Only the degree holders of Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programs attained from a Czech State Accredited Higher Education Institution will be eligible for Permanent Residence of Czech Republic. The Czech Republic offers a Residency by Investment program. Not granting permanent residence. Submit the appeal by registered letter by post or hand over to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, which will judge the matter. Cancellation of permanent residence. Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency For foreigners who want to settle down in the Czech Republic, we offer the Exam for Permanent Residency. To qualify you will need to invest CZK75,000,000 (about Euro 2,850,000) into a business based in the Czech Republic. The permanent residency permit in the Czech Republic differs compare to other permanent residency permits in EU countries as each country applies slightly different rights. Czech language exam for a permanent residence If you fulfill the condition of continuous five years residence in the Czech Republic, then you can apply for the permanent residence. If the application is submitted in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Interior will either approve or reject it within two months. Czech language exam certificate It is best to have a notarized copy of the certificate that you got from the school. Since there is a lot of paperwork to go through and since Czech bureaucracy can be very frustrating, we advise you to plan and start your application about 6 month in advance! Preparatory course for permanent residence exam is intended for students who already have a basic knowledge of the Czech language and are planning on taking the exam for the purposes of obtaining permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic. 4) With the permanent residency, do I have the same status as EU citizen or permanent residence? You are going to need a Permanent Residence Permit for the Czech Republic.. Go to my Czech Republic visa page for information on other types of visas for the Czech Republic.. I’ll break everything down for you below about how to go about how to get the Permanent Residence Permit for the Czech Republic. To obtain permanent residence, one must meet two conditions: successfully pass the Czech language proficiency exams and confirm sufficient income to support living. If you’re non-EU, another main benefit is that your purpose of stay is no longer restricted to the one previously specified on your long-term residency. The amount is higher when you have a family. Non-EU and EEA students can attain a permanent residence visa of Czech Republic if he/she has completed a Bachelor’s degree program of at least three years duration or a Masters degree. Lance has covered most points. If the application is made abroad in a Czech embassy, the decision can take up to six months. Looking to relocate to the Czech Republic on a permanent basis? When I applied, I was told that I should have an estimate of +-14,000 Czech crowns a month. The program offers a pathway to Czech Republic permanent residency after 5 years, and full Czech Republic citizenship after 10 years. If you are denied a permanent residence permit, you have the option to appeal against the decision within 15 days of receipt. Candidates can register for the exam in person at the student services departments of the ILPS CU centres or via online application. PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Those who have lived in the Czech Republic for five years are eligible for permanent residency. There is a certain amount that you should be earning to qualify you for the Permanent Residency. One of the important documents which you have to submit with an application for the permanent residence is the proof of knowledge of the Czech language. A permanent residency status in the Czech Republic is only given out in very specific cases.