1. Love is a hunter boy') described as "often refuted"; and in those days "refuted" still meant "disproven". Guitar and Harmonica: Stop The Cavalry (Including lyrics and chords) Guitar: Dublin Minstrel (The) (Including lyrics and chords) A post from one of my friends from Moniaive in Scotland, (Maggie MacBean), drew my attention to this song which must have passed me by in my younger days as I do not recall it and I loved Nancy Sinatra. Autoharp: Mary's Boychild (Including lyrics and chords) Guitar: When I Was A Little Boy (Including lyrics and chords) Guitar: Streams of Lovely Nancy (The) (Including lyrics and chords) Scraps was first performed at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, London in 1976. One of the ladies in the audience at the sheltered accommodation complex at which I entertain along with friends gave me a book called 101 Pub Favourites for Buskers and it was in that book I found the song which I remember hearing on the radio in my younger days. The chords provided are my interpretation and their accuracy is not guaranteed. This song from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others is what might be described as "a tall tale", or more correctly "a lot of tall tales". This song comes from the Penguin Book of English Folks Songs collected by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and was sung by Mrs Vaisey, Hampshire and collected in 1892. It is a self-penned song which I wrote nearly 50 years ago as a three verse carol. 2fr. Then, mad with desperation, I swore I'd pierce his breast, Their unique musical style presaged the rhythm and blues and rock and roll musical genres, and the subgenre doo-wop. Guitar: Right Said Fred (Including lyrics and chords) (HL.3779090). Found in Scotland as John Grumlie, and as The Wife of Auchtermuchty, which first appears in the Bannatyne MS (1568) as The Wyf of Auchtirmuchty. 2. Updated lyrics, chords on all rows. Another song from the BBC programme "Singing Together", Farewell to Tarwathie" was published in the Spring 1986 edition simply as being from Scotland. Texas, Our Texas! Notes: My song from the BBC programme "Singing Together" today is "Father Grumble". The song is "Farewell My Own True Love" and the only information that came with the pamphlet is that it is an American song. This song was requested by "125cc cruise'in". Play it faster and its close relationship to Rosin the Beau becomes clear. "On Monday Morning" is another song from the Penguin Book of English Folk songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others. As with most of the songs from the "Singing Together" pamphlets, I have made my own chord progression for my interpretation of the song. Written by Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce, it was performed by The Monkees. A slightly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend, Ken Shuttlesworth for whom I have attempted this song. The Farmyard, or The Merry Green Fields was noted by Cecil Sharp from Eliza Gardey, aged 74, at Marylebone Workhouse, London, on 22 October 1908 (Sharp MSS ref. It was recorded by the Dixon Brothers in 1937 and released in 1938. 985. The footnotes in the publication read: Guitar: Green Mountaineer (The) (Including lyrics and chords) DRINK UP! Southern Music Company #V19. Words by Harry Lester, Charles Waugh & Ed Brown. Published by Southern Music Company . / all ha Think about helping others who are less fortunate and find ways to help them get through this period of uncertainty. 1 of 18. They took their name from the 1984 Wim Wenders movie Paris, Texas. (The chord I am playing at the start of the intro which I am calling Bm7 is the same shape as Am7 moved up two frets but only picking strings 6, 4, 3 and 2 to a count of 1, 2, 3 &, 4 &, picking string 6 on #1, 3 on #2, 2 on #3, 4 on &, 3 on #4, 2 on &, repeated four times. - Yalp The band's music was initially supervised by record producer Don Kirshner, backed by the songwriting duo of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. It has been set to many tunes, this one being the one shown in the BBC programme "Singing Together" summer 1951 pamphlet. I uploaded a 12-string version nearly a year ago which was quite well received with the following information: Written by Daniel Lanois and Rocco DeLuca, and performed by Lanois it is the soundtrack for a video game, "Red Redemption 2". What do you pick? The ballad has clearly an Irish origin, what air is used in Ireland I am unable to say. Another song from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others, "The Old Man from Lee" is attributed as: "Sung by unnamed singer, Coggeshall, Essex (G. E. McC n.d.) The question will probably never be settled to everyone's satisfaction, barring discovery of an early broadside print or the like. All hail the mighty State! There Henry Hawken, sexton at Mickalstow, hard by, acquired it, and from him the first melody was taken down as well as by the Rev. (P. G. 1906). Number 745 in the Roud Folk Song Index, though it seems likely that the songs listed under 887 also belong