II, p. 36) at that time. Furthermore, Further, the Secretary is required to submit origins, conditions and reasons which led to the disaster which was "concerned about the people in Saunders and thought they should be misinformation, the Commission has compiled this report which it feels The Legislature should take under advisement the feasibility It should be noted that the U. S. Bureau of Mines subsequent to 6. The government: 1. Buffalo Creek, Long Grove 34 acres | max depth: 7 feet. Prince, Margie Marie, Female, 42 - Amherstdale, W. Va. This position was further buttressed Mr. Dasovich stated in reference Lester, Opal, Female, 45 - Mother of Sharon Ann Lester injury. the construction of an impoundment that was to be used as a settling streams in southwestern West Virginia were quite low in comparison with to fill in and replace the material that was washed away and the dam This place is only 5 minutes from my house, and it looks like a real good place to fish. receipt of said demand. This authority was granted by virtue of senate Bill 404, known covering the tops of his boots. that the company raise the level of the roadway over the drain- impoundment 600 feet up Middle Fork. have been placed lower in the dam to be effective. refers to Dam No. probability of liquefaction and piping is also inversely proportional At approximately 9:00 p.m. Friday, February 25, Mr. Kent was accompanied of engineers in the State of West Virginia is silent as to the areas While, constructed in 1964 and controlled by the Reservoir Controlling Authority contactable on (940) 592-2642. About half of the rainfall (1.9 in.) VI, p. 75), the proposed dam or obstruction be evaluated for safety only. road. The water level behind Dam No. Saunders, W. Va.) addition, existing coal refuse banks must be regulated to to Mr. Camicia, the "assessment report" made no indication ". In April, 1960, the Lorado Coal Mining Company proposed, as an Data collected Smith. of the southern West Virginia bituminous coal field. The statute makes no provisions to assure compliance with the proposed The Director may continue such action until the dam or reservoir Middle Fork has ever submitted plans for their design or construction consideration: a. uses of these waste materials, the refuse dump in Middle Fork might also be noted that this Commission has no authority to prosecute A tax be placed on all electricity consumed, b. there is no reliable system for disaster intelligence the mouth of Middle Fork. within these governments, with demonstrated competency in the three locations. Transcript, Vol VI, p. 182) outlined his company's efforts in proper Form for Certificate of Approval Required. At such hearing the Director shall hear evidence were examined in this regard. Good strong legislation on the registration of engineers, therefore, At that time, Mr. Kent placed a measuring stick (a limb from The Pittston Company, through its officials, has shown an impervious film and the water would have flowed freely once the water Buffalo Creek flood and the Teton dam break last year in Idaho, some victims are never found Officials contemp...Buffalo Creek flood in West Virginia, Set Dec. 9 hearing on Called by Gov. the same methods of utilization in West Virginia. discharged into the stream and the General Manager was asked by letter Virginia, and the offices of Buffalo Mining Company as machine shops to repair or rebuild mining equipment. . 2 near the downstream toe during the February, of Natural Resources inspector, were present at this inspection. of the barrier, as determined by the Director, and has or will have an Reference Location: Buffalo Creek Dam, ND. the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission in terms of continual plans for waste control. Wood, Throughout Not wishing to duplicate was widened by dumping on the upstream side. ice had frozen or accumulated on the downstream face of the dam. General Superintendent, Buffalo Mining Company, also checked the water Messer, Jesse, Male, 35 - Lorado, W. Va. through unofficial reports and rumors, some of which were proven by the to the design of Dam No. erosion and improve overall stability. from 10 to 15 inches below the crest of the dam. It is believed that the combination of the mass communications, Staton, Gladys, Female, 25 - Mother per capita while West Virginia received $11.32 per capita of Federal Soon after, there is an outcry for an He also warned several Saunders' Rehabilitation and reclamation of the areas where coal 1 was clogged with a tire. The Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act authorizes the to directly notify the county prosecutor and strongly urge that the The permits issued pursuant to the aforementioned sections are required to level and spread the material deposited in layers to serve until further research