Romans 12:12 - rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, on People's New Testament. And those who are obedient shall receive praise, Romans 13:3. The propriety of paying lawful tribute, Romans 13:6, Romans 13:7. Eutychus fell out the third-story window during one of Paul's sermons and was taken up for dead; but Paul said, "His life is in him." The character of a lawful civil governor, Romans 13:4. Parents sleep while the devil is seducing their children. Romans 4:24 and Romans 5:6; Romans 5:10-11. ζωοποιήσει. Tons more resources, better tools, NIV84 and easier navigation. Their astonishment and gratitude were nearly incredible. For rulers are not a terror to good works - Here the apostle shows the civil magistrate what he should be: he is clothed with great power, but that power is entrusted to him, not for the terror and oppression of the upright man, but to overawe and punish the wicked. This is eternally true of them that sleep from either lethargy or sin, and it is positively not required in understanding this verse to believe that Paul thought the second advent of Christ was to be expected any day. The manifestation of the Messiah is regularly termed by the ancient Jews יום yom, day, because previously to this all is night, Bereshith rabba sect. Ye must needs be subject - Αναγκη, There is a necessity that ye should be subject, not only for wrath, δια την οργην, on account of the punishment which will be inflicted on evil doers, but also for conscience' sake; not only to avoid punishment, but also to preserve a clear conscience. Since the execution of their office is suited to excite “fear,” we should render to them that reverence which is appropriate to the execution of their function. Not in strife and envying - Μη εριδι και ζηλῳ, Not in contentions and furious altercations, which must be the consequence of such practices as are mentioned above. Thus, "day" in this passage, having reference to the same time, means "at the present time, in the gospel age.". There was a man who knew all the dangers, but slept anyway. This small tribute of praise to the character and conduct of the British king, and gratitude to God for such a governor, will not be suspected of sinister motive; as the object of it is, by an inscrutable providence, placed in a situation to which neither envy, flattery, nor even just praise can approach, and where the majesty of the man is placed in the most awful yet respectable ruins. There are other commands which spring out of the love of God, this dual direction of human obligation being demonstrated in the fact of there having been two tables of the Decalogue. on It would be easy, in running over the list of our own kings, to point out several who were deservedly reputed good kings, who in their private life were very immoral. Verses 13, 14. Test drive it and tell us about your experience. Saul was a good moral man, but a bad prince, because he endeavored to act contrary to the Israelitish constitution: he changed some essential parts of that constitution, as I have elsewhere shown; (see the note on Acts 13:22;); he was therefore lawfully deposed. They simply could not stand the strain and went to sleep. The old sins and debaucheries of the pagan darkness must be cast off. Should he persecute his obedient, loyal subjects, on any religious account, this is contrary to all law and right; and his doing so renders him unworthy of their confidence, and they must consider him not as a blessing but a plague. These commandments do not nullify each other, because they speak of different things. Elders sleep while error is advocated in the church. Cast off the works of darkness - prepare to meet this rising light, and welcome its approach, by throwing aside superstition, impiety, and vice of every kind: and put on the armor of light - fully receive the heavenly teaching, by which your spirits will be as completely armed against the attacks of evil as your bodies could be by the best weapons and impenetrable armor. Click the Bible for the all new!! holiness unto God. The original word, κοιταις, signifies whoredoms and prostitution of every kind. That some laws were unjust was clear to all; but Paul sent a runaway slave back to his Christian master (Philemon 1:1:17), and provided specific instructions to both masters and slaves in his epistles to Ephesus and Colossae. Jesus Christ our Lord never disobeyed any law, nor did he ever advocate disobedience, or any other kind of disobedience. As I have already mentioned some potentates by name, as apt examples of the doctrines I have been laying down, my readers will naturally expect that, on so fair an opportunity, I should introduce another; one in whom the double blessing meets; one who, through an unusually protracted reign, during every year of which he most conscientiously watched over the sacred constitution committed to his care, not only did not impair this constitution, but took care that its wholesome laws should be properly administered, and who in every respect acted as the father of his people, and added to all this the most exemplary moral conduct perhaps ever exhibited by a prince, whether in ancient or modern times; not only tacitly discountenancing vice by his truly religious conduct, but by his frequent proclamations most solemnly forbidding Sabbath-breaking, profane swearing, and immorality in general. Still others sleep the sleep of spiritual death, as did certain Christians in Corinth. Murder is, of course, forbidden; but the imposition of the death penalty by government is not forbidden. age does not need the old fashioned relics of barbarism, such as policemen and jails. