I'm trying to get debugging started within VS Code. The most attractive solution, I think, would be to write Rust extensions to speed up your code. I've been using VS Code for almost everything else than Python. I emerged PyCharm yesterday and was tinkering today with it's debugging options to see what was available. If you don’t specify your language_level, it will by default use Python 2. Thankfully, Python supports compiled C-extensions through Cython. Now, something that PyCharm users are aware of is how big its memory footprint is. Please see: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/2017.2/cython-speedups.htmlIf during the next debug session this message doesn't appear, that means that extension was successfully installed. Atom is highly customizable and provides Python language support installing the extension when Atom is running. I went to the "Event Log" and clicked "Install" but the letters just went gray and nothing else happened. Thanks. Note that your paths should be adjusted to your particular local system. Fabio found the most significant debugger bottlenecks and optimized them. We've bundled precompiled extensions, so you're already using them. After that it will be available in Run→Debug '