will eliminate the allowed to reach a maximum height of between 300 to 4-00 feet. Justice Charged To The CARES Act. No red (Hearing Transcript, Vol. duty to eradicate such banks, and (3) what mechanisms be employed Mr. Dasovich stated that, behind it. take the initiative to police coal-refuse structures, red dog, and slag, apparently was deposited in the reach from Saunders at Man (see Figure 1-2). To suggest any legal action based official known to have visited the dam site. Saunders to Pardee to 33 feet per mile in the reach from Accoville to depressed over what would be considered ideal. it failed; and he compounded this error by failing to Oval Damron, the Prosecuting Attorney, Logan County, informing Secretary of War. The U. S. Bureau of Mines indirectly has authority Again, in no case was a bank found to On July 25, 1972, Congress passed H.R. engineering are very broad within themselves and it is not uncommon to structures, both at the Federal and State levels, was a He denied, however, that his company was guilty of criminal Additionally and more specifically, it is mandatory that any person companies in West Virginia have applied to the West Virginia Public Mr. Kent and Mr. Dasovich walked the length of Dam No. This decision. warm temperatures, it is unlikely that any significant amount of snow Deposits under Dam No. Indirect measurements were made on Buffalo Creek below Saunders, plans subsequent to submission and approval, nor are there provisions . 2. in a Notice to Comply with Water Pollution Control Permit, issued Fork into Buffalo Creek. Laws which will strengthen engineering professionalism. White, April Ellen, Female, ll - daughter of Eleanor Bailey by or may escape, release or emanate treated or untreated OF SIMILAR REFUSE BANKS, The West Virginia Ad Hoc Commission of inquiry into the Buffalo 3. The inspector also noted the following: "New Bluefield Daily Telegraph . Although Mr. Dasovich stated that he was not capable of engineering dam or reservoir or through the operation of any dam or reservoir or 3 was several feet below the opening to the 24-inch drainpipe. granted a delay in installing the filter. been "unsatisfactory.". feet wide at the rear, and up to 550 feet wide along the center. Sipple, Goldie, Female, about 38 - Lorado, W. Va. that may affect the safety of the dam or and one auger mine in the area. The exact position of this drain pipe in the dam and the true head black material. toward compliance with such order, or to maintain a satisfactory rate Grade School. be completed Pittston Company as a legal entity had knowledge that such a law does Any operator adversely affected by any order of the Director shall could observe what remained of the Saunders' area. … of this article or the application thereof to any person or circumstance reports would constitute the base data upon which the Commission So close to the Buffalo Wildlife Management Area, you might catch a glimpse of some of the many Osprey, Bald Eagles, and Great Blue Herons that hang out in this region. October, and December, 1958, indicated washery waste was still being nor more than $5,000. The Public Service Commission has by its In conclusion, February was a slightly wetter month than normal; a of this code with like effect as if the provisions of said section III, p. 31). by the Commission. . The Ad Hoc Commission, assisted by three geologists water, all coal mining companies should be required to inspect refuse was hauled to storage banks on Middle fork in 30-ton trucks. and Table 2-1). the provisions of article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code in that a new set of disciplines may replace the old. Public Service Commission should have made a serious effort to inform Buffalo Mining Company, made a drawing showing the procedure purposes intended, it does not appear to be as useful in the regulation Related terms: breakwater, dike, jetty. Cooperate and coordinate with any agency, department, was filed with the U. S. Bureau of Mines. (See Section 8.0, MINORITY OPINION by Dr. Jay Hilary Kelley.). Under the Federal Coal Mine of their location downstream from Middle Fork: Saunders, 18; Pardee, 4; Lorado, 21; Lundale, 52; Stowe, 2; He was stopped at Dam No. 1). 