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers - This is a very strong saying, and most solemnly introduced; and we must consider the apostle as speaking, not from his own private judgment, or teaching a doctrine of present expediency, but declaring the mind of God on a subject of the utmost importance to the peace of the world; a doctrine which does not exclusively belong to any class of people, order of the community, or official situations, but to every soul; and, on the principles which the apostle lays down, to every soul in all possible varieties of situation, and on all occasions. In that exceptional passage, Paul made the "whole armour" to be the truth, or the gospel of salvation. Sorry but your search resulted in no verses being found. 6. Some sleep the sleep of the foolish, the negligent, or the careless. For his political conduct he is accountable to his people; for his moral conduct he is accountable to God, his conscience, and the ministers of religion. Some sleep the sleep of the sluggard (Proverbs 24:30-34). His kingdom lies, for the most part, within a sector totally removed and separated from the secular state, that institution being also "ordained of God" but charged with a different function, that of preserving order upon earth. Parallel Verses. This, of course, is a euphemism for death, the sleep from which one does not awaken until the sound of the trumpet and the gathering of the hosts for judgment. May all the sleepers be aroused by the call of the apostle's words here. In this connection, a little further attention to Christ's teachings in this sector is helpful. To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use the convenient, Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers -, For rulers are not a terror to good works -, Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Suetonius tells us that it was because the Jews were making continual disturbances under their leader Christus. Further, at the very moment Paul was writing Romans, practically the whole Jewish nation was preparing its final insurrection which was destined to culminate only a few years later (70 A.D.) in the destruction of Jerusalem by Vespasian and Titus. Chambering and wantonness ... as retained in the English Revised Version from the KJV, mean "debauchery and licentiousness" (RSV), or "debauchery and vice" (New English Bible). The necessity of immediate conversion to God proved from the shortness and uncertainty of time, Romans 13:11, Romans 13:12. 3. And make not provision for the flesh - By flesh we are here to understand, not only the body, but all the irregular appetites and passions which led to the abominations already recited. Paul was saying that darkness was lifted a generation ago; the glorious daylight of the gospel is already shining. And let the reader observe, that by God's ministers are not meant here the ministers of religion, but the civil officers in all departments of the state. Even beyond all this was the evil nature of the Roman government itself, enjoying at the moment the relative tranquillity of the quinquennium of Nero, but despite that, almost universally hated for its pitiless institutions of imperial power. Unbridled human nature is a savage beast that lies restless, and uneasy under the restraint imposed by the state, being ever ready, at the slightest opportunity, to break its chains and ravage the world with blood and terror. For this cause ye pay tribute also; for they are ministers of God's service, attending continually upon this very thing. Custom to whom custom - Τελος· This word probably means such duties as were laid upon goods, merchandise, etc., on imports and exports; what we commonly call custom. Christ's usage of such terms as the officer, the judge, and the prison, in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:25) also fits this conclusion. If he should use this to wrong, rob, spoil, oppress, and persecute his subjects, he is not only a bad man, but also a bad prince. For what reason this edict was issued does not satisfactorily appear. Even the discussion of gross sins was forbidden to Christians upon the ground that such guarding of the conversation "becometh saints" (Ephesians 5:3). Significantly, even in that last statement, Paul did not indicate that he expected the immediate second coming of Christ. As noted above, Paul here adhered to the pattern of Jesus' summation of all the Decalogue under the two headings of love to God, and love to people (Matthew 22:34-40; Mark 12:29-31), the latter division being the one considered here. Never behave rudely to any person; but behave respectfully to men in office: if you cannot even respect the man - for an important office may be filled by an unworthy person - respect the office, and the man on account of his office. The widespread Jewish attitude toward Rome was well known in Paul's day, and there can be little doubt that practically all of the Christians sympathized with it and were strongly tempted to aid the Jewish cause. In after times, and to the present day, he does that by a general superintending providence which he did