This tag refers to applications of the Smooth Streaming Client SDK from Microsoft, which enables to build rich client experiences that take full advantage of both on-demand and live Smooth Streaming … On the Live Smooth Streaming Publishing Points page, in the Actions pane, click Add. Clicking the Apply button automatically updates the Output Format, Video, and Audio settings on the Encode tab with the values used by the selected preset. For many popular live web broadcasts, content providers and content distribution networks (CDNs) want to know how much capacity they can dedicate on their resource-constrained streaming networks. By using their primary HTTP networks, which are typically 10-to-20-times larger than their streaming networks, they don't have to worry about maximizing network capacity and limiting the number of users for live events. Protected Envivio - Dash - Clear Super Speedway - IIS - Smooth - 720p - H264 - Clear Super Speedway - AMS - Smooth - 720p - H264 - Clear Super Speedway - IIS - Smooth … .m3u8 manifest parser and chunk downloader (video will not be decoded or rendered). Akamai’s JW stream provider for JWPlayer’s flash player. Enter your server IP address in Server, the application name in Application, and the streaming asset in Stream.Then click the tab for the stream format you want to use and click Start to … Before proceeding, be sure to check out the following walkthrough article for more information about the requirements and publishing point configuration for Apple HTTP Live Smooth Streaming: Apple HTTP Live Streaming with IIS Media Services . This section describes how to create a Live Smooth Streaming broadcast in Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 and push it to the Live Smooth Streaming publishing point that you configured in the previous section. Live Smooth Streaming enables adaptive streaming of live events to Smooth Streaming-compatible clients, such as Microsoft Silverlight. Just select podcast or live radio at the top of every page here at and hit the play button to listen – simple! To provide protected content to Apple devices, you can configure the Live Smooth Streaming publishing point to encrypt the content by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 128-bit key. Using HTTP to deliver a live web broadcast leverages the scale of … Listen online to the internet radio of Smooth Radio live here, on UK Radio Live! The IIS Live Smooth Streaming extension for Internet Information Services (IIS) allows you to set up a web server as a Live Smooth Streaming server that delivers compelling, uninterrupted live video streams that instantly adjust quality (bitrate) to match changing network and CPU conditions at the client. DRM Type. So I am not touching theoretical concept behind smooth streaming … Load Settings. Video Test Players. To copy the sample player files to your web server in order to extract them at a later time, click Save, and then open the file from the saved location. For more information about how to build rich Silverlight user experiences that take full advantage of live and on-demand IIS Smooth Streaming capabilities, see Smooth Streaming Client. HDCore’s HDN1.0 component for older, non-chunked HTTP streaming. For complete instructions, see the Readme file (Smooth Streaming Player-ReadMe.doc). To help you determine which encoding solution is best-suited for your Smooth Streaming configuration, see our list of encoding partners. There are very good documentation available on IIS official site to have a better understanding of smooth streaming. For example: Open the temporary desktop folder, review the terms in the End User License Agreement (EULA) file, and then right-click the zipped folder and click Extract All to extract the sample player files. Here are some Smooth Streaming and PIFF assets for testing. For the example Live Smooth Streaming publishing point that we created in the previous section, the URL would be: http://IISMedia-Server/LiveSmoothStream.isml. Using HTTP to deliver a live web broadcast leverages the scale of existing HTTP networks by keeping content close to the user and making true HD (720p+) a realistic option for web broadcasts. In this example and throughout the rest of this walkthrough, we'll use the file name LiveSmoothStream. The Live Smooth Streaming broadcast opens in the web browser, using the Silverlight browser plug-in for Live Smooth Streaming. A Live Smooth Streaming server sources content from Live Smooth Streaming-capable encoders for delivery to Smooth-Streaming compatible clients. The IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit allows you to build rich Smooth Streaming experiences for both on-demand and live Smooth Streaming. You can also view details about the tracks within all of the live streams, and stream origin and destination information, in the Publishing Point Details page. Smooth Streaming is the productized version of technology first used by Microsoft to deliver on-demand video of the 2008 Summer Olympics for

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