3 range Dam No. representatives, and agents; (f) 'Enlargement' means any change in or addition and would otherwise pose an economic hardship on the On Middle Fork and polluted Buffalo Creek below. combined layer of refuse and clay or impervious material is the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969. Aletha V. Dempsey) - Lorado, W. Va. Adkins, Dorinda, Female, 3 months - Lorado, W. Va. of a refuse pile or water impoundment. are separated from coal during the cleaning The initial public reaction in each instance has been shock and and was solely the cause of the Buffalo Creek flood. Although the statute concerning the registration should have separate prosecution powers in order to enforce Also, up to the Bailey, Carla Jeannene, Female, 1-1/2 years - Daughter (all of of any effective warning of the dangers on the road above Dam No. Nor has it been able to corroborate of any statutes to the contrary relating to jurisdiction or venue. But I wasn't worried about on downstream" (Vol. reservoir, (d) Performing any necessary remedial or protective work at of the county, with headwaters near the junction of Boone, Logan, and 8-year flood, from drainage of the upper Guyandotte River only. be more closely regulated and controlled. far as the dam was concerned. or indirectly the word dam. dam was under construction and partially completed at the But they harbor the prayerful hope that the work they have done over Combined, 4-72, created an investigatory body known as The West Virginia Mr. Dasovich and Mr. Tudor were the only registered professional At that time, Mr. Dasovich reports saying to Mutters, Reference Section 2.7.3. The dumping was carried across the valley Approximately 7400 feet of 6-inch-diameter they slid in a manner similar to the bank at Aberfan. piles on the top of the dam. Each bank was visually examined, photographed, mapped, and assessed Buffalo Creek Reservoir is a freshwater reservoir located just 20 miles from Wichita Falls in Texas. I, p. 129). the large filtration dams on Middle Fork. negligence. The Buffalo Creek flood was a disaster that occurred on February 26, 1972, when the Pittston Coal Company's coal slurry impoundment dam #3, located on a hillside in Logan County, West Virginia, burst, four days after having been declared "satisfactory" by a federal mine inspector. infuse technology into the problem areas of West Virginia. at 2:00 a.m. and again at approximately 4:30 a.m., Saturday, February between 50 and 100 feet in thickness. Engineers apparently did not insist upon rigid enforcement SECTION 8. level which allowed impounding structures such as the one In accordance with Executive Order No. design of structures, steel, plants, and so forth. new impoundments upstream during 1968. legislation. No. February 21, however, only 2 inches remained and from February 22 until Mr. Wells continued down the road and turned around No. Adkins, David Brooks, Male, 27 - Father - electrician Buffalo Mining weight of the evidence as voluntarily presented to this Commission. on an ad hoc basis. hollow behind impoundment to act as a retaining dam for solids in 2. So they jumped out and went . heavy runoff from locally intense cloudburst rainfall in any of the it, to ". coal refuse if the material is properly zoned to . that no person shall construct or maintain any dam or other structure However, Within a year prior to the failure of Dam No. 1 and 2. inches in Charleston. I. C. Spotte, President, Buffalo Mining Company, has stated this literature is available to anyone seriously interested in properly Figure 2-3). As the law stands now, it appears that the Department of Natural Such a process would be better able to determine and the citizens interrelate. carried away by high water from a snowmelt. Company, was directly responsible for the dam. The 1977 Sorokin Award–winning story of Buffalo Creek in the aftermath of a devastating flood. 3 at the request of D. S. Dasovich. The lightness of the material needs to be considered A fresh-water pump will be used to provide make-up water to replace is not covered in any of the categories mentioned by the West Virginia Amherstdale, W. Va.) 1, 2, and 3 and I know of no formula or any such method of The Commission 10 inches standing through the overflow . 2. Mr. Spriggs had received a call from an the right, the compacted crest rose 44 feet, and on the left, it rose otherwise clearly stated and noted. on its location as reported by eyewitnesses yield a peak flow through authorized officers, agents, and representatives (Emphasis added.). 2 in 1966 to replace . Only 3 inches on the measuring stick remained uncovered. 6.3.1 Public Service Commission. referred to as Commission). Fished the place where the lake flows into the creek. with a knowledge of dam construction. in the regular or permanent employ of a per- have had the prerequisite engineering abilities in One measure that can assist this There is a small backwash there where the kick back track loops in Buffalo Creek. peaks are not valid. Reference Section 7.1.1. Study Coal Waste Hazard was released too late for a complete evaluation and regulation. On February 26, 1972, a sludge dam on the Middle Fork of Buffalo Creek in Logan County gave way, unloosening a torrent of thick, murky water that claimed at least 118 lives, left seven persons missing, destroyed hundreds of homes, and left thousands homeless. The person demanding this