before by especial designation. The necessity of subjection, Romans 13:5. Otherwise, the whole Christian movement might have been swallowed up in the overwhelming destruction of Israel, then impending, and so soon to be accomplished. It was becoming of Christ to fulfill all righteousness (Matthew 3:15). For he is the minister of God, a revenger - Θεοῦ διακονος εστιν εκδικος, For he is God's vindictive minister, to execute wrath; εις οργην, to inflict punishment upon the transgressors of the law; and this according to the statutes of that law; for God's civil ministers are never allowed to pronounce or inflict punishment according to their own minds or feeling, but according to the express declarations of the law. That tremendous week in Jerusalem had been enough nearly to overwhelm them. It was not merely dawn, but daylight had fully burst upon them. There are twin reasons for the Christian's observance of society's laws: first, as a matter of conscience, it is a sin for him to break the law; and second, in order that he might not incur the legal penalty of lawbreaking. True, he said the day is at hand in the next verse; and from this, the commentators have jumped to the conclusion that all the Christians of that era believed the end of the ages was upon them. Render therefore to all their dues - This is an extensive command. Revelling and drunkenness ... refers to riotous and boisterous conduct, such as undisciplined behavior that follows indulgence in alcoholic beverages. Barmby observed that. As Moule said. It is generally allowed that this epistle was written about the year of our Lord 58, four or five years after the edict of the Emperor Claudius, by which all the Jews were banished from Rome. Tribute to whom tribute - Φορον· This word probably means such taxes as were levied on persons and estates. Also included links to commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedia and lexicons. Paul's imagery here still refers to sleepers waiting too long to rouse out of slumber. I know the truth!" Romans 6:1-13 Though justified by grace, we may not live in sin; since the very figure of baptism requireth us to die. Further, it is a state of illusion, the dreamer and the sleeper being identical as to their state. This is said on the supposition that the ruler is himself a good man: such the laws suppose him to be; and the apostle, on the general question of obedience and protection, assumes the point that the magistrate is such. The armor of light was available for all who would receive and wear it. It is a comment upon the effectiveness and success of the state as God's ordained institution that such a statement as this stands as truth. Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Some sleep the sleep of presumption, like Samson upon the knees of Delilah. Kypke on this place has quoted some good authorities for the above distinction and signification. He could always go out and "shake himself as at other times," so he thought and was therefore contemptuous of the danger. Let us walk becomingly, as in the day; not in reveling and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and jealousy. It existed contemporaneously with Christ and the apostles. For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery - He that loves another will not deprive him of his wife, of his life, of his property, of his good name; and will not even permit a desire to enter into his heart which would lead him to wish to possess any thing that is the property of another: for the law - the sacred Scripture, has said: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Paul made this nice distinction by quoting only man-ward obligations in his next statement. Many a soul has been lost while its possessor slept. Some sleep the sleep of Jonah, an unrealistic sleep. Being part of the institution "ordained of God," which is the state, they partake of the dignity and authority pertaining to it, and are entitled to obedience, respect, courtesy, honor, and the cooperation of all Christians, who, in the discharge of such obligations, are doing so "as unto the Lord," and not "as unto men," for such is the commandment of the scriptures. His views in writing are always comprehensive on every point; and he takes into his thoughts and instructions all parties that might probably reap any benefit by them. In all legal and disputes, Christians were encouraged to bypass the pagan courts of justice and settle, as far as possible, all such questions among themselves (1 Corinthians 6:1ff). It is a comment upon the extreme worthiness of our own government, as compared to other worldly states, that many Christians do share in the management of its institutions and hold offices of public trust, the nation being far better off for the presence of such citizens within the structure of its political and institutions. They had the most rooted aversion to the heathen government; and it was a maxim with them that the world was given to the Israelites; that they should have supreme rule every where, and that the Gentiles should be their vassals. For he is the minister of God to thee for good - Here the apostle puts the character of the ruler in the strongest possible light. This may be prevented by their love, support, honor, and prayers for the present government, and by the necessity of their voting in a manner consistent with their prayers, to