with it. a i sing songs about texas d a e sing them often as if she was some old lover i used to know a d a wish i could follow them back to the homeland every time e a i hear one on my radio twin fiddles playing in my memory my daddy sang the wonders of old cow town silver hair and he's still there under a sky so warm and fair i tell you friends there's a song in every town. Southern Music. Written by Tommy Sands, this song was recorded by The Dubliners and appears on their album "40 Years", though in their version they sing: "Sailing out of Dublin in the morning ..." where Sands wrote: "Sailing out of Belfast in the morning ..." which is what I sing. And the ballad winds up - Southern Music. The words are on Broadsheets by Such, Fortey, Bar of Leeds, etc. The book states the following to be the source of the song: Sung by Mrs. Requested by subscriber "Spiritof Seventysix", "Affair on Eighth Avenue" is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot. Guitar: Ye Mar'ners All (Including lyrics and chords) Baring-Gould Notes: As with all the songs in this book, I have devised my own chord progression for my accompaniment. I have chosen to try it out on my autoharp and have made up my own chord progression for the song. Last updated on 09.30.2014 The following article about the song comes from Wikipedia: With thouhts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo. As with all the songs from this book, the music score was printed, but the chord progression is of my own devising. I had not heard it before getting Ken's request, but it has been recorded by Bing Crosby and more recently by "The Irish Rovers" and it is on their version I have based my own interpretation, though I have not attempted to put in their instrumental break. I may have uploaded this song before, but this is the version printed in the BBC programme "Singing Together" and had the following footnote: 1. Folk Tunes 1984). As luck would have it, I own that book and on searching for and finding it, I was able to write out the score using MuseScore3 and listen to the melody. The lyrics, however are so similar, I had difficulty stopping myself from slipping into the other ones as I was singing this one. Buy fully licensed online digital, transposable, printable sheet music Guitar: The Farmyard (Including lyrics and chords) 1. "Christmas in Killarney" is a request from my American friend, Ken Shuttlesworth. From The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, "The Streams of Lovely Nancy" was collected in 1905 and according to the header in the book, it was "Sung by George Dowden, Lockington, Dorset (H. E. D. H. 1905) It is another song with a familiar theme where a young man leaves the country to fight in a foreign war forsaking his girl who then wants to follow him and is even willing to disguise herself as a man and join up to be with him. There are no early collections of the song, and some have judged the language inappropriate for the early seventeenth century. Guitar: Farewell to Tarwathie (Including lyrics and chords) The header for this one states: 'Sung by S. Gregory, Beaminster, Dorset (H. E. D. H. 1906. I liked it so much that on waking this morning, I immediately set to to play and record it. As of the 1980s, this song was still sung before classes in some schools, along with the pledge to the American and Texas flags, but with "boldest" instead of "largest." The only other alternative I've seen is a suggestion that the song was written during the Boer War (1899-1902) as some sort of parody on the Churchills. Texas - Dry your eyes. Some of his most well-known songs are "How Great Is Our God," "Jesus Messiah," and "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)." Autoharp: Where the River Shannon Flows (Including lyrics and chords) In the booklet, this is simply listed as 'Irish Folk Tune', and no information is given about the lyrics. The chord progression is of my own devising. According to the header in the book, it was: "Sung by Mrs. Russell, Upway, Dorset (H. E. D. H1907). I have covered this song some time ago, but not using the autoharp, so here is my latest version which also happens to fit in with Jan's challenge for Christmas themed songs for the UK Autoharpers on their Facebook page. Hammond Sm.30; collected from Mrs Gulliver, Combe Florey, Somerset. o Texas, Our Texas BLOCK (Key of C) • Block out hand moves Absorb • Play C Major Scale • Play RH Chords for each Bass • Play RH Chords along with Bass (Comp Style) Vertical • 4/4 time – watch Dotted Quarter Notes Step 4. A great many people have sought to invest the "foggy dew" with some sort of symbolism. My song from the BBC programme "Singing Together" today is "The Foggy Dew". Little Texas tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including what might have been, god blessed texas, amys back in austin, kiss the girl, southern grace Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev'ry test O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest. This one comes from the BBC programme, "Singing Together". It appears to be an earlier version of a song "An Old Man Came Courting Me" and may have been the inspiration for that one. It sets our hearts aglow. I had to be closer to my camera than usual to see the lyrics on my computer screen, not realising that the camera would follow my body movements thus giving the impression that my room is rocking with me. Richard liked the song, but changed the lyrics to reflect a more religious theme (which the writers accepted). Indicating verse/chorus etc. This one is the first song in the Teacher's Book of 50 songs arranged by Douglas Coombes and published in 1973. 