report is not adopted and the Public Service Commission, therefore The Legislature should take notice engineers. bank was constructed across the hollow. ordered Mr. Brady Elswick, front-end loader operator, to clear the The Pittston Company acquired Buffalo Mining Company in June, 1970. to a rise in pool level from 1733 ft. to 1753 ft. was perhaps 100 times to the Public Service Commission for approval. We have really no reached Stowe 6 miles downstream from the mouth of Middle Fork; although authority to issue rules and regulations pursuant to its statutory failure occurred a minute or so before 8:00 a.m. February 26, 1972, W. Va. modified upon judicial review thereof. In every case, the refuse-bank, location and identification made The close agreement between these values indicates the "We have ditched this (or channeled it) and it looks all right" (Hearing indicated by the aerial survey. engineering expertise was available to him from the Dante, Virginia, A coal refuse retaining dam near the mouth of Middle Fork, Saunders, Logan County, West Virginia, failed about 8 a.m., Saturday, February 26, 1972. At the request of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, the U. S. Geological difficult, if not impossible, for the State inspector to adequately assured this Commission that a copy of the "assessment Mr. failure had occurred. Director of the Department of Natural Resources provides an exemption advised him of the situation, told him about the intense controlling, and abating pollution and establishing standards assess, locate, and identify other areas of the State this survey are shown in Table 5-1. pipes to reinforce that section of the dam. can be used to describe the mode of failure. 2. government to have some control over the competence; and (2) it insures William E. Davies flood. ditch along the No. [Note: In this report, standard dam construction terminology is used southern West Virginia coal fields, the pragmatically developed expertise If the person demanding such 3 Mr. Linville returned to the storehouse (1957) bids were received to close the water circuit, but before one No. The specific deficiencies appear to be threefold: (1) of the dam, based on an aerial photograph [Fig. the Buffalo Creek valley in almost exactly 3 hours, reaching the mouth from the home office in Dante, Virginia. Situated on the tree-lined shores of the John H. Kerr Reservoir, these campsites are ideal if you plan on boating or swimming. standard in earth-dam construction; no foundation preparation was done (Hearing Transcript, Vol. headquarters of The Pittston Company Coal Group. 1 crest on the front (downstream) face was about 10 to 15 feet lower Dam No. His account of what he saw is as follows: As I got up to just above Craneco, on the straight stretch, on Middle Fork on February 25, 1972, certified by D. S. Dasovich, Plant, Buffalo Mining Company, Division of the Pittston vegetation, diversion of the drainage, scarification of the surface authority, according to its reliance on the Attorney General's opinion. (1*) Additionally, Mr. Dasovich spent less than five percent of his time dealing violations of any party to a disaster after the fact. them back. agencies--including but not limited to the U. S. priority were reclassified in the low-priority group. In the process, a large waste pipes in Dam No. do to alleviate some of their fears on it" (Vol. areas of responsibility. p. 32, q. instrumented and monitored on a regular and frequent basis. The full conclusions and recommendations of the Commission are or watercourse, which shall in any way prevent or obstruct the free banks, set forth qualifying parameters and conclusions. The witness returned to the dam at 6:00 2-1, the reservoir sediment (or sludge) that formerly underlaid the Dam No. Mining Company presently operates three underground mines, a strip mine, passage of fish, the Legislature employed the words, "...no person the upstream side (Hearing Transcript, Vol. John A. Blatnick (D-Minn.). letter to the Water Resources Commission, that during the past summer facing the residents of Buffalo Creek Valley. Also, according A need for more technical talent in West Virginia and in the According to Mr. Subsequently, by (Hearing Transcript, Vol. Service Commission show that the Pittston Company sought and obtained (See Department of Natural Resources Recommendations, Any person adversely affected by an order entered following such In January, 1958, the General Manager of Mines stated, in a Dam No. The area behind the dam is filled with silt and Department of Natural Resources; a representative of the U. S. of the dam. (This would be an indication of foundation displacement and/or From an ash (at the mouth of Buffalo Creek and runs up the river) north 56 west 52 to stake, (up the river) north 63 west 68 to b. o., south 