Regimental Headquarters and 1 squadron of light cavalry Special units often have no number, just a name. Also, regiments will occasionally be rotated to other garrisons away from home, e.g. Keep in mind that the organizational tables that follow are the standard regulation organization. VGtC,p.35 states that the soldiers wear leather armor with easily removable metal helms and breastplates and that they are good swimmers. commanded by Battlemaster Baron Thomdor, Warden of the Eastern Marches (LG hm Ftr13/Prp4) ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Wheloon is 600 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. The Military Forces of Cormyr These latter cases are most commonly battlefield commissions granted to heroic enlisted men. Description. Normally they are lesser officers but when filled out with new recruits they can command a unit that a major/ornrion would normally command. East Way waypost: halfway between Arabel and Masoner's Bridge; usually the other squad of the Masoner's Bridge company led by the company swordmajor. Report "Cormyr - Land of the Purple Dragon" Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Note that a kadrath with a full complement of trainees is four times its normal size. The black dragon Thauglor was one of the most prominent dragons, and contested the elves for the land. See the following link: Base Attack Bonus: +4 In cavalry units, blacksmiths are usually first swords and their assistants are blades. This knightly honor is not gained simply by promotion; like any other knighthood, it must be granted by the King himself with a formal dubbing ceremony. I will be adding more data into the tables … In addition, the FR FAQ (link given elsewhere) gives Ed's rough equivalent of swordcaptain as a sergeant; however, in published canon (VGtC,p.234) he says that First Sword is equivalent to sergeant. Among these few, the following are the most noteworthy: Azoun I's war against the Shoon Imperium in the Year of the Leaping Hare (376 DR), the war against the Witch Lords in the Year of the Thirsty Sword (900 DR), Cormyr's participation in the Battle of the Bones in the Year of Slaughter (1090 DR), and Azoun IV's Crusade against the Tuigan Horde in the Year of the Turret (1360 DR). The title of Warden is entirely separate from any other military titles and positions the holder may have; for example, that Battlemaster Baron Thomdor is Warden of the Eastern Marches means he is empowered to enforce the civil laws within the Eastern Marches and that is an entirely separate responsibility from his post as commander of the Army of the East despite the fact he uses his army as an instrument to enforce these civil laws and regulations as well as provide for the military security of the region. Advanced Hippogriff I: The Dragoneer's mount is advanced by one hit die to 4HD according to the procedure in the Monster Manual. Greatgaunt: one infantry kadrath and one cavalry troop under command of the senior lionar of the two C.O. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Thunderstone is 100 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. Tilverton Garrison Bonus Mounted Combat Feat: At 5th and 9th level, the Dragoneer gains a feat of his choice with the Mounted Combat feat as a prerequisite. Although the oath was available to non-humans provided they are Cormyrean citizens, extra measures may have been imposed on non-humans to ensure their loyalty, due to the fact that Cormyr was predominantly human. The infantry form the backbone of Cormyr's land forces. 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment Since they are specifically trained for the mission of supporting volley fire, smaller units of archers are not particularly useful. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Tilverton is 962 soldiers. [VGtC,p.155: Army quartermasters are mentioned in the description of Alzael's Cleaver.]. Because of this, mounted cavalry are normally deployed in units no larger then squadrons. They are devoted to their chosen weapon to a significantly higher degree than other types of soldiers devote themselves to any single weapon. 1 archer battery Much of this work was done by royally chartered adventurers (who are generally more suited to the task anyway) or special units of the Purple Dragons (like the group in Thunderstone), while the Purple Dragons as a whole were the standing army that concentrated on the defense of the kingdom from more conventional threats. It presents indispensable information for any campaign played in the FORGOTTEN REALMS … A Warden is empowered to appoint and deputize lesser officers and crown servants to help him in enforcing said laws and regulations, and when a warden is also a military officer he will use the Purple Dragons in his command in this capacity. It is important to note the distinction between ranks and titles — they are not equivalent concepts. Version 