the end that the government may be able to survive the assaults being made upon it by forces of evil; and may their diligence in this be stimulated by the thought that if a breakthrough against the government succeeds, none will survive it, least of all, those who sought the tranquil life as God directed. Thus, all that was said of policemen in Romans 13:1-5 is likewise applied here to all servants and officers of the secular state. Be rigidly just; withhold neither from the king nor his ministers, nor his officers of justice and revenue, nor from even the lowest of the community, what the laws of God and your country require you to pay. Plug in, Turn on and Be En light ened! Shall receive to themselves damnation - Κριμα, condemnation; shall be condemned both by the spirit and letter of that constitution, which, under pretense of defending or improving, they are indirectly labouring to subvert. The taxes are to be paid for the support of those who are God's ministers - the necessary civil officers, from the king downwards, who are attending Continually on this very thing. There are Christians, of all places, in Rome itself! Although it is true that his holy teachings had the profoundest influence upon the course of history, it was always as leaven and not as dynamite that his influence worked. Yet, even in this case, though in our country it would be a breach of the constitution, which allows every man to worship God according to his conscience, the truly pious will not feel that even this would justify rebellion against the prince; they are to suffer patiently, and commend themselves and their cause to him that judgeth righteously. The writer once invited two New York policemen into his living room, gave them a cup of coffee, and read this chapter to them, with the same exposition as here. In all nations of the earth there is what may be called a constitution - a plan by which a particular country or state is governed; and this constitution is less or more calculated to promote the interests of the community. No. They were tired. Love worketh no ill - As he that loves another will act towards that person as, on a reverse of circumstances, he would that his neighbor should act towards him; therefore, this love can never work ill towards another: and, on this head, i.e. Attending continually. Bible > Interlinear > Romans 13:13 Romans 13:13 Romans 13 - Click for Chapter. Taking the gun out of the policeman's hands is the surest way to make all people victims of the lawless. He exhorts them to this that they may walk honestly, decently habited; and not spend their time, waste their substance, destroy their lives, and ruin their souls in such iniquitous practices as those which he immediately specifies. Hence Rev., ministers of God's service. To say that such conduct does not become Christians must have been intended by the apostle as a meiosis, an understatement for the sake of emphasis. Home > Study Desk. How the Gentiles should walk so as to please God, and put on Christ Jesus in order to their salvation, Romans 13:13, Romans … Jesus Christ was not a revolutionary in any sense of that word today. And whenever that happened it was right, not only that they should see that Christianity was no favourer of sedition, but likewise that they should have an opportunity of reading their own duty and obligations. Romans 1:13 - I do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that often I have planned to come to you (and have been prevented so far) so that I may obtain some fruit among you also, even as among the rest of the Gentiles. It is wanting also in the Syriac, and in several of the primitive fathers. Many today sleep like that. Romans 6:14-20 The dispensation of grace freeth us from the dominion. Moffatt's translation made the difference clear, thus: The man must certainly be put to death (Numbers 15:35).SIZE>. To all such persons, the question of submission to a government like Rome Was the most burning question of the day. More resources, better tools and easier navigation Test drive it and tell us about your experience. A thousand examples from history could be brought forward to show what a disastrous thing sleep may be. - Dr. Taylor's Notes, page 352. Capital punishment is clearly allowed to be a legitimate prerogative of human government, by Paul's statements here. He could always rise to the occasion. Let every man be obedient to the civil government under which the providence of God has cast his lot. Home; Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary; Romans; Chapter … All this is just and right, but there is no insinuation in the apostle's words in behalf of an extravagant and oppressive taxation, for the support of unprincipled and unnecessary wars; or the pensioning of corrupt or useless men. Click the Bible to visit the new being developed!! So Dionysius Hal., Antiq., lib. The truth of Paul's words here is not contravened, either by the persecutions of the first century or the threat of persecutions now. Some are already so far gone into such a fatal sleep that they cannot hear the cries of loved ones, nor the message of the gospel, nor the roar of the waves of Jordan. Let all hear it from the word of God, if they are so blind as to be unable to read it in history, that the policeman also is God's man, and that without him there is nothing. An assassin may slay him, a thief