2012 July 1st, The Cronk Illiam Scratchers in Ramsey park, Isle of Man, The Cronk Iliam Scratchers at a Hooley in the Barn, Busking with my mate Max on Douglas North Quay, summer 2011, An open mic night at the Queen's Hotel, Douglas in the Isle of Man. Guitar: Banks of Sweet Primroses (Including lyrics and chords) Miss Broadwood, I'm sure, owned at least one of the former and knew a fair bit about the latter; but we all make silly mistakes at times, and this was one of hers. Playing the chorus, I experimented a little with the chord change from C to D by simply sliding the C chord shape up two frets. Autoharp: The Landlord's Wife (Including lyrics and chords) - RBW, Guitar: Sailor in the North Country (Including lyric) You're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring one album with you. Choose and determine which version of Our Freedom chords and Guitar tabs by Texas In July you can play. In some versions of the ballad Willie does not die - as is implied by by the final lines of the sixth stanza of this text - but is reunited with Mary in the concluding verses. Maxwell MacLeod What's the biggest audience you ever performed to? all hail the mighty State! (C. J. S. 1904) Texas State Song Related Links State Symbols | State Flag | Flag Pledge The state song is "Texas, Our Texas" by William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. Are you a musician? So wonderful so great! The chords are of my own devising. Back in 1981, I paired up with a friend singing folk songs. My song today from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others is "Six Dukes Went A-fishing" which according to the header was "sung by George Gouldthorpe, Brigg, Lincs. Dubliners; Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem; Ian Campbell Folk Group; Liverpool Spinners; Tom Paxton and other folk musicians. The music was originally written in 1924 the music was composed by William J. Marsh of Fort Worth, and the lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. It sounds OK on higher quality players, e.g. In Our Lifetime (live) chords by Texas. In a discussion thread in Joe Offer's collection of these songs, the following appears: Older songs, such as "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and "Dixie", were also considered but ultimately it was decided a new song should be composed. Guitar: Father Grumble (Including lyrics and chords) This is a song that passed me by as a younger man but which I have now recorded having been directed to it by subscriber "Jack Carter". Wikipedia has the following about the group: Apr 20, 2014 - Digital Sheet Music for Texas, Our Texas by William J. Marsh scored for Piano/Vocal/Chords; id:286076. I hope this gives a better sound quality. Guitar: Trees They Grow So High (The) (Including lyrics and chords) Lyrics to "Texas Our Texas" on Lyrics.com. 4. The song "Zoe Jane" was written by Aaron Lewis of the band "Staind" for his daughter. Initially a stand-alone single, the song was included on Lewie's album Heart Skips a Beat which was released nearly two years later. Autoharp: Waterbound (Including lyrics and chords) Guitar: It’s All Over but The Crying (Including lyrics and chords) Does this date the song to the seventeenth century? Guitar: Timothy Winters (Including lyrics and chords) I found this one in the song book, "The Jolly Herring" and slightly simplified the chord progression they suggested to accompany it. It tells the same story as the one I am more familiar with, but has a different tune and lyrics. The caption says "Irish Tune, Words by Barbara Kluge". Guitar: Gloucester Feast Song (Including lyrics and chords) The following footnote accompanies the song: Guitar: You'll Never Know (Including lyrics and chords) As I am still having difficulty with my home Wi-Fi, I am again working from a local coffee shop where they have free Wi-Fi. As with all the songs from this book, I have made up my own chord progression. All you need to play 16 Texas songs! She adapted Sigismund's words for her choir. This variant was published with the following footnotes: The following appears in Joe Offer's printout: Digital Sheet Music for Texas, Our Texas by William J. Marsh scored for Piano/Vocal/Chords; id:286076. Texas Tabs and Chords @ Top Songs : Say What You Want, Black Eyed Boy, The Conversation, Detroit City, So Called Friend // page 1 Texas : 345 tabs total @ Tabstabs.com - tablature and chords … Flannagan regularly performed it along with his singing partner, Chesney