by Dead Coyote: 4 1436 11/07/20 08:22 AM by Keith Stone: Running walker puppies (coyote hounds) by Petey: 0 166 09/03/20 06:07 PM by Petey: Coyote dog for sale. Hunting Dog Puppies in Minnesota and Minnesota Bird Dog Breeders Puppies for sale listings from the best gun dog breeders, trainers and kennels. Three 8 month old started duck dogs for sale! Registration is quick and easy. 10-30-2020: 2 Black and Tan male Hounds with papers and 1 male Blue Tick Hound. This site will not function without javascript enabled. Goliad, TX. !.July Hound Page. I have 2 catch dogs for sale 1 pit 1 American bull dog and 1 running catch dog all finished asking 250 a piece. Finished Dogs For Sale - Finished Hunting Dogs. We have a few july people on here !! Originally, the Greyhound comes from Egypt but has been popularized the world over as a racing and running dog. Is your bird hunting preserve listed? $900, 361.645.9333. 555 topics. Not a member? You will find them in hunting packs that will help the coyote to have an advantage when hunting deer and other larger animals. This site is dedicated to the people with a passion for the great outdoors, hunting with hounds and sharing tricks of the trade. We have 1 yellow male, 1 black male and 1 yellow female available. Warning: you have javascript disabled. 361-437-2918 Corpus Christi, TX. UKC Registered Big Game Bred Blue Tick Puppies For Sale. A site for coyote hunters, houndsmen and sportsmen alike! * Introduced to live birds and hunting scenarios * Training can be customized to your specific needs To be trained as a: Companion: $5,000 July 2021 Advanced Companion : $6,500 September 2021 Started Gun Dog : $7,000 November 2021 The down side is trained dogs can be expensive. Sign up now and become a member of Yotesmoker Kennels. Clips Added. Visit Hunting Dog Breeders for info on Coyote Busters Kennel and their Pennsylvania English Foxhounds for sale. Results: 1 to 7 of 7 Page 1 Remember though that you will have a rough time starting out with pups verses trained dogs. Hound Hunting Related Classifieds. They may be slower than the prey they are chasing over short distances but they have superior endurance over long distances. Yotesmoker Kennels is a purebred foxhound breeder. We have a few july people on here !!! Just a thought. 3 females 1 Male hound pup. Airedale Hunting/Trapline Pups. They can travel up to 10 miles each day looking for food. July Hounds.I raise and train July fox and coyote hounds.Started and finished hounds and puppies for sale.I have had the same strain for many years. A “started” dog is one that has already been trained on loading and unloading from the vehicle, knows how to tone back with a training collar, comes to you when you call it, knows various commands that are used in the field, has been on plenty of coyotes and has the drive and passion for decoying. Coyotes are built for endurance hunting. Package deal- have been using them for coon hunting. Then after you have learned the ropes you could check into good coyote dogs. 10-2-2020 At this time I don't have any pups left myself except for one that I'm training for my boy this spring. by btech29: 4 526 07/29/20 10:32 PM by Chris Lynn: Looking for coyote decoy dog/pup. These are premium quality Labrador Retrievers puppies that have been bred from outstanding duck dogs. Add your preserve today! by JoePilk: 2 265 05/06/20 09:53 PM Lean, hardy and built for speed with eagle-eye eyesight; these dogs are ideal for coyote hunting.Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world with a maximum recorded speed of 43 mph, guaranteeing that they could easily outrun the fastest coyote. Post Dogs. Premium 8 month old duck hunting dogs for sale.