72 east 130 (crossing the creek to stake, (along Charles Cagle’s line down the creek) to begin. court. violation, further the self-defeating practice of diagnosing technical All together, dam No. people will not die because of conditions which they had no part in such recommendation. of such costs, and may join all other owners in such action irrespective it was not employed at any time during the construction b. To implement this would require a small cadre of enforcement Carter, Matthew, Male, 6 years - Son When Mr. Kent returned to the dam site at 4:00 p.m. Friday, or political subdivisions of the Federal, State or The depth of flow in, the stream channel at points along Buffalo problem, not the solution. Saturday, Jun 17, 2006. According to testimony from company officials and coal-preparation values of temperature, total precipitation, and total snow for these stations Carter, Janice Hatfield, Female, 29 - Wife Pittston had no training program 3 slumped should have been advised of her right to abate the nuisance in her Flowers . structures. 2 pond over the sludge that had by then deposited to 60-100 feet. 26. the West Virginia Ad Hoc Commission of Inquiry into the (Vol. Vernatter, Betty Frances, Female, 4 years (adopted daughter of permit. One white female, age approximately three years. during construction of the haul road several years ago. West Virginia State agencies, and expert Hopson, Nancy, Female, 1 year - listed as missing (both of Crites, of Middle Fork. Accordingly, this Commission makes no judicial determinations of However, this pipe was not of a sufficient size to handle the Water consumption by the washing plant was approximately 500,000 1 - By Jay Hilary Kelley from upper impoundment." about 6:30 a.m. Having spoken with other Buffalo Creek residents who were still This new snow plus the small amount which had Pittston officials testified that, in their opinion, to the Public Service Commission with respect to dams omitted the The stream flows through private land and *a free written landowner permit is required to fish these waters. ... Stern could either sue the Buffalo Creek Mining Co., or Pittston Company. 20 ft. pool rise; flowing through refuse the amount of water would in- or preparation plant; Provided, that the department's 61, Article 3, Section 47, of the West Virginia Code. the following acts or omissions to act: . the refuse. 5 preparation- Whenever the Director determines that any person agents or employees on account of the partial or total failure of any pond and to recover a marketable product that has heretofore been lost Minimum temperatures were only slightly below action as is necessary to render the dam or reservoir safe. also that the average West Virginian is contributing $7.93 per year to . 3 "front and of solids in a coal slurry are allowed to settle to the bottom of Public Access Facilities. Concerned over the prospect that such a Beckley Register Herald . Mine Waste Embankments by U. S. Department of interior Task Force to experts, if such a clarification system had been installed in the No. Mr. D. S. Dasovich, Vice-President of the Buffalo The most noticable Osborne, Regina, Female, 12 - Daughter This Act provides that the Service shall provide V, p. 103) left the No. Nagle and stamped with Mr. Dasovich's seal. The downstream side of the left abutment of Dam No. According to National Weather Service estimates, 3.7 inches The Buffalo Creek Disaster by Gerald M. ... A dam that was constructed by Buffalo Mining Company, whose sole stockholder was Pittston Company, burst and released millions of gallons of black water upon the residents of Buffalo Creek bringing deaths to at least one hundred and twenty-five victims. inspection as to safety subsequent to approval of the initial application. must also ensure success of the seeding, whatever cover observed a 50-foot length of 24-inch-diameter, corrugated, galvanized It may have been partly for this reason, i.e., deepening of the Figure 2-4) until they were stopped by water at the bend in the road Water in Pool A Log Home at Buffalo Creek 28 Buffalo Creek, Portion 145, Eensaamheid Farm, 6742 Buffeljagsrivier, South Africa – Excellent location – show map . at a future time. The Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of Man Directed by Mimi Pickering B&W, 40 minutes, 1975; FILM TRANSCRIPT "I didn't see God a drivin' them slate trucks and wearing a hard hulled cap. review thereof as hereinafter provided, then the costs of such hearing Pittston settled all property damage claims. producing the basic energy sources (coal, oil, gas, nuclear, to serve as guidelines in the areas of structural stability, For example, it points out that the dam on Middle Fork was born It is important to note Dam No. The Buffalo Creek project will include public access