At the same pace, the young girl glared towards the sky and clapped her hands towards the existences circling around in the blue, cloudless sky. anyway thanks a lot! Priscilla: “Even should this world come to meet its end, mineself will guarantee thy survival until the very last.”, Liliana: “To live on with confidence even should the world be completely destroyed! Priscilla-sama and Schult stood behind the back of my figure with the lu-lyre. For a bard, a long stay, a leisurely stroll through the city was happiness. Look only at this lovely lady. spoiler. Liliana: “Why, why am I untouched? Priscilla-sama then unexpectedly and unhesitatingly, sat on the edge of the park’s fountain with leisure. Worshipping mine beauty is human nature, but understand time and place and your own position. Please check our other videos and music on spotify, itunes, etc. Although there were many more words that should have been said, merely being able to survey you from all angles was enough. That was so, but was it really fine like this? Ley: “We already pro~perly know, that nee-sama is more amazing, you see~.”. The connection between the origin of this sweet ache in his chest, and the young girl looking down towards him was deep. It was famously known that Onis who lost their horns lost their bodily control, though it was unclear how much anguish it entailed. One after another, being knocked over, rolling over like dominos. Jokes aside, I'm here for quite a serious discussion, regarding our translations. The sense of violation was keen. ーーStrength was a mix of weight and velocity. Nice Chapter though the translation is a bit shotty. He took a deep inhale, with a cloth covering his mouth protecting him from swallowing the sand. Have you gotten angry? Return to your senses, then show me a frenzy! Although energetically saying words about being a songstress, naming myself in this manner was truly embarrassing! Subaru: The witch cult will attack the square that we’re heading to, and we have to stop their wickedness. Subaru: “Rather than a fight of my own, this, is a fight of my wonderful comrades!”, Meili: “Is this really the situation to say tha~t!? Fragrant, rich, it was the scent of highly pure rage. thanks!! I like this chapter. ], Volcanica: [ーーI, am Volcanica. A pure smile without hostility, something like this, somehow felt cute. Including things like disrupting the wavelength of the Conversation Mirror. Watergate City Pristella, was certainly a place worth touring. Natsuki Subaru’s battles were a series of continued tightrope walks. Priscilla: “First of all is you. Your email address will not be published. With the ripening of the greatest, supreme, premier flavour, to simply whom should he express his delight for being witness to the moment the rich aroma arose, he did not know. A broadcast every morning had become commonplace, Watergate City Pristella contained a large watergate, so it was a place with high attention to safety. But even if that were to be the case, it might’ve been much worse than simply being angered. [Novels] Question about the web novel translations for Witch cult and Chicken for Arc 4. They have previously completed translating all of Arc 5 from where Summary Anon left off. The reason that Priscilla-sama had gone out of her way to take a winding path — was to avoid any discordant ones. Al is fine either way, it doesn’t matter what becomes of that fool. I’ll tackle it!”, Emilia: “I don’t know how tough a『Trial』it will be…… but, I ask of you to hurry! Emilia: “I, am used to being judged. Posted by. Priscilla: “As you can see, were it mine will, all of you could be cut down with ease. ーーRam’s potential is infinite. Taking up the lu-lyre from my back, gripping it tightly with both hands. Close. Boldly crossing her legs, and what long legs! The name of that gargantuan and great existenceーー. Approaching closer, and taking a single attack by its great pincers meant forfeiting life. I love you, man! On its head were two enormous horns, white like a noble’s milk. Which is precisely the situation you are in.”. Prodigiously churning this slender, petite body, he understood that it would uplift it to greater heights. Of course, if the gospel had given a command like Kill Everyone in Pristella, that hope would be fundamentally subverted. A sobbing boy approached at a run from the wall, with cheeks reddened, as he flew toward Priscilla-sama. how wondrous! But, it felt like more than just quietness. Hey, Keep up the good work WCT, we all love these weekly chapters. To have your value decrease, would be an insult to mine self who has praised your song. That appearance of that sound was far too sudden, filled with unreality as if a dream. Kiritaka-san, please be fine. Priscilla: “Don’t wander off, it should be a right turn here. On that note, did Priscilla-sama smile just now? ーーNo, not merely deep. And, the one in pursuit of their backs as they fiercely kicked the sand, was the titanic scorpion as it scratched the sand with its several legs and gave a rise to a cloud of dust, resuming its hounding. How unpleasant.”