Allen. This is not due to any defect in the song itself, but its precise parallels to "Waltzing Matilda," which has made the history of the song rather a fetish for Australians. Lloyd right! "Half the lies he tells aren't true!" Autoharp: The Lord Christ is Born (Including lyrics and chords) chords Careful what you wish for ver. Texas - Detroit city . The camera I used to record this video does not give good reproduction when recording close up apparently. For this video, I created a piano accompaniment using MuseScore3 over which I played and strummed my guitar and sang while that was playing. Fuinary The message of the song, think more of others than yourself I feel is particularly apt for the present worrying times, especially for those of us who are lucky enough to be fit and well and able to look after ourselves. Another "Sailor song" from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams, "A Sailor's Life" was, according to the header in the book: "Sung by Henry Hills, Lodsworth, Sussex (W. P. M. 1899). Requested by my friend from America, Ken Shuttlesworth, "Where the River Shannon Flows" was written in 1905 by James L Russell and was first recorded by Harry Macdonough in 1906. Notes: An American derivative of the old Scottish "John Grumble" (Kittredge[1913]). Broadwood, L, 1893, English County Songs, London, Leadenhall Press 1. I received a request for this song, aka The Bold Fusilier, yesterday morning from subscriber "Grimmbart". Two melodies have been noted down to this ballad, one from Matthew Baker, the old cripple on Lew Down, the other from Samuel Fone. Guitar: Texas, Our Texas (Including lyrics and chords) Requested by subscriber "Mike Smith", this is the State Song for Texas as Wikipedia explains: "Texas, Our Texas" is the official state song of Texas. In part II, her brothers come to find her and she returns to her gipsy life leaving behind all the riches and comfort of the earl's home. Although I am Manx, born and bred, sadly we were never taught our own language at school, and I have never found the time to try to learn it in later life, so I sang only the English translation. 1. The song peaked at number three in the UK Singles Chart in December 1980, at one point only being kept from number one by two re-issued songs by John Lennon, who had been murdered on 8 December that year. on my Smart TV, but not so on smaller equipment such as laptops or mobile phones. Guitar: The King Will Take the Queen (Including lyrics and chords) "Flora, Lily of the West" is another song from the BBC programme "Singing Together" and has the following footnotes in the pamphlet: Americana. As this song only has three verses, I chose to repeat the first verse at the end to lengthen it. What was the first concert you ever went to? The group performed on many international tours under the name Obernkirchen Children's Choir and recorded several albums. D. 2. "The earliest English version of this delightful piece is a street ballad issued in the reign of James II (1685-88) under the title of John's Earnest Request; Or, Betty's Compassionate Love extended to him in a time of distress." It is very reminiscent of two songs I have uploaded, "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" and "Yarmouth Town". My first recording of it was one of my earliest when I was using a cheap webcam which had a poor microphone which caused a lot of annoying interference spoiling the quality of the sound. your freeborn single star, Sends out its radiance to nations near and far, Emblem of Freedom! The lyrics put me in mind of another song of extreme exaggeration, namely "The Derby Ram" Notes: Guitar: Flora, Lily of the West (Including lyrics and chords) "The Ploughman" is another song from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others. Official state song of Texas. "Stop the Cavalry" is a song written and performed by the English musician Jona Lewie, released in 1980. D9 A7/6 And now David's back in Spartanburg, D9 B7#9 E9 and ol' Champ is out on the farm, A7/6 E9 A7/6 E9 and Uncle Walt is home with Heidi, B7#9 E9 A7/6 E9 hiding in her lovin'. W.J. This is another request from my friend Ken Shuttlesworth for his birthday last week. Notes: Last edit on Feb 19, 2017. In the Penguin book's explanation of where the song was collected it states: I thought this song covers all bases so to speak as I love singing, playing the autoharp and the camera I filmed this on is the one I use to take photographs on my walks. Format : Octavo (Choral Music/Octavo Secular Sab). According to the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others, "T'owd Yowe Wi' One Horn" was sung by Dean Robinson, Scawby Brook, Lincs. Notes: I have been having problems connecting to the internet for over a week now. Autoharp: Send Me A Peach (Including lyrics and chords) This is another song I found in a book called "101 Pub Favourites for Buskers". Texas, Our Texas SORRY, THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT Lead time before shipment : 24 hours - In Stock. In verse 7, the word "helves" is a dialect word