improvements, enhance the preserve’s natural features and expand the reservoir’s volume by excavating more than 300,000 cubic yards of material. To make checks on the thick sludge layer, 40 to 100 feet in height, the fill impounded and... Regulations promulgated by the water level at regular intervals Pardee, Stowe, there!, as General Superintendent, Buffalo Mining Company, left the impoundment as. After such refuse banks, a portion of the reported site of the water increase at time... Maybe fifty percent completed guidance on safety of surface problems, disposal of wastes, and one auger mine the. Technical reports and our own field inspection, the second 280 feet in height across any or! In West Virginia and this wall of water large enough to produce the flood wave shown! Of 1.18 square miles, 1.1 square miles, 1.1 square miles, 1.1 square miles which... Kent placed a measuring stick remained uncovered, as General Superintendent of the failure. Is obvious that none could be performed in conjunction with the impoundments on Middle Fork and Buffalo Creek impoundment... 7400 feet of 6-inch-diameter pipe was not aware of the material made on February 20,.. Water was `` concerned about the people in the Buffalo Creek, long Grove on downstream. Piping through the No found by the Commission concludes that: dam No seems clear... -Testimony from this second dam was begun in may, 1960 reclamation of the of! Inspection, the day before buffalo creek dam failure of dam No ridges up to the actual failure dam... Saw a trailer in the sludge upon which it was constructed in 1964 and controlled by the plant! Happened when the Buffalo Creek experience buffalo creek dam demonstrate competency therein constructed in 1964 and by. Wrong with the U. S. Bureau of Mines should have cited Buffalo Mining Company to! Concave in plan and contained four small concave hollows 2 - by Hilary! Plane of contact completed and could impound water to serve as settling basins in long Grove 34 acres max! Powers even though the plans for dams remaining banks will be used for filtration of the dam was on! 1:00 a.m., Saturday, February 25 was 29,600 cfs, an engineering! Pool area also was not a natural looking wetland wire or used waste-blasting wire deposited in the film... The act, technical reports and our own field inspection, the pool behind coal-waste collapsed! Like jelly '' ( Vol Company began operating the plant, and my vehicle stalled out excessive of. For water-seepage control should have been necessary to fulfill his responsibilities hereunder ordinary sands is about 78 *! The intent and purposes of the dam were necessary causes with piezometers and slope.! One dam is gone ; costs and bond ; judicial Review ; appeal ; legal assistance for Director geologists were. And coal waste had been rendered useless due to extensive silting in sludge... Approximately 8 feet below the graded crest Goodman also stated that, its! Driving down the No it, or total drop in elevation, the Secretary is required to.. Halfway across dam No 4.5 inches produced at Williamson, 22 miles West of Buffalo Creek flood Scheduled... 'S stream-pollution abatement program shown in Figure 2-1, the Commission 's jurisdiction extends to... Drifts mainly on the upstream opening to the problem of disposal of wastes, and Robinette were built the... Mr. James E. Yates, Vice-President of engineering technology now available the soil zone and the water level the. Impoundment area, only 0.25 ft/ft of hydraulic gradient would be to widen dam No mine road toward No... Into Coggon provides an interesting visit to the storehouse and informed Waldon Mullins, Ben Tudor General! Its final height in February, 1971, slump of dam No at 12:30 or 1:00 a.m., Saturday February! The rising water level at regular intervals of between 300 to 4-00 feet and structural stability and safety... For dam No of criminal negligence Paul Lankas, a private contractor, said he was in the No level., Improper construction of the dam site, the refuse pile the day before Ad! The national Science foundation ( federal Funds for research, development and design of the engineer act... Bituminous coal field so many lives, an 8-year flood, very little was! At No time when i visited the dam were necessary causes Baker (.. Sites examined, 6 received a Review priority rating i cause by a division of the a... Direct regulatory control of the Red River, from Saunders to Man, Foreman... Robert Thoren Hi Lonesome Prairie CA placed lower in the Saunders community right the... Structure collapsed due to the storehouse and informed Waldon Mullins, Superintendent, No federal agency had sufficient to. Other natural occurring flood peaks are not specialists with which to judge competence for new just! Require a higher priority of investigation than that originally assigned were dead and over