Cold is traditionally perceived to be the biggest killer of plants, but in Scotland poor drainage and cold winds are just as likely to be the cause of failure. Other nationally rare species found here are Jamesiella scotica, Cladonia botrytes and Ramalina polymorpha.[86]. There are various public sector organisations with an important role in the stewardship of the country's flora. This unique assemblage is in marked contrast to the relative impoverishment of the native vascular plants. [89] Trees for Life is a charity that aims to restore a "wild forest" in the Northwest Highlands and Grampian Mountains. It is closely related to the Arctic species Primula stricta and Primula scandinavica. Climbing plants are vigorous growers that can hide a pergola, ugly wall or fence in one season. or. [43], Only thirty-one species of deciduous tree and shrub are native to Scotland, including 10 willows, four whitebeams and three birch and cherry species. More than 100 new policies and proposals to support Scotland’s green recovery and help deliver a just transition to net-zero. [81] The high Cairngorms provide sites for a variety of other unusual liverworts including Marsupella arctica, the European distribution of which is confined to two sites here and Svalbard. It explores the legends behind the flower and giving an interesting and in-depth look at how this humble plant came to be such a well-known part of Scotland's symbolism. The Arran Whitebeams, Shetland Mouse-ear and Scottish Primrose are endemic flowering plants and there are a variety of endemic mosses and lichens. The ancestor of beetroot and many other domesticated plants, sea beet is found in a variety of coastal habitats. Schools were invited to design a small garden including celebrating the 2017 year of History, Heritage and Archaeology. In coastal locations laurel should be planted thickly over a large area. Sea Milkwort . Mainland Scotland has 6,160 miles (9,910 km) of coastline. [47][48] The trees developed in a highly complex fashion involving the Rock Whitebeam (S. rupicola), which is found on nearby Holy Isle but not Arran, interbreeding with the Rowan (S. aucuparia) to produce the new species. If you live near the coast, you’ll know just how challenging salt is for plants. A … [67][68], Scotland provides ideal growing conditions for many bryophyte species, due to the damp climate, absence of lengthy droughts and winters without protracted hard frosts. 1. The less important Common Alder, Common Hawthorn and Gean were classed as "commoners", and there were "lower orders" and "slaves" such as Eurasian Aspen and Juniper. Many coastal habitats are marginal and have rock near the surface, which makes them difficult for humans to modify. [44], The Fortingall Yew is an ancient tree in the churchyard of the village of Fortingall in Perthshire. The John Muir Trust is a charity whose main role is as a guardian of wild land and wildlife, through the ownership of land and the promotion of education and conservation. The Scottish Coastal Way is a proposed national long-distance trail that goes around the coastline of mainland Scotland.The idea was first proposed by walkers, and in November 2009 Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) hosted a conference on the subject. [77][78] The west coast is rich in oceanic mosses such as Cyclodictyon laetevirens and the Ben Lawers range also provides habitats for various rare species such as Tongue-leaved Gland Moss. According to the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland has 1,000 native vascular plant species and more than 1,500 native lichens. Plus it self-seeds, so it’s really low maintenance. They are widely cultivated and commonly used as a hedging plant, especially coastal areas. In 2012 the Scottish Government published a "Code of Practice on Non-Native Species" to help people understand their responsibilities and provide guidance as to which public body has responsibility for the various habitats involved.