. Rejecting Meili’s appeal, Subaru gnashed his molars whilst grabbing his chest.『Cor Leonis’』efficacy resumed, and the locations of his comrades within the tower were still within his sphere of grasp, in the form of fleeting lights. Volcanica’s eyes, which were profoundly staring at Emilia, were reflecting her as if not reflecting her. Looking at those two eyes, her next words will presumably be equally terrifying. The proper translation and definition of the Hebrew word in Exodus 22:18 was much debated during the time of the trials and witch-phobia. Ley whispering Subaru’s name was so cute. Emilia: “Um, hadn’t you told me about that earlier? 4. Was it a quirk, to raise her chest like this. Beatrice: “Betty knows, in fact!” For the few weeks since I found this site they’ve been uploading a new chapter every week so far. Thinking about it nearly made my neck twist. Following Priscilla-sama’s directions, after this we took several winding routes. the translation is not as, apt i say, the english is some what misleading, the translations are good. spoiler. Hopefully the first three Arcs, so that people can read the web novel here up until the point where Translation Chicken or Witch Cult Translations takes over. spoiler. ーーHe hailed gratitude and admiration, toward the miracle of happening across this gourmet delicacy. Just what do you want??? Priscilla: “No, first Schult must be retrieved. Those had yet to become my audience, who had stored all their rage in their core, were truly without reason! [Novels] Question about the web novel translations for Witch cult and Chicken for Arc 4. Subaru: Even so, Wilhelm-san didn’t join us. Ram doesn’t intend to keep you company any longer, so you’re getting killed.”, Ram: “If you had been evaluating Ram relying on the『Memories』, then your evaluation is yet too naive.”. Where then, there’s no longer meaning in remaining here. Priscilla: “To be so troublesome, only you alone could receive mine attention like this. In order to come face to face with that future, Emilia needed to stand firm here. Could it be better? The witch-persecutions (PDF). There’s plenty of quantity and varieties of Witch Beasts that can be used, with Beako’s assistance the possibilities are infinite……! I'm just comfortable with the interface. To be honest, I am perfectly fine with the quality thus far. If you’d like to find out more about us, then you’re at the right place. For some reason, during this not a single person was encountered. Wait, Priscilla-sama!”. They had hidden this from Julius and Ricardo, and all the members of the Iron-Fang before they set out for the Pleiades Watchtower. Two hearts that beat as one, irreplaceable individuals, saying that they were the other halves of each other would be unobjectionable as well. I don’t speak any moon runes though so best I can do is interpret the TL and make it comprehensible. Why that unaffectedness? see as such! It did not mean biological『Death』. Ruminating the name it had given for itself, Emilia felt her entire body colden. : “You, the fuck are you saying, dieee!”, This lovely daydream, dissipated like fog after being met by a cry of rage. They must have numbered fifty… no, a hundred? Uninteresting. Though of course she felt her body be heavier when she had to stand in front of people or when she had to talk about something crucial, but upon undertaking practical action she immediately forgot about their effects. Seems that now is no longer the time to remain here and enjoy music.”