Namiko Abe is a Japanese language teacher and translator, as well as a Japanese calligraphy expert. ichigo Korean words for wolf include 늑대, 이리, 유충, 심한 공복, 잔인한 사람, 울프음, 여자 꽁무니를 쫓아다니다, 교묘히 여자를 유혹하는 남자, 늑대 사냥을 하다 and 가로채다. The answer is here and you will also be able to download the complete image of its representation in Romanji, Katakana and / or Hiragana. ‘wolf’ in Turkish Duko a wolf name derived from ‘Doede’, meaning a ‘famous wolf’ Dolphus ‘Majestic Noble Wolf’ Lobo ‘Wolf’ in Spanish Lovell a wolf cub Tala ‘wolf’ Syaoran ‘he who is a little wolf’ 150+ Names That Mean Wolf. Snake in Japanese is 蛇(hebi) but it is never used as human name. YUU meaning "gentle" (優) - Japanese unisex name. You can rest assured that no other pup at the dog park will have the same name! in Exotic Pets. Uhh for OC’s, original mangas and comics, fan versions? XP. This is ranked by the number of last name in Japan. SHINOBU meaning "endurance" (忍) - Japanese unisex name. Thank you. Radolf: A red wolf. shi in japanese can mean "4", do u watch naruto cause Itachi and Sasori are two characters from that and so is Sakura, There has been a mention almost every main naruto character, Tomoe, Nanami, Kurama, Rin, Mikage sense a pattern? 46 Comments Shisha-no-pawa. It’s meant as simply a starting point in your search for the perfect name. These statues are often painted white: this symbolises their role, e.g. SORA meaning "sky" (昊 / 空) - Japanese unisex name. Okami Japanese word for "wolf". eBabyNames. AkashXD link. YUUMA meaning "gentle, superior truth" (優真). Then check out our list of names meaning wolf for girls. kai Zelda. Wolf is a pathfinder with extraordinary powers of self reliance and endurance. YOSHIYUKI meaning "righteous journey" (義行). Reply. HARU meaning "spring (as in season)" (春) - Japanese unisex name. Oh, can't believe I missed that one. Wolf as guardian (otsukai), protecting the villagers and their lifestock, at Mitsumine Shrine, Oku-Chichibu (Saitama prefecture, Japan). She has been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years. Aia — ruler 4. in japan, the same name can have many meanings depending on which kanji are used. Jalen. yoru Japanese form of the Okinawan warabi-naa or personal name (childhood name in its literal sense) Gujī (呉勢/グジー), which is comprised of 呉 (go, kure, ku.reru / gu) meaning "do something for, give" and 勢 (sei, zei, ikio.ri, hazumi / ji-) meaning "energy, power, force, vigour. Source(s): white wolf japanese… The ultimate A-Z Japanese names list, complete with name meanings, origins and background info for all Japanese baby names. However, it is possible if it is a pen name, or a character name of Manga. TAIKI meaning "great radiance, shine" (大輝). "Musashi Plain Moon": wolf (or perhaps rather a fox) at full moon (Japanese print, "100 Aspects of the Moon", by Yoshitoshi (Meiji era, Japan). :D <3 Some boy names you could add are Taiga, Minato and Tomoki. Beware: some kanji that are difficult to handwrite are easy to type on the computer, which may skew the usage statistics. MASAYUKI meaning "righteous blessing" (正幸). Hirpi, Dacians, and somehow also for the Romans (see page 1). to protect the plants and fields from animals, like boar, deer, etc. zero This is ranked by the number of last name in Japan. YOSHI meaning "lucky / righteous" (吉 / 義) - Japanese unisex name. Akemi means bright and beauty Osouf meaning ‘God’s wolf’ 103. Japanese dog names are beautiful, unique and meaningful – an excellent choice for your dog. However, there are many words for fire in Japanese, and I am not certain if kaji is the best word to use in this context. Japanese: The official original name as dictated by Nintendo Company Ltd. of Japan and written in katakana. HIDEYOSHI meaning "excellence good" (秀良). Here's a list of translations. Since November 1988 Wolf Song of Alaska has distinguished itself as a highly visible and internationally respected organization. KAEDE meaning "maple" (楓) - Japanese unisex name. TATSUO meaning "dragon, imperial hero" (竜雄). 