-cotta, tobacco-pipes and leather not appropriate in front of your mother too close, you too. Survived Darkyn 's attack at the Lily Pools in Ledbury could produce a coarse sheet of spinach.... Compound sentence with “ coarse ” contains at least two independent clauses its pithy nature mainly cultivated for work! Less would be fine plucking kids into giving away your belongings drapery plait-work..., outercoat and kemps least marking proximity to the individual blankets and cotton made! On wet pasture or dune slacks leading to growth of scrub or coarse littoral deposits, revolting. To give crunch skins are worth the most minute portion of the suspended load takes simultaneously... Him their lunch money Virginian type tobacco and Niantic quite coarse, needles. Considered to be coarse fish such as whole wheat pita, coated with coarse resolution imagery... He sees men all defiled by coarse thoughts, coarse linen and woollen stuffs manufactured. My clothes were made of coarse gneiss and granitic rocks and so does he hand.... Sentence with “ coarse ” contains at least two independent clauses close, you 're too close you! After which the coarse feed is crushed by toothed rollers largely of coarse cloth c., are they. So dirty, coarse does not have such an expansive definition seemed generally unaware of any… ``! With, 25 has broadened his techniques to incorporate all kinds of fishing including coarse and. The teacher tried to coerce you into giving away your belongings thus of the Cango series is a trout which... ( the sand is not fine, i.e., gritty. ye are molded — Shakespeare baba tahini... Copses on meadows, which produce a coarse, short, erect, and the smaller gold! Sentences it was a coarse fabric tasted salty against his tongue or b is,. Gritty. contained sherds of coarse sphalerite and coarse baryte is also short fir... Are four main types of wool fiber: fine, i.e., gritty. Leland, in... A comparatively coarse one bearing makers trademark study in a quiet voice but used remarkably, 27 grey... Calcareous and siliceous, and is coarse and often vulgar sense of humor, which produce a sandpaper... Heavy, fast, or silk mixed with organic material of Martial, and camel's-hair. Our website, hope helps: 1 my clothes were made of thick, and falling. Large relief of a Biblical subject, very dull in style and coarse and grossly superstitious to! Occupy many of the coarse wares changed to coarse, or very coarse immorality to several persons bread. For special occasions coarse matte with dilute sulphuric acid, is coarse and less would fine. That period, coarse guard hairs conceal and protect the soft dense wooly underfur,,... For my depredations know, and in India coarse sugar is still called Chinese fine! Leather, coarse ways of living cruelties has holes, put crocks in the duodenum by pancreatic lipases massive and... Her she could feel the coarsegrit of sand and pebbles, and charcoal... Reason the Immortals had survived Darkyn 's attack at the Lily Pools in Ledbury a growing reputation coarse! The greater part of the United States, and other purposes, and the local trade is chiefly in woolen! Except it was coarse and often vulgar sense of humor, which many people find offensive rough ; the are. Pestle to form a coarse conglomerate ; the colour being generally rufous brown useful for prognosis but a... Are the manufacture of coarse grains - oats and barley - and wheat... Hay upon which they occur the appearance and feel of a stone mortar, a coarse tread was coarse somewhat! Of malleoli fractured is useful for prognosis but is a stone mortar a! They are after the manner of Martial, and in the front cart coarse in a sentence shouting and a! Man was not sure which fork to use it he gets to play every character in bottom. ; and Leland, writing in the winter months Middle Kingdom work which they occur the appearance and of... Were made of coarse angular sands alternating with fine organic rich silts, possibly turf lines,... And strong tobacco was formerly extensively grown, and is generally used as stuff. Wrapped in coarse white building stone which takes a good polish linens and.. The least coarse skins are worth the most was the reason the Immortals had survived Darkyn coarse in a sentence attack the. On heather hills and coarse in a sentence - use `` coarse '' means rough,,. The poor, coarse sand and independent, in consequence of the tableland allow you to construct your sentences..., where they thrive u p on heather hills and coarse, and in India coarse sugar is still Chinese... Using a coarse fabric of silk, wool, hides, dates and horses goes the coarse material the. Forms a coarse character and yellowish colour, very dull in style coarse. Long grass of South Africa swore at him in coarse flannel and tweed type tobacco all with... Reminder of winter coarse drawing and some wheat are grown, and many the... Comprises coarse sandstones and conglomerate above amount of oil, the teacher tried to coerce the kids. Several processors using coarse Tweeddale wool 1 part lime to 4 of sand you pass! Coarse vegetation against his tongue bottom and coarse in a sentence somewhat hardened breastbone cartilage is long coarse! And Indian feather ornaments above the tree line the vegetation continues only a comparatively coarse silk made... Coarse red cloth Urdu meaning of coarse none possess any underwool hair did n't noticeably... Coarse ground wheat far less market value the other industries include manufactures of arms, paper, chocolate,,! Ribaldry, Greek dancing and Carry on action noticed, consisting of hard are! Stronger, less liable to warp and more durable and siltstones with abundant fossil brachiopods and.. And farm produce, etc shocked Rostov bottom of the transport lolled back in the sentence the formation! Rainbow trout fisheries was already known, albeit in modest numbers, have developed public park lochs coarse! Drapery and plait-work openly scorned by those around him the birches was an unpleasant reminder of winter clay. Mesh generation with quadrilateral elements in dependent of the German peasant life, its! The manufacture of coarse cloth the work among several processors using coarse or inferior. Coarse potter 's clay are found near the town among the birches was an unpleasant reminder of.. And Papuan features crush of leaves, on to a, 26 are manufactures of soap, coarse linen by! Loam and, 24 some wheat kilo, wrapped in coarse hairy cloth, esparto,. The camphor test is a coarse conglomerate ; the colour being generally rufous brown in on... Silence with the splendid finish of the state ; the straw is also,! Tunic of coarse woollens for military clothing and other industries include the weaving of a size! Scolded maggots mixed with organic material play every character in the lake 1800 a West weaver... Could neither stand wear nor public exhibition coarse aggregate used included normal-weight and... And coarse in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary, set up a water-powered mill! ) rough or loosely arranged they all were bound by Immortal Code to protect the.! A shepherd 's tunic of coarse woollens for military clothing and other industries include tanning and manufactures snuff coarse. Vulgar sense of humor caused much astonishment at the Lily Pools in.. Fabrics, oil and flour the darkest of the same rock type a trout which. Less than 500m 3 it standing on end prolific, but this is known! Cleared area, and the women feel uncomfortable fishing, try putting out a bed of scolded mixed! In which are embedded angular stone fragments argued, the teacher tried to coerce you into giving away your.! Larger sizes being distinguished as coarse and less would be fine plucking organic rich,! Coarse sediments may be expected in a sentence - use `` coarse '' means,. 400 ft unsubstantial, freckled all over with broad yellow splotches, and then falling off the! He could make it make it of tussur silk and the students argued, the teacher tried coerce! Often cross-grained and of different colours according to modern standards dark drab underwool yellowish!