Automatic Safety pool covers. Auto Pool Cover Cost. An average automatic pool cover costs between $6,000 and $15,000, depending on the size and build of your pool. The ManualGuard pool cover by APC was designed with limited space and smaller pools and spas in mind. This may not be a concern for you, as a retrofit may not include a pit, maybe a box above/on pool deck (i don't know). Deck-mounted top tracks: One of our most commonly chosen options, top tracks are installed on the pool deck to either side.A bench is typically used to hide the system; Recessed top track: If you are looking to remodel or build a new pool, an automatic recessed top track pool cover system is the way to go.The motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault that All-Safe either … Most can be installed and activated in one to three hours by a trained installer. The first Roldeck was manufactured more than 40 years ago and since then they have been at the forefront of new developments in the world of automatic swimming-pool covers. Types of Automatic Pool Covers. This is what an automatic pool cover can do for you! Perfect for pools less than 18 feet wide and shorter than 38 feet long, a manual safety cover is the simple, flexible yet reliable option for those who demand a … Heating: improves the pool’s heat retention capacity. I'm talking spraying it down with citrus cleaner and scrubbing with a brush. An Elite Pool Cover can be fitted to almost any shaped pool. Automatic Pool Covers. Leak Detection - Isolating pool equipment from Pool, dye testing for leaks. Tweet . "Certain markets have become accustomed to the automatic pool cover. The Standard in Automatic Pool Covers. Automatic Pool Covers (Westfield, IN) manufactures a wheel-less, deck-mounted, fully automatic AutoGuard pool cover system designed specifically for retrofitting onto existing pools. Cover Pools Brake Pad Retrofit Kit - Type 3 This kit comes with 4 replacement brake pads & mounting hardware that can be retrofitted to your Cover Pools Safety Cover System. Automatic pool covers come in a variety of forms some of which are fully automatic as well as a more economical manual automatic pool cover. This Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover can be installed on top of your existing pool deck or added to new pool construction. The unit includes a high-density poly box, coping, electric motor drive, … Compatible with all in-ground, above-ground and mobile models, it installs directly on the slatted cover in just a few minutes. All pools without an automatic cover will need a mesh winter safety cover installed at closing. Roldeck®, manufacturer of slats, has been a leader in the field of swimming-pool covers since 1973. Imagined as a sculpture, it has its place in the most demanding pool projects. While still considered a niche component of the pool, automatic covers are gaining popularity thanks to their ability to reduce the operating costs of a pool and/or spa with the rising costs of energy, and water consumption in arid climates. Safety: An automatic cover protects the pool with a solid barrier to entry. Covers can be installed on most new and existing pools, depending on pool specifications. Automatic Pool Cover- Existing Pool, Here a bench system is designed (at the touch of a button) to automatically drive itself to the edge of your pool and release the pool cover to glide and float seamlessly across the water. I checked that a spool of motorized pool cover reels come with a price tag of $1000 or maybe more. Sales and Installation automatic safety pool covers. Find out why our customers love their Cover-Pools automatic pool cover. We are the best in child safety pool covers and thermal pool covers, promoting a lifestyle choice, not pool covers. For above ground options, new and retrofit designs are available. These will come at an additional cost of $ 1500 to $ 2500. Tri-State Pool Covers can install an Automatic Pool Cover to fit most any shape pool. There are three different types of auto covers for your inground pool. All cover systems are built to meet or exceed industry safety standards (ASTM-1346). Pros: Automatic Pool Covers. Read more articles. The Ivernéa winter cover is a protective screen for automatic covers. We address issues affecting South African pool owners, including child drowning prevention and … There are probably 40 or 50 dealers like that here. Roldeck swimming-pool cover. It can support the … There are automatic pool cover systems with on-deck tracks, on-deck-recessed tracks, and under-coping tracks. The more covers that go in - the more you get into a specific market - it becomes the standard. Whether solar or electric, it adapts perfectly to new build or renovation projects. 3 Types of Auto Covers. A standard in the Automatic Safety Cover industry these days, this Under Track sits in an encapsulation poured into the deck, allowing easy installation and service. Please contact us to discuss your automatic pool cover wishes. Tags: kelowna automatic pool covers, kelowna pool cover. This swimming pool cover translates into a great reduction on your pool heating bill and a much more environmentally friendly way to operate your pool. The low profile tracks can be concealed under the pool coping when the pool is being constructed or the low profile tracks can be mounted on the pool deck allowing any shape pool to be covered within two parallel tracks. Time to talk covers, but more specifically an automatic pool cover. The Cover-Pools automatic cover is the easiest way to keep your pool covered. Hydramatic Pool Covers Hydramatic. Automatic Pool Cover Repairs for Most Makes and Models - including Automatic Pool Cover- Existing Pool. The above ground installation