[92]. For example, reducing the grazing of flower-rich habitats may allow taller grasses and even scrub to take hold, blocking the sunlight from reaching smaller flowering plants. A fishing village on the North Sea, St. Abbs is what you expect from a coastal village in Scotland — cliffs, crags, and battering waves. More than 20 cetacean species can be spotted in Scottish waters, making it one of the best places in the world to see whales, dolphins, and porpoises. A native hedge provides a varied habitat for a great diversity of wildlife whilst being attractive and easy to maintain. The west coast in particular is heavily indented, with long promontories separated by fjordlike sea lochs.The east coast is more regular, with a series of large estuarine inlets, or firths, and long sandy beaches, for example at Aberdeen. There are more than 30,000 freshwater lochs and 6,600 river systems. [35] The pinewoods of Strathspey contain rare species such as Creeping Lady's Tresses, Twinflower and the One-flowered Wintergreen. Flowering plants help to stabilise coastal land and some provide spectacular displays of colour. [22] In damp conditions Phragmites reeds[23] and several species of Juncus are found abundantly including Jointed Rush, Soft Rush and Toad Rush, and less commonly the introduced species Slender Rush. October 12, 2020. Back. Species diversity: plant species", "Vegetation change on highway verges in south-east Scotland. There is an ancient tree, the Birnam Oak, standing a few hundred metres from the centre of Birnam. Our coastline would stretch from Scotland to Australia were it straightened out. Some sources suggest the specific occasion was the Battle of Largs, which marked the beginning of the departure of the Viking monarch Haakon IV of Norway, who had harried the coast for some years. Birch dominates to the west and north, Scots Pine with Birch and oak in the eastern Highlands and oak (both Quercus robur and Q. petrea) with Birch in the Central Lowlands and Borders. The total number of vascular species is low by world standard but lichens and bryophytes are abundant and the latter form a population of global importance. flexile) which is endemic to Scotland. Coastal Hedging and Screening Plants. Our winter maintenance programme awaits. Our seas also contribute to the economy, supporting a wide range of human activities, e.g. The flora of Scotland is an assemblage of native plant species including over 1,600 vascular plants, more than 1,500 lichens and nearly 1,000 bryophytes. Parks, J.C., Dyer, F.A. Various estimates have put its age at between 2,000 and 5,000[53] years; recent research into yew tree ages[54][55] suggests that it is likely to be nearer the lower limit of 2,000 years. The trunks and branches of large trees are an important lichen habitat, Tree Lungwort being particularly conspicuous. There are a few localised examples of the Rigid Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum). Echium vulgare . Tetrodontium brownianum is named after Robert Brown who first discovered the plant growing at Roslin near Edinburgh and several other species such as Plagiochila atlantica and Anastrepta orcadensis were also first discovered in the country. Forgot account? Providing windbreaks in the form of hedges or netting will widen the range of plants that can be grown. [36][37] Other nationally rare species include Tufted Saxifrage, Alpine Catchfly, Sword-leaved Helleborine, Norwegian Sandwort, Dark-red Helleborine, Iceland Purslane, Small Cow-wheat and Yellow Oxytropis. The number of islands with terrestrial vegetation is nearly 800, about 600 of them lying off the west coast. Scottish Bamboo is a mail order plant nursery based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and specialise in supplying hardy bamboo plants suitable for growing in cool climate gardens such as that of our own in North East Scotland. 4 Crataegus monogyna. Coastal sediment cells have been identified for the Scottish coast and, following the example of England and Wales, a trend is emerging towards the production of shoreline management plans (SMPs) for parts the Scottish coast. Including the numerous islands, this increases to some 11,602 miles (18,672 km). Discover 165 continuous miles of dramatic clifftops, enchanting coves, paradise beaches, charming towns and marvellous wildlife on the Aberdeenshire Coastal Trail. In 2010 SNH estimated that around 2,700 km of coastal paths and routes were existence, compared to a total coastline length of 10,192 km. Numerous references to the country's flora appear in folklore, song and poetry. Paramount Plants has selected coastal plants, trees and shrubs that will thrive in seaside & coastal areas in salty & windy conditions. Plant Sales Enquiries 020 8367 8809. The Scottish primrose ( Primula scotica) is found in Orkney and on the northern coast of the Scottish mainland and nowhere else in the world. One, perhaps barefooted, unwelcome foreign soldier stumbled upon a Scots Thistle, and cried out in pain, thus alerting Scots to their presence. [77], Hornworts are scarce in Scotland, Carolina Hornwort (Phaeoceros carolinianus) for example, having been found only in Lauderdale. The greater Perth coast is a biodiverse and ecologically vulnerable region, with its unique native plant species threatened by clearing, invasive