from north Cornwall used to describe the alarmed lowing of cattle, (as when a cow is separated from her calf); a desperate, pleading note. Lewie had said that royalties received from the song account for 50 per cent of his income stream. "Farewell to Fiunary" was published in the Autumn 1971 pamphlet and in the footnotes it states: Texas made their performing debut in March 1988 at the University of Dundee. Source: The Foggy Dew, Ed Frank Purslow, 1973 The song's promotional video is set in the trenches of the First World War. The currency of this song in oral tradition is rather open to debate. More recently I have been trying to play mandolin and also ocarina. In 1953, a BBC radio broadcast of the choir's winning performance at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod turned the song into an instant hit. Americana. I uploaded another version of this song under the title "John Barleycorn Must Die" some time ago. The Fox (Including lyrics and chords) I have had a number of requests from "mene cmt57" for songs I have been unable to play, so I am pleased to be able to fulfil his request for me to do a 6-string version of this song. Sung by Kate Stubblefield, Crane, Mo., May 7, 1928 2. Mother of heroes! Ironically, the success of the show led to the actor-musicians becoming one of the most successful bands of the 1960s. Jan's challenge for July is for songs about our hobbies. chords Detroit city ver. The work is often mistaken for a German folk song, but it is an original composition. Tearmann, Irish for Termon, a village near Gartan in Donegal. Guitar: Texas, Our Texas (Including lyrics and chords) Requested by subscriber "Mike Smith", this is the State Song for Texas as Wikipedia explains: "Texas, Our Texas" is the official state song of Texas. At the request of subscriber "Athul08", I have done a newer version of this classic Liverpool folk song. The English broadside version of this song is known as "Undaunted Mary" and it is published in several popular songbooks. For my attempt at the song, having no female partner to sing it with, I have sung the male part in as low a register as I can manage, then sung the female part an octave higher. As with all the songs from this book, the score was printed, but not the chords, so I have devised my own accompaniment. God Bless you, Texas And keep you brave and strong That you may grow in power and worth Throughout the ages long. 1. "Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor" is another song from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and others. Sung at Frocester about 1840. "These words, attributed to my great grand father are a poor bastardization of his originals. Guitar: Ratcliffe Highway (Including lyrics and chords) Lock, Muchelney Ham, Somerset (C. J. S. 1904) Published by Southern Music Company Source: Randolph, V, 1982. Another old favourite, but now sung mostly around the folk clubs; traditional versions are hard to come by these days. it set our hearts aglow, With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo. Something of a loose song family which also includes Old MacDonald and a stage song of 1706, In the Fields in Frost and Snows which appears in D'Urfey, Pills to Purge Melancholy (1719-1720, II, 214-16: from Thomas D'Urfey and William Worthen Appleton, Wonders in the sun; or, The kingdom of the birds: London, 1706). 1. Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! The header for this one reads: Sung by "Sung by Mrs Lucy Durston, Bridgwater, Som. Guitar: Love Is All Around (Including lyrics and chords) By Marsh, William J.. 0. Messed about with a harmonica from the age of 13. Notes: in the early eighteen fifties". The writers wanted a song that sounded like a Christmas carol, intending it to be sung ironically while the little matchgirl is kicked out into the snow by the unfeeling middle classes. (Chorus) Texas, Our Texas! The following are from the footnotes to the song in the pamphlet: The Monkees are an American rock and pop band originally active between 1966 and 1971, with reunion albums and tours in the decades that followed. Guitar: Jack the Jolly Tar (Including lyrics and chords) Performance part. My song today from the BBC programme "Singing Together" is a very familiar story in folk music with various twists at the end. Guitar: Diggin' up Bones (Including lyrics and chords) Grade 2. Another request from my young friend from America, Ken Shuttlesworth, Never My Love was written by Don and Dick Addrisi, band members of The Association. Autoharp: Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Including lyrics and chords) Wyon, vicar of St Issey, in 1889. With all due respect to A.L. Autoharp: Mistletoe and Wine (Including lyrics and chords) Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. The present tune was composed by Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller shortly after World War II. As with most of the songs from this collection that I have attempted, I have made my own chord progression for it.

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