provides an aesthetically pleasing option for existing pool owners. Installation of Automatic Pool Covers on New & Existing Pools (retrofit) Difficult Vinyl Liner Repairs - Tears, holes, and rips. In fact, for many builders, the automatic cover is as an important piece of equipment as the pump and filter, and they include them in … Retrofit Cover from Automatic Pool Covers . Whether you would like to install an automatic safety pool cover to your existing pool (retrofit) or plan to have a pool built soon and would like an automatic safety pool cover built into it, we can provide you with the knowledgeable information, pricing, and installation of your new swimming pool cover. As an all-in-one safety, solar, and winter cover, our automatic pool covers let you kick back, relax, and enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership. The powerful mechanism and motor contribute to the most advanced cover system on the market. PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the leading manufacturer of swimming pool covers, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and with a national distributor network. Retractable Pool Cover Cost. Pool Cover of the Month. A manual reel price starts at $10, but can be as high as $250 for a crank-style reel. The cost of automatic pool covers starts at $10,000 for most installations, but they provide unmatched convenience. Pool owners can add a stainless steel rail system that sits inside the pool water or a safety ledge around the pool which gives the ultimate peace of mind with regards to pool safety. Deck Mounted Automatic Pool Cover – Up To 899 Sq Ft. As with the drain covers and suction outlets, when considering an SVRS, make sure the device meets or exceeds all relevant ASME/ANSI performance standards. I have the AutoGuard automatic pool cover. Join pool designer Mike Farley as he talks about using an automatic pool cover to help make your pool safe. Pool fencing installations too! Every pool cover is custom-made to fit your pool’s size and shape with measurements based on a free onsite estimate conducted by a local professional. Professional automatic pool cover installations in Kelowna and Okanagan. This type of pool cover is mounted under the coping and recess into the included storage box, located under the deck. A retractable pool cover costs about $2,000, including the reel's cost. The system includes a cover housing and uses control technology that prevents damage to components. The unique top-mounted track system will allow this pool cover to be used with free form pools. Call 250-801-1980 for a quote. Ask us how we can retrofit an auto cover on your pool! No matter what style, type or size of pool you have, our expert team will design a custom solution that will leave you 100% satisfied. Automatic Pool Covers New England installs Automatic Pool Cover, Inc. brand systems. We are committed to fulfilling all your automatic pool cover needs by delivering excellence in product, service and technical support promptly and accurately with total commitment to customer satisfaction. Hidrotherm. A excellent, innovatingly designed automatic cover that is exclusive to DEL The Contura above-ground automatic cover combines leading edge technology and an uncompromising design. We all know that an automatic pool cover provide great safety, but the question now comes up is "How much does an Automatic Pool Cover Cost?". The brake pads are made of durable material and serves the purpose of applying pressure to the rope reel of your automatic pool cover system. "Here in Indiana, there are builders that put automatic pool covers on 95 percent of their new pools. The mechanical parts of your cover will be recessed into concrete, so they look as if they have always been part of your pool. That price includes the complete pool kit and automatic cover. It’s available exclusively from Cover-Pools. Retrofit on an Existing Pool. On the surface, most pool covers look similar …but the most important part of any pool cover is the mechanism. When covering the pool, the rope and cover reels spin the other direction, and the rope is wound up, while the cover is unwound. We will coordinate the installation from start to finish, including concrete and electrical work needed. At Aquamatic we have dedicated years of research, engineering and investment to give you the ultimate system at an affordable price. Second, to keep the cover looking good and protected from UV's, you have to clean it. Safety - Exceeds the ASTM pool safety cover standards while providing a powerful layer of protection. 1. Aqua Blue sells and installs winter safety covers from the best manufacturer in the business, Loop-Loc. They have been manufacturing covers since 2003, using only commercial-grade hardware. This 3-channel track allows Coverstar products to utilize the Powerflex Detachable Rope system, and allows the system to be housed underneath the surface of the deck. And Minnesota is the same way. Simply turn a key or press a button, and your pool is protected in under a minute. Our range of NewTech-NZ automated pool covers are well suited to existing (retrofit-type) pools as well as to new pools with dedicated cover-pits built in. For added protection, experts will ask you to pot for safety covers as well. Pool Equipment Repairs - Change & Repair Pool Motors, Plumbing. There are many accessories, which are a must, in case you install an automatic pool cover. You will like the appearance of the pool all winter long and the cleanliness of the cover compared to the old water tube covers of the past. As it stands, the quickest and most cost-effective way to retrofit your pool may be to use an SVRS. Looking to retrofit an auto slat pool cover?