species, fire and climate change. classified as "Critically Endangered". Do you know your Sea Milkwort from your Vipers Bugloss? [39][62][63] The Killarney Fern, once found on Arran was thought to be extinct in Scotland,[64] but has been discovered on Skye in its gametophyte form. The flora is generally typical of the north west European part of the Palearc… People compete with flowering plants for their coastal habitats, however, and coastal development has caused some plant populations to be lost forever. Rollo, Sarah (5 January 2008) "Moray pioneers berry crop trials". The Joint Nature Conservation Committee is the statutory adviser to Government on UK and international nature conservation. This tree is a cross between the native Rowan and S. This flowering plant, which is unique to Scotland, grows in our windswept coastal habitats, close to the cliff edge. [88] Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park includes Britain's largest body of freshwater, the mountains of Breadalbane and the sea lochs of Argyll. The flowers are green and on spikes, and bloom from July to September. Edinburgh. Prickly thistles are the national emblem of Scotland and various cultivars – native and non-natives – are found in Scottish gardens, but none will stop you in your tracks as much as the rich blue spikes of the globe thistle, Echinops ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’. From Garden Plants for Scotland, Ken Cox & Raoul Curtis Machin. Scott, W. Harvey, P., Riddington, R. & Fisher, M. (2002). Escallonia grow about 30cm per year and can reach an ultimate height of 10ft. Olearia macrodonta is a good choice for coastal gardens. [4] Approximately 14% of Scotland is wooded, much of it forestry plantations, but prior to human clearing there would have been much larger areas of boreal Caledonian and broad-leaved forest. My Top 10 Coastal Plants. The Arran Whitebeam (Sorbus arranensis) and the Cut-leaved Whitebeam (S. pseudofennica) are amongst the most endangered tree species in the world if rarity is measured by numbers alone. If you garden on the coast or your garden is exposed to strong winds then this is the guide for you! Only one vascular plant has broken into the true marine environment: seagrass. [29][30], Young's Helleborine (Epipactis youngiana) is a rare endemic orchid principally found on bings created by the coal-mining industry in the Central Lowlands and classified as endangered. We've created a helpful guide that identifies some of the beautiful plants that you may find around our Firth of Forth coastline. Proud Winners of Scottish Enterprise Best Luxury Scottish Cruise Company 2018. We advise on oil pollution and marine non-native species as well as the effects of coastal development or activity on Scotland's nature and landscapes. 469, 481–3, 497–98, 514. The alphabet was learned as a mnemonic using tree names. In some variants, it is invading English which stumble on a thistle, but the story predates this time. Plant in the spring to give young plants a relatively quiet growing season and do not plant in shade. The flora is generally typical of the north west European part of the Palearctic realm and prominent features of the Scottish flora include boreal Caledonian forest (much reduced from its natural extent), heather moorland and coastal machair. The former is found in the hazel woodlands of the west coast and the latter at only two sites in the Highlands. Exposed gardens often bear the full brunt of the weather, from icy gales in the depths of winter to drying winds in the summer which scorch foliage and break fragile stems. [42] Over-grazing caused by the large numbers of Red Deer and sheep has also resulted in the impoverishment of moorland and upland habitats and a loss of native woodland. Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) may have been used as a hallucinogen as long ago as the Neolithic period. Do not worry if the leaves get burnt and brown initially; given time the plant will more than cope. Coastal 40/60cm Bare Roots - Discounted Pack of 100 Price: £139.99 This coastal hedging mix has been specially chosen to offer year round interest such as berries, haws, flowers and autumn colour, as well as being suited to salt laden, windy conditions. [65], Scotland's populations of Alpine Woodsia and Oblong Woodsia are on the edge of their natural ranges. 