一狼(Ichiro, meaning one wolf), 太狼(Taro, big wolf), 銀狼(Ginro, silver wolf but too anime-ish). Japanese. You can check last name Kanji meaning, the population of last name, Top population by the area, the origin of last name and so on. MASAYOSHI meaning "righteous, honorable" (正義). Z. zebra – シマウマ shima uma. Ôkami is the Japanese name for the creature commonly called the Japanese wolf (Canus lupus hodophylax), which became extinct in 1905, though there have been many sightings since, mostly concentrating around the Kii Peninsula. Wolf, Timber Wolf, Western Wolf, Canis lupus. Well, wolves おおかみ・狼 is a kind of beast, so we rarely use this Kanji in a real name. The Wolf spirit animal also represents loyalty and companionship. White wolf kami, Yamatsumi Jinja shrine, Iitate, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (photo: Bachstelze [Wikimedia]). KATSUO meaning "victorious, heroic man" (勝雄). 300+ Wolf Names – Famous, Historical, Fictional, and Popular Names March 26, 2019 June 20, 2018 by Liam Barnes Wolves have been represented in everything from movies and pop culture, to folklore and all the way into ancient history. Tokyo). What does the surname of "Sanada" mean??? Japanese last names show a particularly strong connection to the country’s breathtaking nature and clan history. When it comes to naming the new addition to your family, you want the name to be the most unique and having an interesting meaning. You do not have the male name of "Sukeichi" Japanese Translation. 29/6/2011 08:41:08 pm. HISAO meaning "long living man, husband" (寿夫). Stream Now. Itachi means weasel A wolf votive, dedicated to (H.: 34.5cm; 5th-6th c.AD; British Museum 2004,0510,0.1). kaname Owais: A wolf; the best compannion of the Prophet. ... wolf – 狼 ookami. Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Fire wolf is kaji ookami in Japanese. YUUKI meaning "gentle, superior hope" (優希) - Japanese unisex name. :D x. “Konichihuahua” and welcome to our list of beautiful and unique Japanese dog names. 8/9/2012 05:22:31 pm. All Walker, The Lost Wolves of Japan, 2008. BEOWULF m Anglo-Saxon Mythology Possibly means "bee wolf" (in effect equal to "bear") from Old English beo "bee" and wulf "wolf". Next article 60+ Famous Wolf Names from History, TV, Literature & More; Show Comments. 一狼(Ichiro, meaning one wolf), 太狼(Taro, big wolf), 銀狼(Ginro, silver wolf but too anime-ish). tadase A cool addition to the wolf names list (pun intended). Since ancient times, people in Japan had faith in the 狼, "wolf god", the "Large Mouthed Pure God", 大口真神. Hati: the name of a mythical wolf. I just want a breakdown of what the characters you listed mean. What names in Japanese mean or reference wolves? Harou: The army’s wolf. A cool addition to the wolf names list (pun intended). wolf in Japanese is 狼(ohkami) but it cannot be a name. A shinobi who serves Kuro, the Divine Heir. This is said there are over 300 thousands last names in this country. in Exotic Pets. Japanese Unisex Names. This dictionary does not contain Japanese names. Japanese Boy Names 狼 noun. 8~ A Japanese male name meaning wolf. great selection of names here! Interestingly, the Japanese word for wolf. Owein: A noble- born young individual who is like a Wolf. in Exotic Pets. She wears a black suit with a white fur collar, a white shirt, black tie, white gloves, two-tone black stockings, and a gingham-patterned, black-a… Ovais: A variant of Owais; Name of companions of the Prophet; Little Wolf. Related Words meaning ‘Wolf’ in Japanese 102. MASASHI meaning "righteous aspiration" (正志). Mitake (nr. TORU meaning "penetrate, make clear" (徹). Its nearest relatives were the wolves of North America rather than Asia. YASU meaning "peace" (康) - Japanese unisex name. Wolf, Timber Wolf, Western Wolf, Canis lupus. 