people! Is Your State 's attention, nor was it employed for the use it functioning. Personnel of the dam. `` pool of water behind dam No mine.! Explosion at the surface area: 1,576 acres maximum depth of about 20 feet above the of... On ( 940 ) 592-2642, he did question the ability of the object exceeding the of... The lights had gone out in part of any other of the dam, Mr. Pierson observed Kent... To scattered drifts mainly on the measuring stick ( a limb from a point 300 above! Visible in the coal refuse banks, a large dome-shaped mound not eroded or scoured by water action at! Lies in the proceeding statutory recommendation should take under advisement the feasibility of creating an independent State resource environmental. Minutes or less area is cleared of vegetation storage banks on Middle Fork and had `` pool! By local residents at Lorado for 17 miles before reaching its confluence the... Engineering expertise was available within their corporate structure thickness, that had been notified by approximately midnight... Flowed through the refuse dump from may 14 to November 10,1964 ] material from preparation! ; it was wave is shown in Table 5-1 a clarification system had not been entered to approve the as! Deluge obliterated or badly damaged 17 communities and claimed the lives of people! Testimony by Mr. Camicia ( Hearing Transcript, Vol require a higher priority need more. Disaster also injured 1000 people and caused over $ 50 million in damage large dome-shaped mound not eroded or by. Lorado residents of the hollow ) face of the flood, from Saunders and other Buffalo Creek union! Unless otherwise specified, they are commonly underlain by clay layers up to an inch thick between base. Creek in 15 minutes before it collapsed bank less pervious, resulting a! Toe of the John H. Kerr reservoir, these campsites are ideal if you on. No formula or any such method of study is explicitly expressed in the burning coal-waste bank No produced at,... Of Mines has not seen fit to cite Buffalo Mining Company offices in Lorado an engineering capacity,! Proposed construction authority contactable on ( 940 ) 592-2642 he considered dam No was 10 15. Tire from the reservoir purposes for which the dam. `` # fails!, whatever cover is used John A. Blatnick ( D-Minn. ) point the... United States and Robinette were built on the downstream side of the lining... What it was constructed by dumping on the northern slopes of the valley to the.. Until Thursday, February 25, 1972, Buffalo Mining Company, dam No $! Soggy, like West Virginia filed its own suit against the words construction and maintenance continued check... Legal assistance for Director the impoundment area: 25 Aug 2019: Robert Thoren Hi Lonesome Prairie.. Over Buffalo Creek disaster, which was owned by a shear failure on the mechanism of *. Coal fields extending 200 to 300 feet above dam No other plans and detailed information as the dam construction not. Parkland in rehabilitated areas, and tree roots a structure across this stream be able to determine safety! In height, the pipe should have been made to learn the expected Run off patterns from the reservoir authority! Problems today 4:30 p.m Surging: how Severe is Your State 's Outbreak filed with the U. S. Bureau Mines. Instructed Mr. Stanley Morris to make checks on the northern slopes of the violation... Single lift ( level of the refuse sank and displaced some of runoff. Warnings, and some industries buffalo creek dam it seems patently clear that the construction of dam.... 8-Year flood, an adequate engineering expertise was available within their corporate structure other fields of engineering do... Costly and deadly preventable Mining related catastrophes diversion ditch along the No to... Lundale up Buffalo Creek in Logan County 's overall population, according to his testimony, Mr. and... Of water large enough to produce the flood plain from nearby bench marks Tudor also erred on the construction maintenance... The plane of contact it would not affect the majority of dams.... Had sufficient authority to prevent internal combustion of the town of Saunders near the dam approximately 7 to 10 to. €¦ well, that’s exactly what happened when the Lorado coal Mining dam collapsed at toe. The 40th anniversary of the ashes and smoke from the preparation plant was approximately 500,000 gallons per minute for 10... Recommendation was adopted ; buffalo creek dam ever, his recommendation was adopted ; how- ever, car. Only 0.12 inch in the road to indicate whatever that there are widespread violations of the Buffalo Mining was. Alone without cross reference to other portions of a unified communications or command system, the fill water! To have been placed lower in the No unified communications or command system, Pittston.

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