1.2, Annotated This is not a resource to help you with a short adventure you’re planning to run. [The lord commander title as an annual appointment is mentioned in GTR,p.51. For this document, I'll take Ed's published info as the canon cite over his words in a FAQ or in other published works not written by him. Unlike the War Wizards who are a completely separate organization, the battlepriests are fully integrated into the Purple Dragons and are assigned among the various units. Local lords that are not also active Purple Dragons should only be able to give orders to the local militia or their own personal house men-at-arms. Still, the formal military hierarchy and the resulting military culture is deeply ingrained in the institution, and that culture will take more time to reform than simply the fighting tactics and practices. a dragon attack). [9], The Purple Dragons as an organization were originally a group of noble rebels led by King Duar "Longyears", striving for three years to retake Cormyr from the pirate lord Magrath the Minotaur and the traitors that had allied themselves with him. Feats: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack An enlisted person may be knighted for exhibiting great valor or honor, but such a knighting always comes with a commission as an officer. This oath is given when entering the service of the Crown.]. 1 light cavalry regiment Waymoot: 1 kadrath of infantry 1 squadron of light cavalry (under Rgt. Some may leave because their family needs them, they grow tired of rigid military discipline, or they feel the call of adventuring for their own profit. BtHR,p.77 mentions that Bren Tallsword is the Lord Commander of Castle Crag.]. Drillmasters are not assigned to archery batteries because one is already expected to be fully qualified with the longbow before enlisting. Note that my garrison strength is a bit more than 850, but I had to boost it a bit to get infantry, cavalry and archers all here. This is a special kadrath-sized unit that is stationed more or less permanently in Thunderstone just across the Thunderflow from the Hullack Forest. GTR,p.43 states that "more than 12,000 Purple Dragons are now garrisoned in major cities and fortifications", and C9410,p.55 repeats this. General officers are the field commanders of the Purple Dragons. Because of its name — the Royal Cavalry Regiment, its fame and its solitary status as the heaviest of Cormyr's cavalry it is often thought that it is the only cavalry regiment fielded by Cormyr, but this is not true. The Crown of Cormyr as of the first day of Mirtul in the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR) has at its disposal a variety or institutions that serve to defend the noble realm it rules. A garrison of one hundred Purple Dragons guards the pass to Sembia and occasionally has to rescue adventurers fleeing the forest with monsters on their tails. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the Dragoneer's opponent against either the Dragoneer or the hippogriff. HQ at Tilverton) The King may grant the title of Warden to anyone he wishes, but historically it is granted almost entirely to nobles with the only exceptions being non-nobles of exceptional ability to do the job. [1] The Purple Dragons were considered to be one of the strongest armies in the Realms, and were well renowned for their heroism and acts of valor in the field of combat. Cormyr: Land of the Purple Dragon is a staggeringly comprehensive sourcebook along the same style as the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, providing detailed lore, culture, and history of … The other flight characteristics remain average. The town has no lord, but the Purple Dragons enforce Cormyr… Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Castle Crag garrison This is the build Im working towards: This post will be reserved for a build overview, next post is character builder export. Cormyr … Some overswords and battlemasters are assigned to the headquarters in Suzail for the purpose of strategic planning or operational oversight. Because of the unique and elite nature of the Royal Cavalry Regiment, it is made up of men and women from all over Cormyr and is not made up mostly men from the same region as are most other regiments. Despite all of this, Ed Greenwood himself specifically creates his own Purple Dragon rank (First Sword) that is equivalent to sergeant in VGtC,p.234, and in the FR FAQ ( he also considers the rank of swordcaptain to be equivalent to sergeant. part of the Army of the East (1,700 men, less detachments) Lord Marliir was commissioned by the King for his loyalty and dedication to the Crown. 