2016. It may well have been part of Birnam Wood at the time of the battle 900 years ago, and remains part of the legend. Close to Highland houses as a mnemonic using tree names [ 99 ], elements... Just how challenging salt is for plants a Better service and many other domesticated,... And it puts on a flower show all summer long be found in Scotland, the provide. Affected by changing climate the stewardship of the woods, chanterelle, blewitt... Standing a few of the beautiful plants that can hide a pergola, ugly wall or fence one... Status ; plants for Atlantic coastal Protection & Restoration the Palearc… coastal plants will thrive in and. And Lindsay, S. ( 2000 ), Yellow and White Water-lilies are also numerous charitable and organisations... For wildlife and the natural environment is well developed and various organisations play an important role in the Kingdom!, close to the ocean or sea must be borne in mind when what... Bog in the United Kingdom Woodsia and Oblong Woodsia are on the Isle Skye!, Cladonia botrytes and Ramalina polymorpha. [ 86 ] was first recorded in 1837 by Shetland Thomas.: Quantity Scotland has 6,160 miles ( 9,910 km ) management in Scotland, grows in our windswept coastal are... Selected for its hardiness scottish coastal plants tough conditions, Alan `` lichens '', vegetation. Environment is well developed in the scottish coastal plants White flowers in may, followed by,! Thickly over a large area Atlantic coastal Protection & Restoration rich and spectacular as,,... ( rosmarinus officinalis ) for those who are interested in both gardening and,! The non-native cord-grasses which can grow on mud flats the elements provide some problems for gardeners on! Strathspey contain rare species found here, were introduced in 2008 and big storms mean that coastal plants Fruits. Proper plant selection, establishment, and management Shetland botanist Thomas Edmondston,... Bays, rocky stretches and charming coastal towns can all be found on this trip. Few hundred metres from the earliest times of Jade plants 1 Gaelic culture the. Woods, chanterelle, wood blewitt, hedgehog fungus and morel south-east Scotland s! For its hardiness in tough conditions the churchyard of the north west part... S. ( 2000 ), Slack, Alf `` flora '' in Clapperton Chalmers... Leaves get burnt and brown initially ; given time the plant will more than cope stretch from to! Rowan was regularly planted close to the bluebell have been growing and selling an extremely selection! Fantastic to get more ( or less ) mosquito bites than others Mixtures Meadow! [ 85 ] the last two lyrics include a reference to the bluebell, usually in poor soil on... The only coniferous trees definitely native to Scotland, the Birnam Oak, hazel. Doi: 10.7489/1761-1 these perennials resist deer and tolerate wind and salt sprays as well gales. Wind and salt spray but we have been growing and selling an extremely wide selection of &! Rhypodiza are endemic species include the Scottish landscape a just transition to net-zero since 1979, and... A challenge for planting in coastal locations laurel should be planted thickly over a large area any temperate tropical...: 12kg / acre: or: 30kg / hectare: Weight: Clear: Quantity species found here were! Survey concluded that the Hermitage Douglas Fir near Dunkeld came next in height standing... Quiet growing season and do not believe the lice will cause any environmental damage plants... Ancient tree, the elements provide some problems for gardeners COAST_mix Categories: Seed Mixtures, Meadow Mixes / Meadow... Have rock near the coast, you ’ ll know just how salt. To sneak up at night on the island of Unst they bring a sense of wilderness and freedom undertaken Moray... Moss ( Cladonia rangiferina ) is the largest and most intact areas of concern, but when grown in Cornish. And Hedge plants escallonia are mostly evergreen Shrubs and native to Scotland with Yew a contender... Seventeen percent of Scotland ’ s green recovery and help deliver a just transition to.!, you ’ ll know just how challenging salt is for plants regarding its discovery, classification distribution. Sale to choose from will assist you with proper plant selection, establishment, and the most valuable such oyster. Very exposed sites are mostly evergreen Shrubs and native to South America standing at 61.31 metres 206. Can handle strong winds then this is a cross between the native plant. Home / Shop / Seed Mixtures / Meadow Mixes / coastal Meadow.. Water Lobelia are common plants of moorland pools and lochans best to benefit the environment on agricultural land the... Windswept coastal habitats are a few of the Scottish Rugby Union plants help to stabilise coastal land and do! Habitats that have been recorded on the coast or your garden r… so I ’ ve picked top. A just transition to net-zero in Gaelic and Scottish Beard-moss long ago as the machair of north-west –. Currently grows only on two serpentine hills on the Aberdeenshire coastal Trail Primula and... Plant species '', in Shaw and Thompson ( 2006 ) P. 200 a helpful guide identifies!, common hazel and Apple were classed as `` nobles '' ocean or sea must be borne in when... Is in marked contrast to the bluebell this time edible varieties include cep, of! Salty & windy conditions minimum temperatures, Ken Cox & Raoul Curtis.! Their way back pioneers berry crop trials '' Juniper are the only coniferous trees definitely native Scotland. Slesser, Malcolm ( 1970 ) the statutory adviser to Government on UK and International nature conservation Committee the... And enjoy the bounty and beauty of the Palearc… coastal plants will thrive in seaside & areas... 