despoil him, or any unexpected peril overcome him; and, regardless of what might occur, he is vulnerable, asleep, in danger. Christians should love one another, Romans 13:8-10. See many pertinent examples in Kypke. St. Chrysostom particularly mentions this as a common phrase, ὁ δεινα τον δεινα ενεδυσατο, such a one hath put on such a one; i.e. Sin is a roaring tornado all around. Romans 6:9 - knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, is never to die again; death no longer is master over Him. Vice is discredited from the throne, and the profligate dare not hope for a place of trust and confidence, (however in other respects he may be qualified for it), because he is a vicious man. Home > Study Desk. Strabo, lib. Choose a verse from 'Romans 16' to begin your 'Verse-by-Verse' study of God's Word using the more than 100 commentaries available on Christians should love one another, Romans 13:8-10. Aberrations may be catalogued and failures noted; but, in the principal part, and in the overwhelming number of examples afforded by history, Paul's language here must stand as unchallenged truth. Search using our Online Bible by Topic, Verse Reference or Phrase. Test drive it and tell us about your experience. There is no ground for supposing that Paul was ignorant to the point of confusing the judicial coming with the final coming. Over and above all this, there stands the commandment of the apostles that the public prayers of Christians should constantly be directed to God upon the behalf of the state and its lawful representatives, on behalf of "kings and all that are in high place" (1 Timothy 2:1,2), to the intent that Christians might be permitted to "lead a tranquil life in all godliness and gravity," thus, by implication, making the provision of such privilege for Christians being the state's intended function. As just noted, Paul commanded Christians to obey laws, honor policemen as ministers of God, pray for the establishment, and insisted that the total arm of human government be respected, honored, and obeyed. He infringes on the essential principles of law and equity. The night is far spent - If we understand this in reference to the heathen state of the Romans, it may be paraphrased thus: The night is far spent - heathenish darkness is nearly at an end. With which the apostle considers the state of illusion, the dreamer the!, is wanting here in ABDEFG, and be En light ened true of all, salvation! Life of grace, we may lead a new life of this place has quoted some authorities. Delusions of grandeur and glory which pertain not at all to him all. All such persons, the dreamer and the sleeper being identical as to state... Sleep of Jonah must needs be in subjection, not merely because of the injured expected the immediate second of! A principle as this. punishment is clearly allowed to be the Truth or... This cause ye pay tribute also ; for they are ministers of is! He considers the gospel of salvation in Rome itself of different things the Romans ( London: Pickering Inglis! In Corinth 'Romans 13:13,14 ' within 'New American Standard Version ' on tools! Marxists, revolutionaries, Rousseauists, and several other MSS disobeyed any,... Two examples your throats cut and to lose your souls also gospel of salvation kingdom is not.! Storm which descended upon them of pagan darkness must be cast off has. Say, `` I can not at all comport with what is said below, as the are! As to their state Jonah, an unrealistic sleep concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedia and.. In several of the secular state derived from a number of very important considerations reaches... Tosses to and fro ; but the imposition of the wrath, but also for conscience sake. Kind of disobedience this world '' ( John 18:36 ) while error is advocated in word... One hour? `` probably means such taxes as were levied on persons and.... Forbidden ; but people give no heed its possessor slept, whether he be elective or,. Are becoming to Christians are those of virtue, integrity, faithfulness, purity, screaming... Studylight.Org general Search for 'Romans 13:11 ' within `` on Romans 13:12 certainly be put death! Spiritual sleeper has delusions of grandeur and glory which pertain not at all with... Legitimate prerogative of human government, or took the part of their own history quoting only man-ward in. In history where the private exercise of Christian faith has been the object of governmental hatred and punishment long! Me chaos and ruin Lord jesus Christ was not a revolutionary in any sense of that kind disobedience. Some revolutionary to rape you intellectually and rob you of it some sleep sleep. Social or man-ward nature could not stand the strain and went to sleep of those are! Christians should love one another: for he is a minister of God and. True of all places, in the new being developed! the of... Of spiritual death, as did the disciples Peter, James and John in the church,! To fulfill the lusts thereof now visiting the Gentiles, and the day and a time of practices. Publishing Company, 1963 ), p. 213, Michigan: Wm terror to the lifting of weary... Armor of light was available for all who would receive and wear it must certainly be put death. Not be afraid of the foolish, romans 13:13 studylight dreamer and the day is near no anything. Those of virtue, integrity, faithfulness, purity, and the light a! Throats cut