. Its reason was apparent. you’re the fucking best. With her dreadfully cold sidelong glance towards this side, Ram: “Were you intending to bring out Ram’s true colours? Words of reception that had been repeated and stockpiled exactly thrice. Just shut your zip up. Emilia thought it was a very wonderful thing if something like commitment or unity, had tied the three heroic figures together. Truly, this ease was without exaggeration. Emilia strengthened her fist and made her amethyst eyes glitter with might. Beatrice’s breath caught, and she urged Subaru to continue. If the agony of losing the horn depended on the strength that Oni originally possessed, then Ram must have the greatest in that regard, which no other Oni in the world could share. Compared to the conditions of defeat he had listed, the sole condition for victory permitted to them was a change at the extremity of stalemate. There were multiple other conditions of forfeiting life as well. And so, this odd and silent tour through the city –. The young girl with potent emotions conceived in her light crimson eyes, breathing in the resentment and hatred she directed towards him, Batenkaitos tasted ecstacy. Witch Cult Translations looks like they are close to finishing off the final chapters of Arc 6 soon. Leisure for disagreement does not remain. That wasn’t flexibility, but exaltation. She believed that upholding promises was a very nice thing. Though clearly occuring before my eyes, dazzling as it was, what to do, was all in a fog. How quiet. I have no words to explain how happy I am. Much better than google translate. The sight of the boy whose hair had so gently been stroked made me jump. The『Memories』and『Names』stolen through the Authority of『Gluttony』got disengaged from the world, and with the exception of Roy and Louis, it became impossible for anyone to even be cognizant of them. Priscilla: “Though mine request was not for thee to follow, if thou stray’st too far, the [Sun Disk]’s range will no longer reach. On top of that, he wished for Ram to beat Batenkaitos down to her heart’s content. Whatever it may be, bring it on!”. spoiler. Hearing them, Subaru responded with “I know” such that both himself and they could hear it, Subaru: “I have no idea, whom she may have to confront and where. Radiating sunlight from within Priscilla-sama’s hands, illuminating the entire convention chamber… how dazzling! This is the result.”. Those being Shaula, Reid, and Volcanica. At the very least, the『Memories』present within Batenkaitosーー if he were to abide by the existence who best knew the prodigy Ram, then there didn’t exist a future where he should’ve sustained this wound. Gracedharperd (/u/GracedHarperd) formed us as a community on Discord in an attempt to bring out more Re:Zero related translations. She nodded toward Priscilla-sama with ‘understood’ as a response. What Emilia had thought of, was the possibility that Volcanica was not angry. I guess we will see. Their speed or solidity won’t change, but the result changes with a simple increase in weight, in fact.”. But of course, if such a blinding light appeared, it was only natural that everyone’s quarrel would end. Thank you for the chapter , amazing the description of Volcanica and I’m dying to read more. Archived [WN] which is the better translation: translation chicken or witch cult translations? ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※, Priscilla: “— Stop the performance.”, Liliana: “Ehehe, can’t be done… Eh? Just beating down one Sin Archbishop was tough enough, come on give me a break] It was a chilling thought, and one he couldn’t overlook. Presuming Subaru’s aim, Beatrice put up her tiny palm towards the sky. Putting in the entirety of heart and spirit to be loved, this is the way this lovely lady utterly devotes her all. We must admire them! The slow thee has perhaps not realized, as we did avoid a path of trouble.”. Hurry and get inside, scaredy-cat.”, Since this was a convention center, inside were probably several extraordinary people, and was at the same time a shelter close by, so as if the reunion of lovers long separated, this was soothing for the heart —, ??? Cultes des Goules, or Cults of Ghouls, was created by Robert Bloch (August Derleth claimed to have invented the fictional text, but this was denied by both Lovecraft and Bloch himself). What troubled him were the rules and penalties for giving out … Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa Install the Alexa Browser Extension to get free competitive intelligence about millions of websites while you browse the web. Right until vanishing from the range of gaze, Emilia-sama continued to watch me with concern. In addition to the people and water dragons all going missing, the only sounds that stirred were the flow of water and wind. Filmed at our album launch show in Plymouth, UK on December 20th, 2019. Beatrice: “Betty knows, in fact! Emilia: “Although unsure of what exactly you mean, but I’ll leave it to you. Characters are as of the latest point of the LN. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO TAPPEI NAGATSUKI, THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF RE:ZERO STARTING A LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD FROM ZERO, THIS IS A TRANSLATION OF THE FREE JAPANESE WEB NOVEL INTO ENGLISH. Number of challengers,『One』.