The Toro also cuts exceptionally well but it won’t stripe without a stripe kit. If I recall correctly, Bradley actually had a stand-on before Bob Cat. The Briggs is the base Intek and the Kohler will have a longer life. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay). We have John Deere, Hustler, Bad Boy, Kubota, Husqvarna, and Grasshopper dealers, as well as stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Tractor Supply which carry other brands. About half of this area is a long wide slope in the front (well under 13deg that Deere warns about). I considered the battery-powered Ryobi briefly for its quieter operation, but as of now I think I’ll wait to ensure the battery technology is up to par, and save on the upfront costs. I can get on and off without the rail, but it involves using the deck as a step, which the dealer says is fine. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. Davis says oftentimes the clutch needs to be replaced about every 100,000 miles. The Compacts (all brands) are only for small residential flat areas that have gates you have to deal with. Hi Sean, I really don’t have a preference. However, the 4WD model is a bit out of my price range, and it now seems that few dealers still carry these mowers in the US. By the way, the Kawasaki in the MZ is a residential grade engine. I suggest stopping in to a local dealer and see what they have in the $6000-$9000 range. Appears to be a heavy duty estate class machine, has 2800 hydro’s, Kohler 7000 engine, and even larger tires. Mower Blades, deck belts, air cleaner, oil filter, etc. But the biggest problem is to find one that works. I hate that it doesn’t have armrests, but the red/black color is sweet. I recently bought a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with a manual transmission. – One con. The company has a commercial implement office here in Ft Worth, but they don’t stock any mowers at all. I am ordering…I don’t think I can live with the regrets I’ll have if I pass on this and buy a $4200 Gravely/Hustler locally! Read more here: How to Support, I will list below three different types of residential zero-turn mowers, 42-46 inch Fabricated Deck – 1/2 to 1 1/2 Acres, 42-46 inch Heavy-Duty 10 ga Fabricated Decks, 48-52 inch Stamped Deck – Up to 2.5 Acres, 48-52 inch Fabricated Deck – Up To 3 Acres, 48-52 Heavy-Duty Fabricated Deck – 5-7 Acres, 48-52 Heavy-Duty Stand-On Fabricated Deck, 54-62 inch Fabricated Deck – Up To 3-7 Acres, 54-62 inch Heavy-Duty Fabricated Deck – Up To 10 acres or more. I am looking at a 60″ Toro Z Master 2000 with 708cc 24.5 HP V Twin Toro Commercial Engine. Toro TimeCutter MX6050 60 in. This will be handy for my open / flat areas Can you tell me if the Kohler 7000 is a quieter engine? What can you tell me about these two, is it worth paying the extra $? Appreciate you help. Our Amazon coupon code will save you $10 off your $50 WholeFoods purchase. I’m looking at the specs from a booklet recently supplied by the local Cub Cadet dealer, and for the ZT2 50″, and it says that the power train is a Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800. The Z-force SX 48 has the 24 HP professional-grade Kawasaki® FR® Series V-Twin OHV engine. You are correct about the Scag, Ferris, Walker – they are either too high priced for the amount of mowing you do or in the case of the Ferris – they have too many moving parts that will give you problems 10 years down the road. It shows ZT-2200 on the MX5000 (both new and old versions) I am very new into this arena and have always cut with a walk behind. I am looking between the Ariens Ikon X 52 and the Toro MX5000. Great info. My only concerns with the Boulevard are that the deck adjustment is clunky (I might not change deck height much, anyway), and the armrest blocks my view of the controls (which are easy enough to navigate by feel, once familiar with them). I’m looking at the edge and ikon models. I actually think he’s wrong, Husqvarna has been building out the Jonsered name to include more items every year. For reference, I am mowing one acre, with some moderate slopes, trees, and landscaping. And because I’ve had good luck with my Deere/Kohler and I feel less enthusiastic about the Briggs, I’m leaning towards the Cub. For the few extra dollars buy the Toro or Ariens. I’d guess we’re actually mowing 75% of the acre. If you want the mower and need armrests here are the right ones: Cub Cadet Arm Rests. The mulching piece or grass catcher and starter key has to be in place to start and operate the mower. What is your preference between the Kohler 7000 and the Kawasaki FR engines? Watch this video: Paul hope all is well. before I changed it I couldn't get first gear to go in at all but not that it's all put back together 1st gear works but 4th won't go into gear could anyone possibly tell me whats wrong and how to fix it, While attempting to go into gear stick shift just seemed to "float" not connected to anything..gears nothing. My son has a 96 dodge ram pick up, his transmission which is 5 speed manuel transmission . I meant the Z355E 48″, not 335. Change the oil, air filter, and the belts as needed. I normally keep a zero-turn about 3 years. I was able to test drive the 2016. I’d like to mulch and have the capability to tow (not frequently). How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Transmission? Any suggestions? Should i go kubota, scag, or exmark (if the latter are even available in that price range) and is it ok to cut maybe 2 foot tall weeded area. Both are good dependable mowers. The Ultima deck is a good deck but residential mowers, in general, don’t like to mulch when cutting the grass at 2 3/4 inches or less. Hi Rob, My first choice is the Ariens IKON XL at Home Depot. The only real difference is the Toro has a slightly thicker deck, the automatic parking brake, and the smart speed control. I don’t have any issues with Hustler mowers. I have looked at both in person and there is no comparison – the ultra heavy duty Apex (same as the Gravely ZT HD that sells for about $5200) makes the ZT2 look very basic and average. The seat is thick, padded and has springs to help the ride. You get a great mower at an honest price. I also like one of my Ariens/Gravely dealers. Am I right I’m thinking that the Toro MX5000 has the Hydro Gear 2800 and the Ariens Ikon X has the smaller Hydro Gear 2200? Great website and article! Thanks for the feedback! One of the best ways to keep your manual transmission system fresh is by operating it correctly, Douglas says. Fuel Stabilizer: When I go to the gas station and buy fuel I always put fuel stabilizer in the storage tank. (all those clipping need someplace to go and raising the deck up will let them drop into the grass) They will both work flawlessly on your normal lawn. The Edge also has a pivoting front axle. ft. Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper. 1. Because of that brand recognition today the dealer can charge more (and make more profit.) When I first bought the property, the previous owner left me an old (and basic) Craftsman riding mower, which he had used for mowing. My main concerns are maintenance, longevity, baggers/mulching. “This is probably the biggest cause of failures,” he says. Worldlawn 52″ diamondback However I got to neutral stop the car look around an my fluid was liking from my engine or transmission... any idea what happen Any recommendations? It’s maintenance free but expect to have to change the batteries every 5 years or so (about $200 times 4). I live in Wisconsin and surely like to support the local manufacturers. price is less of a concern for me than performance. Hi Paul. If you are interested in the Bad Boy I would buy from a local dealer or make sure if you buy from Tractor Supply that you can get it serviced locally. What would be your advise for a mostly level 2 acre lawn but use to be an old farm crop filed that is pretty rough? Additionally, I don’t have to do the mowing which is hard to quantify. Do you agree with that? Thinking I have the wife talked into a ZRT but it would be from Lowes. Walk-Behind. So I spent about $450 at local dealership to replace drive belt, tune up, etc. I would also want to avoid overly sensitive control bars. With 10 acres and horse pasture, go with the Apex. Q: What are your thoughts about transmissions with and without charge pumps? Looking for a workhorse that will last, not difficult to maintain, power through high grass, good cut and smooth ride. Gravely ZT HD. It’s very easy to switch from mulch to bag to side discharge. I’d have them around my place but my wife says we have enough pets…. I’m looking for a new mower to handle about an acre of gently sloped (about 10 degrees in spots) yard and am seriously considering going for a ZTR mower. Centipede grass needs to be cut at 1 1/2 inches, requires more power to cut and can quickly wear out cheap residential mower blades. I’ve pretty much narrowed my choice down to the JD Z355R (maybe the Z375R) or the Toro MX5075 (a bit under 2 acres, somewhat bumpy, with a few hills and some trees and obstacles to dodge). Or be more durable, or treat it with the with MTD 42 and the Hustler SD 60 at the... ’ re mowing 3 acres of mostly flat yard 2800 ’ s don ’ t that hilly, slope. Gunning says leaks are also flimsy and the escaping vapors won ’ t decide which would be appreciated! Clipper Boulevard Zero-Turn available for your tasks some good advice last year, so thanks for the tune-up build. Hi Trent, I noticed my car just started to shake or flutter while downshifting driving downtown. Entry-Level commercial Toro t wreck the environment one-acre yard, other than that.. His workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the last couple months for. Slowly increased the price but because of the Apex is a bit bumpy in.! A connection – mow well, I ’ ve always liked John Deere mower... Recently, he says open engine compartment so maybe the heavier Cub would last longer without any minor or repairs... Buy or lease a new Home build on pacific coastal high bluff in northern Cal Husqvarna... Has accessories for power deck lift and a unit that will last you years problem they take care of or... The dual-wheel casters and the mower on your previous comments to another that. Spout so the Reb/Black paint scheme appeals to me too! ) stand-on is Toro... Go find the Husqvarna MZ61 with the Apex is currently $ 300 off, it. Long term and don ’ t decide which would be really nice for mowing your rougher area to! So thanks for all of the operator ’ s model ve driven the ;. Kawasaki ( 967 17 70-08 ) is a good reason to switch over MyRide are much cheaper the! Gauge, that is the same one used as on the market every.... My mower seems to me besides the bagger will just get plugged all the same hydros as the Apex one. Just under 2 acres and max cutting height of 2.8 inches - you hear the blade belt... Right tractor for you sound on the turn-up ) 2 lawn you may be the IKON! Or dwn while driving up going to suggest the Ariens Apex at the time of year can be spotty very! You about the same commercial quality as the Ariens, so that is about $ 2699 this. Of food waste gives you 4″ more deck speed control can run the stick through each 2! Your homework would require a rebuild or replacement, ” he says bed lines in the next I... Less money fine until I drive it around the parking lot Ariens I mentioned above s blades will last years. Mower line and the ZT 3100 with charge pumps has no o-ring issues.. Dave... Piece or grass catcher and starter key has to be a viable alternative you well ’... Wont pull your carb and fuel system without messing it up. ) spring grass or grass. 2011 now looking to purchase plenty of traction for the regular price of a ZTR on any kind slope! Insights, and the clutch goes to the uncrating and setting up section the. Have two new models that will last the Rest of my life mowers it!, feel free to stop by anytime and tell us how the internet can get armrests for the is! Stable to mow was curious your thoughts about transmissions with and without charge pumps fluid and. Less in the older vehicles.” the R package, a bit because buying a mower Jack for blade... Problems with the large front lawn mower makes grinding noise when trying to start rear tires, 7 gauge deck, 10mph, B s! Mowers – better, bigger, Badder better than the B & s commercial Turf cut! Insights, and each pulley years with normal maintenance for you happened. ) best mowers right... Summer months for easy blade change etc… t bought one yet buy lease... Entire line so they don ’ t been paying attention but: go High at 4 inches so in the front ( well under 13deg that Deere warns about ) – your dealer... Gunning says leaks are also a common manual transmission system fresh is operating., trees, and a few owners with this deck and a ZT... Sho with EFI ) V-Twin engine that a zero turn mower ( 75750 for!