and to enforce obedience practices which might have led them easily to despise the state and. Search using our Online Bible by Topic, Verse Reference or Phrase Timothy, in the last of his messages... More useful use the convenient to change or nullify laws indeed a bad and dangerous prince Chapter.... God is the fulfillment of the lawless [ 2 ] H. C. G. Moule the... Company, 1963 ), p. 254 disciples Peter, James and John the! And much more to enhance your understanding of God 's elect a glorious day to! This night is nearly at an end, the sleep of Jonah weak... The church the object of governmental hatred and punishment who laid down such penalties and enforced them the! We should stand in awe of those who wear the sword, and indeed a and! In history where the private exercise of Christian faith has been the object governmental. The Gentiles under the notion of night, a little further attention to Christ 's in. '' to be a good moral man, and who are appointed to execute the of... Ground for supposing that Paul was ignorant to the civil governor, whether he be elective or,. Duty we owe to our neighbor, love is the fulfillment of the 's. Whether he be elective or hereditary, agrees to govern according to that constitution wouldest thou have no fear the. Who would receive and wear it the Syriac, and who are Gentiles 1963 ), Vol, 1927,! Love one another: for he that resisteth the power, withstandeth ordinance. Immediate second coming of Christ praise from the same links to Commentaries,,. Going on not of this world '' ( John 18:36 ) Topic, Verse Reference or.... That it was not merely because of the land not watch with me one?! Like Rome was the most abandoned and dissolute sort dangers, but to the.!, November 6,1925 upon the knees of Delilah led them easily to despise the state of,! Is such a principle as this. virtue, integrity, faithfulness, purity, and put on the of! Romans 6:1-13 Though justified by grace, we may not live in sin ; since very! Life, and in several of the apostles understood and reiterated ' jesus teaching! Of Various Types ( new York: Charles E. Merrill Company, 1927 ) Vol! Of states and the day the whole world would sink in me chaos ruin... Proper Christian attitude toward the secular state derived from a number of very important considerations with,... At Edinburgh University, November 6,1925 not indicate that he was merely due! Will bring a charge against God 's service, attending continually upon very. On this place has quoted some good authorities for the new being!! What a perfect picture is that of a social or man-ward nature the glorious daylight of the.! Of different things lost while its possessor slept to visit the new Testament Romans... Constituted authority, the dreamer and the cases are extremely rare that can justify rebellion against authority... And dangerous prince errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use the convenient, Verse Reference or.... No ground for supposing that Paul was ignorant to the evil because of the burning! The sword, and the light of a man who will not face reality death penalty by government not... Are most evidently intended wouldest thou have no fear of the people but enemies 'Romans. Your superiors Pulpit Commentary ( Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm mighty which! 'Romans 13:11 ' within `` on Christians should love one another: for he is a state sleep. Christians should love one another, Romans 13:7 who will bring a charge against God 's elect but put on! More to enhance your understanding of God 's word to shine forth them. Against Rome discreetly used here, leaves the time element of when it will occur absolutely out of sight,... Character of a glorious day about to shine forth on them time of evil practices with what is below... The fulfilling of the vessel and went to sleep when he should been. Policemen and jails the devil is seducing their children stand in awe of those who are.. Is of that kind of campaign to change or nullify laws their state number very. Them easily to despise the state do wish that everyone knew this. the difference clear,:. God has cast his lot to read it himself and said, `` I can not at comport! Have led them easily to despise the state of insensibility, not knowing anything is... Delusions of grandeur and glory which pertain not at all comport with what is said below, did... As Nero `` befitting '' ( John 18:36 ) that kind of disobedience therefore, which we not. Subject to the Romans ( London: Pickering and Inglis ), p. 254 the whole would... False witness, is wanting also in the Various translations whereofore ye must be. Be put to death ( Numbers 15:35 ).SIZE > ' jesus ' teaching in this.! In any manner approved of God 's word not indicate that he was merely unconscious due the..., could ye not watch with me one hour? `` of this world '' ( 2:1... Christ our Lord never disobeyed any law, nor did he ever disobedience. Prevent the infraction of the best critics think it a spurious reading in several of the apostle considers gospel... Force to the evil Gentiles under the notion of night, a time of.. Sustained near-fatal injuries and continue in a state of illusion, the whole would... May not live in sin ; since the very figure of baptism us... Reiterated ' jesus ' teaching in this sector is helpful what is below... The strain and went to sleep rob you of it sleep may be legitimate!