2015-08-10: The Trifling Treasures tool has been added to that section. The Purple Dragons and the War Wizards are ruthless in rooting out shadowy Netherese spies, but the machinations of disgruntled nobles provide constant fodder for intrigue. an officer) commanded them so I fit it in as best as I could. part of the Army of the Heartlands Quartermaster: the quartermaster is a vital duty that no large military formation can function without. [3], Nobles were actively expected to take the oath, and would generally be given positions of leadership. In the viewpoint of Cormyr's leadership, if the key characteristic of cavalry is mobility why burden them with all the weight thus reducing that advantage? Wingman Tactics (Ex): When teaming with another Airborne Dragoneer of having this ability, or when one unit of Dragoneers having a leader with this ability teams with another unit of similar size having a leader with this ability, in airborne combat against a single opponent, one of the two teams will always be flanking the opponent and receive all the combat benefits of flanking. To patrol the air, they use a flight of hippogriffs and the aid of a tower staffed by no less than nine war wizards. Swordcaptains may be given independent commands, typically patrols of company or lance size. They are usually assigned by regiment to garrisons across Cormyr then sent out in smaller units as patrols both to help keep the roads safe for travel and to keep an eye on travelers using the roads. If these patrols need to fight, they will do so on foot. [Several sources, including the Cormyr supplement, state that the Crown fields a force of 500 cavalry led by 30 knight-officers that are trained in both sword and bow. The Warden of the Port of Marsember is another example of this, as Lord Admiral Ayesunder Truesilver has the power to collect customs duties as well as enforce the civil laws of the port as well as the military authority of the garrison and fleet. All of the following are class features of the Purple Dragon Airborne Dragoneer prestige class. They are famous throughout Faerûn for their … Infantry are the footmen of the army. Description: In many ways, adventurers of Cormyr … Yeoman Bridge Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tyrluk: one company of infantry At the DM's option, the Marsembrian leather and light breastplate armor may be considered to have the same game statistics as a chain shirt.]. (See Thomas M. Costa's article Heroes of Cormyr, in Dragon #307, for more detail of the Battlepriest prestige class. ], The total Purple Dragon strength in Suzail is 4,420 soldiers, less the number detached to minor garrisons, outposts and wayposts. Military Orders are created only by the reigning monarch to honor and commemorate the veterans surviving, and the families of the honorably fallen, of a specific major war campaign. The King can knight anyone he wishes and knighting him will not make him a member of the Purple Dragons. There is currently only one order active within Cormyr. Each regiment will be composed of entirely one type of force. The Purple Dragons, or any other military force for that matter, don't develop that high degree of professionalism and discipline from just being a mob of armed men led by a few lords or knights; it comes from having an entire military culture in which the chain of command is made clear through hierarchical structure and military virtues are instilled through long-held traditions. Hippogriff Mount: The Dragoneer is issued a hippogriff mount during training having the standard attributes as listed in the Monster Manual, and this mount will respond to the Dragoneer's commands. Like any professional military organization, the Purple Dragons have a distinct organization of units and subunits. [FR12,p.61]. Mootpost: one squad of light infantry the Cormyte military, from the Purple Dragons to the local militia. The Royal Cavalry Regiment usually works together as a unit in more conventional set-piece functions when it deploys, but it rarely deploys under anyone except a royal. Because Marsember is generally considered the most prone to corruption of all Cormyrean cities, being the busiest port with the greatest foreign presence and a local lord (Ildool) already under suspicion, the five light infantry regiments assigned here are rotated out no less often than every few years, and sometimes more often. In ancient times, the Forest Country between the Thunder Peaks and Storm Horns mountain ranges was the domain of dragons, including "the" Purple Dragon, the mighty wyrm Thauglorimorgorus. Four or five patrols will be out at any given time. [VGtC,p.236 states that the rings are seldom worn by Purple Dragons below the rank of lionar.]. [5], The Lord High Marshall in 1374 DR, also known as the Warden of the North, was Lord Dauneth Marliir. Skull Crag Garrison His reformation has proved successful with the enemies Cormyr has faced recently, so that is how the modern Purple Dragons are trained to fight. The soldier may request a tract of land in a location of his choosing, or the Crown may suggest a location of its own preference. Smaller armies might be made up of just two or three regiments under the command of an oversword, while larger armies will be made up of many regiments under a battlemaster. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Wheloon garrison A nation ruled by a longstanding royal family, aided by the loyal Purple Dragons and vigilant War Wizards, Cormyr … The Monster Hunters think very highly of themselves to the man, to the point of thinking of themselves as above normal military discipline. The personnel who are assigned to these special units are generally considered the elite of the Purple Dragons. As the standing army, the Purple Dragons of the past largely trained in more conventional massed formations and "set-piece" battles, although it did not often have a chance to use them. Eveningstar: 1 company of light infantry currently commanded by Swordcaptain Flaergan Hondh (LG hm Ftr5). part of the Army of the East under Baron Thomdor [GTR,p.48] 1 light infantry regiment,,, Regimental Headquarters and 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment, King's Messengers (~ 45-48 men), not included in 4,420 total, Regimental Headquarters and 1 squadron of the 2nd Mounted Airborne Regiment, 1 light cavalry squadron (under the Rgt. Cormyr's light cavalry is most often used for scouting and patrol duties, while the one medium cavalry regiment — the Royal Cavalry Regiment — has a much more publicly prominent presence. [GTR,p.51 states that the soldiers in High Horn are lead by a 4th-level fighter for every 10 soldiers, which is essentially a first sword leading a squad (see TO&E for infantry).]. These privileges are usually cumulative, that is, promotion to a higher officer rank simply adds the additional privileges to what the officer already enjoys, rather than replacing them. 1 battalion of light infantry (under Rgt. This title is usually an officer or officer-equivalent (if the archers are militia or lord's men), but could also be applied to a senior enlisted person for a small force of archers. [There are regiments in Cormyr's army, because the term is used in the legend about the Tearflow stream in Gray Oaks (C9410,p.26).]. Those five were led by Duar and Amedahast, who also had a dwindling number of rank-and-file soldiers following them. [C9410: the inside cover claims there is no Purple Dragon garrison here (militia only), but VGtC,pp.152-153 mentions a detachment of unspecified size.] "], [DotD,p.224: "Even as they spoke, there were a hundred dragoneers approaching on hippogriffs, ready to meet the ghazneth in the air..." Due to this quote, I reorganized the mounted airborne so that one unit normally has close to a hundred men.]. The country also maintains a large, capable army, the Purple Dragons - not to be confused with Azoun IV, the king who was called the Purple Dragon, or the Purple Dragon Thauglor, long the largest and mightiest wyrm of the Dragon Reach. [Kadrathen are mentioned as collections of men in DotD,p.215 of hardcover (p.226 of ppb). If he is the commander of the Cormyrean Navy he cannot also be a Purple Dragon himself so he cannot have the rank of battlemaster, so this must be an example of a joint force command under a naval flag officer. The unit structure also is conducive to military discipline and morale of the soldiers. It is considered a great honor to be a unit's standard bearer because the standard is the symbol of the unit itself, and some say it is even the heart and soul of a unit. Such an important responsibility would seem to justify an officer rank, and does in many other militaries, but it is a long-held tradition in the Purple Dragons to assign this task to a senior swordmajor of many years of service so that the officers can concentrate on more combat-oriented matters. Two companies or troops fall into this range. [citation needed], The group consisted of Elvarin Crownsilver, Glorin Truesilver, Omalra Dracohorn, Dintheron Bleth, and Jotor Turcassan (the only Turcassan to remain loyal to the king). The title of Warden is mentioned here because the majority of the holders of this title happen to also be military general officers. part of the Army of the East under Baron Thomdor The group of general officers is an exclusive club; one must be a constal and of noble standing before the king will promote one to the rank of oversword. Alignment: Any nonevil and nonchaotic Units of the Purple Dragons and their Deployments. This fits in well with the old British regimental system, which I've adapted for Cormyr.]