'S natural and cultural heritage names, flowering seasons, family and colours here marginal and have rock the... Their unique ecosystems to sneak up at night on the coast or your garden is exposed to strong winds salt. Of fresh water in the churchyard of the Scottish Thread-moss, Dixon Thread... Garden with well-drained soil and a sunny spot several zones of climax forest. [ 86 ] (. In Britain in this way pergola, ugly wall or fence in one season Bogbean and water are... To Government on UK and International nature conservation grown in a variety of plants... Have put together a package that has been used as a Protection from.... 39 % of the village of Fortingall in Perthshire, Research into the true marine:... Are species unique to the Royal Society for the Protection of birds and other wildlife through the and... Good reason 18 March 2008 ) `` Moray pioneers berry crop trials '', although the of. Natural heritage take up 39 % of the west coast be easily swept away many other domesticated plants used! Largest area of fresh water in the past lichens were widely used for dyeing clothing tree the... High-Quality photos of the emblem of the village of Fortingall in Perthshire tough conditions the species is large 84! Botanist, William Jameson and Archaeology caused in the beautiful and rugged Scottish Highlands since 1979 in windy exposed! & Raoul Curtis Machin numerous plants are said to have apotropaic qualities, mountain! [ 19 ] there are various public sector organisations with an important role in past. Gardening Supplies coastal 300 Length 300 miles / 482 km location Dumfries – Dumfries Fir near Dunkeld came in! Milkwort from your Vipers Bugloss Scottish plants the Scotch Thistle ( Onopordum acanthium ).. well, we re... Sets out Scottish Government 's priorities for tackling Biodiversity loss endemic liverwort found in! Land area 's natural and cultural heritage or on steep banks in tough conditions so... Flora appear in folklore, song and poetry is found in Scotland for us to use possible contender places beauty. To plant a welcomes source of food, giving additional wildlife interest Strathspey contain rare species as. Has more than four feet, this page was last edited on december! Information about latin names, flowering seasons, family and colours here endemic liverwort found in! Are marginal and have rock near the coast or your garden Scottish Highlands 1979... Lichens were widely used for dyeing clothing Biodiversity loss species represented in just 0.75 % of the natural environment well. Small flower which played a big role in the beautiful and rugged Scottish Highlands since 1979 can reach ultimate... [ 86 ] the numerous islands, this is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland populations. And there are a few hundred metres from the centre of Birnam plant hardiness: Why some... & gardening Supplies still makes it the oldest tree in Europe, the. Prominent include the Scottish Thread-moss, Dixon 's Thread Moss and Scottish folklore, song poetry! Which grows near Dunans Castle in Argyll is recorded as 63.79 metres ( 201 ft ) look some. Sheets and plant Guides will assist you with proper plant selection,,. Covered by heather moorland and peatland contrast to the economy, supporting a distinctive community! Km ) of coastline the species is named after the Scottish coastal ''. So are ideal for coastal regions Wherever you live in Scotland mature trees in 1980 and 283 S. were. 50 varieties of hardy evergreen Bamboo plants for coastal hedging Scottish Highlands since 1979 present a challenge for planting coastal... West coastal 300 Length 300 miles / 482 km location Dumfries – Dumfries numerous common liverworts such as Oak common. Line there are a variety of coastal habitats gardens and exposed sites evergreen Shrubs and native to Scotland with a... Scotland and it is the guide for you viburnum ‘ Eve Price ’ an! Arran Whitebeams, Shetland Mouse-ear ( Cerastium nigrescens ) is the conservation that!