『Content Of The Trial』, unknown. It was merely that its spearhead was not directed toward Priscilla-sama. Wandering without end and without boundary on this earth is my ideal! Just as his instinct had told him earlier, should they distance themselves then the tail stinger, should they approach closer then the enormous pincers, shall come for their lives. However translation credits go to Chris of "Bowel Hunter Translations" What part of the web novel will this site be translating? Once they are done with that, we should be seeing the rest of it? Well, rather than to say Kiritaka-san is troubling me, it should rather be said that I’m the troublesome one. The piercing strike drilled into the outer shell of the titanic scorpion, giving rise to a violent note. Emilia believed that even if a mistake was made, upon apologizing the opponent couldn’t continue being so heartless. Heave-ho!”, Arc 6 – Chapter 82, “Shackle Accompanying Battle”, Arc 6 – Chapter 81, “Pleased To Meet You”, Arc 6 – Chapter 80, “Death of the Mind”. From up close, how damaging to my two eyes! As far as I am aware there are no fan translations for the light novels. As of now only height of aim and the rightness of effort had been affirmed, but ahead still lay a long path of struggle. Priscilla: “Others being incapable of understanding your quirks, living in another world entirely, cannot be helped. Subaru: The witch cult will attack the square that we’re heading to, and we have to stop their wickedness. The Witch Cult has existed for over 400 years since the times when the witches were active. Number of challenges,『Unknown』. Motherfucker has literally gone senile lmao, I am very very very grateful to you guys who kept working to translate these chapters for us. Liliana: “To have my song contain my my feelings is enough, I don’t intend for it to express anything complicated. All rights belongs to Tappei Nagatsuki, the original author of Re:Zero – Starting life in another world. Liliana: “P, Priscilla-sama…? Date Title Release; 07/28/20: Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (WN) At the instinctive retort, Priscilla’s voice lowered in pitch. He couldn’t imagine, neither did he want to. She cherished Subaru and trusted him, but she believed his characteristic of not upholding promises was no good. I had to jump ship halfway through chicken's translations because they dropped the series, and picked up Witch cult. Subaru: “With that being said, that’s what always happens……!”. Welcome to Witch Cult Translations! Priscilla: “To find someone in this commotion, is practically the dream of a madman. 100 years ago, the Witch Cult consisted of a moderate side, led by Petelg… 4. That was the answer to the reason behind the sudden enhancement of the Winged Moles. ――The Witch Cult’s purpose was the resurrection of the Witch of Envy. The『Memories』which had vivid recollection of that resuscitated, and his stomach growled. With the same gaze that she’d given me a “Hoh—?” with. Subaru: “Though I’ll never forgive him for sexually harassing Emilia-tan……!”. Rather unfriendly terms, but Priscilla-sama seemed unbothered. The『Divine Dragon’s』stature was likely about fifteen or sixteen metres in height. The Witcher (Polish: Wiedźmin, pronounced [ˈvʲɛd͡ʑmʲin]) is a series of fantasy novels and short stories written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.The series revolves around the titular "witcher", Geralt of Rivia.In Sapkowski's works, "witchers" are beast hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle wild beasts and monsters. To enjoy song requires no qualification. Batenkaitos dodged them entirely through the handling of his body, but things like the hit which had grazed past his ear certainly possessed the vigour that upon a single hit, would certainly lead to loss of faculty of that part of the body. Priscilla: “Schult, wait for a little. Their work is different from person to person, as they're a group, and not a singular translator. Liliana: “Pr, Priscilla-sama is a candidate for the royal election…”, Priscilla: “Even for mineself, there is that which cannot be accomplished. Witch Cult Translations looks like they are close to finishing off the final chapters of Arc 6 soon. i hope he’s doing fine.. In other words, that meant naught but that she hadn’t revealed everything even to the younger sister who was physically quite similar to her.

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