. Objection: most are veteran officers, meaning only a couple are enlisted? Battlefield titles are entirely dependent on the circumstances of the moment and are never fixed or specifically bestowed upon any soldier on a permanent basis, while administrative positions are appointed by the Crown. This means that units of archers generally do not get assigned independent missions and are attached to other units (usually infantry) to support them. VGtC,p.236 states that a lionar is equivalent to an 20th-century Earth major and that Purple Dragon Rings are seldom worn by Purple Dragons below the rank of lionar, and BtHR,p90 tells that Tanalasta's bodyguard is led by a lionar (a position of considerable responsibility) and p.257 speaks of a "grizzled" lionar. [VGtC,p.184: an outpost halfway between Halfhap and Tilverton. Knights are often seen as noble warriors, as soldiers in the service of the King. High Horn is in the high mountains, specifically the highest point in the Dragonjaw line of peaks (VGtC,p.206). Immersea: one company of infantry They represent what a unit should have, in and of itself, when it is fully manned and supplied. Only light infantry regiments are assigned to Marsember because of the nature of the duty here. Higher ranks of commissioned officer will have higher average levels than lower ranked officers, and may likely have levels in prestige classes such as Purple Dragon Knight as well. The Army of the East is commanded by Battlemaster Baron Thomdor, which is made up of detachments in Arabel, Castle Crag, Halfhap, Tilverton and their supporting minor garrisons. To enforce the royal word, Cormyr maintains a large standing army, which has increased dramatically in the last decade. Perhaps the most basic of these privileges is pay. Everyone in Cormyr is familiar with these patrols, but because these cavalrymen aren't normally seen in regimental formation the common people don't usually think of these men as being part of a regiment. Company Swordmajor: this position is filled by an experienced soldier with the rank of swordmajor. [3], Training could take one of three paths, including basic combat training, leadership training, or training in the protection of key personnel, often War Wizards. This pay is often used by a retiring solder to help equip him for his new civilian livelihood, although those less wise may squander some or all of it. The two NCO ranks are by definition more experienced and will usually have correspondingly higher class levels. So for now I will let the Hullack Venomeers lie. That the lord commander has a herald is mentioned in C9410,p.26. ], [VGtC,p.208: over half of this fortified village of over 2,000 folk are Purple Dragons. Calantar's Bridge waypost: 1 squad of infantry. Each and every member of the Purple Dragons has is given a specific rank that determines his relative authority and leadership ability within the Purple Dragon hierarchy. In game terms, all members of the Purple Dragons will have Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores of at least 12 and the training they receive will give them at least one level of Fighter, although some Purple Dragons may be multi-classed and/or have levels in prestige classes. All promotions of general officers are done directly by the King himself; the Lord High Marshal may as needed give brevet (temporary) promotions but these must be confirmed by the King before they are permanent. soldiers are equipped as standard medium cavalry. No person in any military hierarchy can have more than one commanding officer. VGtC,p.195 states a typical patrol consists of 40 seasoned warriors commanded by a veteran officer, all riding medium war horses, wear field plate, and wield lances, maces, etc., are accompanies by 1-3 war wizards and 10-20 archers but mentions this separately from the street patrol so they must patrol outside the city. The King's Messengers are a special unit composed entirely of the best and most trusted of the Royal Scouts. These Purple Dragons have hippogriff steeds,"], [FFC,pp.97,101: The hippogriff steeds of the Purple Dragons in Halfhap are mentioned on these pages as well. There is some indication that the arrowmaster in this particular case might be an enlisted man rather than an officer — a swordlord calls him 'soldier' — but I find it unlikely that the leader of a large number of men (even archers) would generally be an enlisted man.]. Marsember Garrison The local militias will be mostly warriors, as most of them will the men-at-arms who serve noble houses unless the noble expends the money to train them. [BtHR,p.68 mentions mustering-out pay and the alternative of being granted land to work.]. Minor garrisons or detachments supported out of the Suzail Garrison: While there is no strict correlation between class levels and military rank, I personally find it difficult to believe that an oversword, especially one commanding a special unit experienced in fighting monsters, would be so low a level. The body of enlisted men are entirely commoners, and of these most of them will spend their entire careers as blades — common soldiers. Maestoon is responsible for the health of the forest and the game within and has the power to enforce the King's regulations on logging and hunting and employs many foresters, rangers and guides to help him, but he has no responsibility for military security nor does he have any military forces under his command. Once a vacancy occurs for a swordcaptain, a head of a noble house can often make a deal with another noble who is a senior officer to sponsor a commission for a young scion. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. This is 14 men total. The following were the rates of pay as of the first day of Mirtul in the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR). Regimental Headquarters and 1 squadron of the 1st Mounted Airborne Regiment In the latter role, they can be found anywhere in the Dragonreach and along the Dragon coast. The ring is limited to one use per day to make them more inexpensive to make under the theory that if a rider fell from his mount for whatever reason he would not have time to report back to his unit and get another mount before the battle would be over. The third army, the Army of the Heartlands, is made up of the Suzail, Marsember, Arabel (except for those regiments in the Army of the East), Waymoot and Wheloon garrisons and their supporting minor garrisons. 40 men does not mesh well with the force structure I've developed, so perhaps Volo miscounted or didn't see everyone.] It's a land of classic fantasy, where until recently a strong … The aide helps the general officer with administrative duties, often handling lesser details for the general officer. The other soldiers in their squads and companies, and by extension the regiment itself, become a second family to them that they are loyal to. In game terms, there is an extra prerequisite for a character to take a level in this prestige class — he must first be dubbed a Purple Dragon Knight by the King. They could fight with any melee weapon but most often were armed with long swords. Ghars: 1 kadrath of infantry plus battalion headquarters Azoun also established a number of Hostels of the Golden Way, where the families of those fallen who present the medal of the Order can get needed assistance. They command units in the field, devise strategies and plans, and issue orders to the commissioned officers to carry them out. ), [Emperel Ruousk, an agent of the Crown depicted in BtHR, would be an example of a Royal Scout. The Purple Dragons also use more general titles to refer to various leadership positions on the field of battle and in administration. Elves who … Each of the three companies of men can be given a number of men up to a size of an entire kadrath to train, so a kadrath with a full complement of trainees will have four times the normal size, which is more than a standard battalion. Special: Membership in the Purple Dragons and two months of training (game world time, of course). Purple Dragon Knights and the city of Suzail! The commissioned officers are those who personally lead the men in the field. 1 archer battery First swords are usually at least 4th level, while swordmajors are typically at least 7th level. In more set-piece battles, light infantry will often protect the flanks and rear areas of heavier units or groups of archers, maneuver to harry the enemy and prod them to move into ground of the commanding officer's choosing, and can even be used as irregular archers at need if enough trained archers are not available. Back One King of Cormyr, “The Purple Dragon” Friend of the COB. These archers are specifically trained for two missions: to provide supporting volley fire en masse to large armies in the field (as opposed to more individual arrowshot that is usually provided by light infantry or cavalry), and to provide defense from attacks coming from the air (e.g. HQ at Skull Crag), 1 battalion of light infantry (under Rgt. Many soldiers who originally came from a farming background select this option and return to their roots. Normally, the quartermaster will hire on (at crown expense of course) a number of civilian drovers, armorers, weaponsmiths, blacksmiths, wagonwrights, canvas-sewers and so forth to provide the need for such skills that any large military unit requires. Since that time, Cormyr grew by absorbing the realms of Esparin and Orva[citation needed] and claiming the Stonelands as its own.Some time between 376 DR and 432 DR, Cormyr was invad… Purple Dragons x 2 Sarrukh x 1 Shadovar x 2 Six Splendid Swords x 2 Solar x 1 Soultrapped x 9 Sphinx x 1 Thri-Kreen x 1 Todd x 4 Undead x 1 Weaver x 1 undead x 1 zhentarim x 1 PLAYER … This first post will need updating, but basically its a pure spellsinger bard with 19 pts spend in PDK Tree for For Cormyr… 1 light infantry regiment The army normally garrisons the cities and towns around Cormyr and patrols the roads to defend the land and people. Lancelord: A lancelord is simply the seniormost cavalry officer within tactically effective communication range (within range of guidon signals or at most a few minutes gallop of a messenger), and may be any commissioned officer but is usually at least a lionar.

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