1. Yamazumisama, 山住様 /ヤマズミサマ, "Deity living in the mountains"),, However, the popularity of names with these suffixes have declined after the 80s, but they’re slowly becoming in fashion again. Modern sculpture depicting the legend: the samurai Okubo Samanosuke, with his bow, encounters the white wolf. Alternatively, the first element may be beadu "battle". How Wolf-Dieter first name is shown in Japanese? MASA meaning "just / true" (正 / 真) - Japanese unisex name. Well, wolves おおかみ・狼 is a kind of beast, so we rarely use this Kanji in a real name. AKIO meaning "bright man" (昭夫). Girl. Wolf is a symbol of freedom, intuition, of conquering fears. 25/11/2017 01:39:40 pm. Hey! They may also have somewhat more feral urges and be more aggressive in some ways than a regular girl. toshiro 狼. Ōkami. KENTA meaning "large strong, healthy" (健太). Fire wolf is kaji ookami in Japanese. HIKARU meaning "light, radiance" (光) - Japanese unisex name. Wolf as Komainu (狛犬, - the 'lion-dog guardians' usually representing Chinese-style guardian lions; foxes are one common variant of the 'lion-dog', and wolves are comparatively rare) (photo: anonymous), And here some foxes! Male and female wolves at Inari shrine (photo: anonymous). Of Japanese origin, it's pronounced "she ka gee." The white hairs appear near the ends of her hair and the sides of her bangs. TADAO meaning "loyal, faithful man" (忠夫). YOSHIKAZU meaning "good peace, Japan" (良和). The majority of dog breeds originating in Japan have pointy ears and turned-up tails and can range in size from small to extra large. Warrior princess. MINORI meaning "truth" (実) - Japanese unisex name. TETSUYA meaning "philosophy, clear" (哲也). You May Also Like. aichi (i think thats how you spell it) Born according to the will of the Sky, Borte Chino (Blue Wolf) is the ancestor of the Mongolians; his partner/wife is Gua Maral (Red Deer). SUSUMU meaning "to advance, proceed" (進). . Good wolf names for dogs are crucial — after all, you will use your pup’s new name many times each day over the years to come! Well, wolves おおかみ・狼 is a kind of beast, so we rarely use this Kanji in a real name. Because of its small size and stature, there is some dispute as to whether it was an actual wolf, the term "wolf-dog" being given as a possible alternate. Read More. 30+ Native American Wolf Names With Meanings. Raff meaning ‘Red wolf’ in English 108. TAKAHIRO meaning "of great value, nobility" (貴大). Whether you have a dog with strong Japanese heritage or who is of Japanese descent our list of 150 dog names will give you the necessary inspiration to name your dog.. Who are using these names and trying to write storys because no offense like using names in american are like so common but Japanese names are unique. GINA: Japanese name meaning "silvery." FUMIO meaning "literature, scholarly hero" (文雄). Another story from the shrine in Iitate Shrine, relating to Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, 源頼義, (. Blitzen One of Santa Claus' reindeers. Wolf statue from the shrine Mitsumine Jinja, N. of Tokyo. The Hokkaido wolf (Canis lupus hattai), also known as the Ezo wolf (Japanese: エゾオオカミ(蝦夷狼)ー, Hepburn: Ezo Ōkami) and in Russia as the Sakhalin wolf, is an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that once inhabited coastal north-east Asia. Aia — ruler 4. Chikage is an extremely uncommon name for either a girl or a boy. AOI meaning "blue" (碧) - Japanese unisex name. A “wolf girl” is exactly that - a human girl with wolf characteristics, such as a tail, ears and possibly small fangs. YOSHIAKI meaning "righteousness shining" (義昭). Great name for hunting dogs: Black Ice: A clear sheet of ice on the road that isn’t actually black and it is very dangerous to drive when it is on the road: Ben: Short form of “Benjamin” or “Benedict” Orca: A type of whale: Blitzen: One of Santa Claus’ reindeers: Breeze: A gentle wind. can u pls tell me what my name is Jalen and what it means pls. It’s meant as simply a starting point in your search for the perfect name. Otso meaning ‘wolf’ in Basque 104. ikuto Gréta says: March 26, 2019 at 3:53 am.