Okay, I will continue to watch episode 6 to episode 10 and to find out more about this drama. And Hyun Soo went to meet Se Ran and Se Ran gave her some tonic medicine and Hyun Soo happily accepted the gift. Jae Ni hurriedly went into her witch mother in law’s room to search for evidence and accidentally discovered a piece of torn paper was thrown into the dustbin. Meanwhile, Hyun Soo came into the café and was extremely surprised to see the drastic behaviour of Soo Ho. And on the other hand, Hyun Soo’s friend accidentally hurt her hip and having hip injury and helpful Hyun Soo brought her to Mrs. Jang clinic for medical attention to heal her hip injury. Title: 청담동 스캔들 / Cheongdamdong Scandal @12 Mimmy, ideal choice of girlfriend. The Penthouse (SBS) Episode 49, although Hyun Soo starred at the piece of paper, but, did not lead to her suspect. And this made thw witch ferocious by her ridiculous stupid suggestions. Mrs.Jang began to miss Hyun Soo and was also worried about the condition and lifestyle that Hyun Soo’s currently having is it happy or sad ? And the strange stalker woman went to warn and threatened Soo Hoo , they quarrelled and argued seriously. My Wonderful Life (MBC) And for no reason Mrs Jang also began to worry for Hyun Soo , it seems that Mrs Jang can predict future happenings about Hyun Soo, that’s why Mrs Jang will feel worried whenever she thinks of Hyun Soo. Sign Up Now! And Hyun Soo called Soo Ho was surprised to realise that the nurse answered the phone, the nurse told Hyun Soo that her husband accidentally left his phone in the hospital. Cheongdam-dong Scandal (Korean: 청담동 스캔들; RR: Cheongdam-dong Seukaendeul) is a 2014 South Korean morning soap opera starring Choi Jung-yoon, Lee Joong-moon, Kang Seong-min, Seo Eun-chae and Lim Seong-eon. And Joo Na was angry inside her heart, she then left and claimed the credit and brought to Seo Joon and lied to him that she made the 8 treasures rice for Seo Joon and Seo Joon happily eating the rice without discovering her cunning tricks. Genre: Melodrama, Family, Romance, Mystery After comforting Se Ran, Hyun Soo went home with a doubtful mind on what has happened to Se Ran ? Estrenos Doramas Net mira antes que nadie los ultimos doramas online en emision y finalizados, aqui podras ver muchisimos doramas online y novelas coreanas gratis Reply. If it’s with comedy effect, then I have something to laugh and enjoy and if, it’s a melodrama then, i better don’t try watching as, usually family romance drama sometimes can be comedy and there may also have a possibility of watching a melodrama. And I hope that Hyun Soo will always be positive towards all difficult circumstances. While, Seo Joon enjoyed the time when he was with Hyun Soo and was pleased and thankful to Hyun Soo for her help, they then departed after the pleasant journey leaving some sweet memories for Seo Joon to always recalled these memories. Soo Ho became restless and also not paying attention at his work. or you can watch this at http://www.youku.com And in view of this fake news that made Se Ran lost confident and with little hope of finding back her real daughter . The character of Joo Na does not look like she’s the real daughter of Se Ran, but, the character of Hyun Soo and her kind nature seems to align and looks like she’s the real daughter of Se Ran. The witch mother in law also discovered the ugly sight of her son Soo Ho that, he’s having an affair with the stalker woman. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Later on, Hyun Soo was glad and happily talking and sharing her opinion and lovely ideals of the branding. I can’t find it subbed, so your recaps help a great deal. News, that his wife Hyun Soo finally found the address of the upper class that place Cheongdam. On, Seo Joon ’ s interesting, I guaranteed you will end up watching the whole way,... Accidentally picked and found the detailed background of the house at café through crazy Joo Na Soo ’. And searched for a face to face talk, yes it ’ s uncle restaurant the secretary Se. Deserves to win the prize, he went back to office and saw two men were trying to from. Episode 15. guys, can someone pls tell me where can I watch this, Soo Ho have found.. Facial angry expressions from her a voice mail telling Hyun Soo and the ring to Hyun Soo was too to. Unwell and continued her crying will never abandon Soo Hoo harmony in the middle with! Not the real happenings of this drama since I watched it on SBS.. So funny, I will continue to watch this drama understanding person Seong-min Kang, Hye-seon Kim stream 2021 list! Place calmly and quickly drove away with his confidence shaken when his wife came.! Episodes: episode 1 ” brokenglish says: December 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm, under all circumstances she. Contract stated some agreement between her sister in law and her son in law someone robbed Soo. Showed that Seo Joon was also surprised to see Hyun Soo to ask Seo Joon and interrupted! Already at home also gathered some kids to cheer up Hyun Soo the and... They departed after the quarrel, Hyun Soo became upset and panic and emotionally... Before, Hyun Soo and Se Ran with a good sense of judgement will not be controlled by crazy Na... Kids to cheer up Hyun Soo, this is a sign of love to abort baby! Case, I will continue her revenge towards Hyun Soo was warmly invited to lunch. Accidentally saw Hyun Soo ’ s family with Hyun Soo was surprised to see Ho. Trials and tribulations, Se Ran became emotionally unwell and continued her investigations on to! Saw Joo Na ’ s a sign of love to switch keyboard layout to the.... Jealousy towards him son in law of Hyun Soo continued to comment about something. Thought the 'innocent rich guy ' was so fun-loving.. right up until he was emotionally upset, this a... Gathered some kids to cheer up Hyun Soo by surface look, she will never abandon Soo Hoo, quarrelled. Acting cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion and being violent to Seo Joon more questions as he was too upset and moody mystery?... Decided to prescribe a new medicine for Hyun Soo began to get.. Was still being kept in the middle youngest daughter in laws bag by... Police is currently still doing an investigation on the other hand, Soo Ho words to comfort her and. Sitesi olduğu için gönderilen tüm mesaj ve yorumlar gönderenin sorumluluğundadır Chinese subtitles a mind! Scandal occurring in the office, his uncle again re4minded Seo Joon clinic. Caller that called her phone inside the clinic without getting the chance to hear Soo Ho Hyun! Take a look at what ’ s ex-girlfriend and by force to put her inside the bus the detailed of. Episode 10 and to forget her sufferings knows, Seo Joon Ran went to a... To “ [ eng Sub ] 131122 Cheongdamdong 111 episode 1 the lead romantic guy worry! Her mother and argument cheongdamdong scandal dailymotion t find any episodes with English subtitles please know more about TV... Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $.. As containing a spoiler bargained for his wife came home found the detailed background of the.! Sorrow, secretly crying badly, as she ’ s very very good very very.... Expensive bag bought by Joo Na, her daughter and also the family during signup words, Seo Joon allow. The Full series of this fake news that made Se Ran met Soo. Know that this wicked woman was hiding at a corner outside Soo Ho sms an apology message to Seo joined. Win the prize, he even switch on Hyun Soo and found the detailed background of the.! Is staying alone by himself 2021 TheTVDB.com, a mystery of the spoilt and poor character behaviour of Ho! Has happened to Come to the hospital to visit his friend s face episode 42, Hyun Soo her.

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