Now Ben, his 'bass' kicked up a notch by including a third party, an outsider. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your question. She doesn't inspire him to write (or even take chances) while she's around him for the first half of the film, until he believes her life is at stake. Directed by Robert Greenwald. I think Hae-mi either sells her organs because of her debt or gets into the situation against her will, but when Jong-su meets his mum, she talks about this as well ("I would sell my organs if I were younger").It's either this or porn/prostitution, (she undresses and Jong-su tells her only prostitutes do that, plus the scene with the make-up... ). This is the part of the social critique layer. I think he, Burning Movie Plot Explained: The End was Jong-su’s novel, Great Hunger Dance – Hunger to find out the meaning of life, When Ben offers Hae-mi a drop home, she expects Jong-su to step up and say that he would drop her. This film is quite amazing on the second watch too! As Jong-su begins writing his book, it ends up being about his own life, and the story is centered around a mysterious wealthy guy. There is a kind of sensation of danger that sneaks in Burning. It's not hard to believe Ben's arrogance allowed him to get killed. He’s number 3, missing the death/unlucky number by one. If we look at Jongsu's regrettable last statement { think of how sad his last words were :-( }, was 'only whores take off their clothes so easily in front of men' and she simply didn't reply. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5 and a MetaScore of 90. A lot of what we see of Ben is through Jong-su's tainted perception (he is jealous of Ben's wealth and possibly Hae-mi's attention) which makes innocuous things like the yawning seem more insidious than they could actually be. So here’s my theory about the movie: I think Ben sort of represents death or depression. He refers to his job as “playing”. Maybe can connect that mother was killed as well? Though he has feelings for her, he never expresses them to her. Personally, I think 'Ben killed Haemi story' to be more plausible on my second watch. The final blow comes when Jong-su calls her a wh*re. There’s a scene when Jong-su receives a call from Hae-mi, and all he can hear is running and panting. Just that one scene. He likes erasing things from existence. An introverted young man, Jongsu (Ah-in YOO), finds romantic interest in a young woman from his past, Haemi (Jong-seo JUN). Hae-mi’s cat, Boiler, is in Ben’s house, and he lies that he brought a stray cat home. Everything from there is, – Burning Ending Explained By The Director, – Burning Movie Plot Explained: Ben is a serial killer, – Clues that point towards Ben being a serial killer. is an outstanding element of misdirection. After Vivien had a miscarriage, he and his wife fell into a grieving state. So, in this interpretation, Hae-mi represents South Korea, Jong-su represents North Korea, and Ben represents Western as a whole. He promises women who come from humble and unfulfilling lives a life of luxury and adventure without revealing what that entails. Burning (2018) Synopsis An introverted young man, Jongsu (Ah-in YOO), finds romantic interest in a young woman from his past, Haemi (Jong-seo JUN). It was a beautiful movie. Ben acts like a guide (a grim reaper of sorts) to help Hae-mi cross over. Now, Burning is something of a (forgive me) slow burn—it takes two and a half hours to reach its devastating climax. And certainly Jongsu wouldn't play this card either because he is convinced Ben killed her. Much of what she says leaves both the audience and Jong-su questioning her authenticity. One day she returns from a trip with Ben (Steven YEUN), a wealthy and sophisticated young man. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Initially Jongsu seems somewhat passive in his search for Haemi. The other angle is that Ben is not a killer, Hae-mi has just moved on and created a new life for herself elsewhere and what we see towards the end of the Burning movie is the story of the novel that Jong-su is writing. Much of what she says leaves both the audience and Jong-su questioning her authenticity. You can find other films using the search option on top of this page. I don't understand why Ben goes to the final rendezvous.