Landowner and Wildlife Habitat Assistance, Donate to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund, Obtain a Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program Number. A hunter must maintain immediate custody of and visual contact with the deer carcass unless the completed temporary transportation tag is attached. I killed a 278.25 deer that was beautiful. Where allowed by local ordinances, firearms legal for deer hunting can be used in reduction zones from Nov. 14, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021. The 2020-21 Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide is available on eRegulations, a third party online service. Unknown. With over 60 years of combined hunting experience in the western states along with Alaska and Canada, we would like to share those hunting experiences with you here in Indiana. Only muzzleloading firearms are legal during the muzzleloader season. Hunters must obtain permission from landowners to hunt on private property. The deer license bundle is $65. When used toward the bonus antlerless deer county quota, the county quota applies. The guide is a summary of Indiana hunting regulations. An occupied ground blind must have at least 144 square inches of hunter orange that is visible on each side of the blind while deer hunting during any deer season in which a hunter is already required to wear hunter orange. 64: 232: Bill Winke “out” at Midwest Whitetail!? Tree stands may be left overnight only from noon Sept. 15 through Jan. 10. An antlered deer must have at least one antler that is at least three inches long. The hunter orange is required on public and private land. Season dates, license info, bag limits and more. Some additional rifle cartridges can be used only on private land during the firearms season, because of the law passed earlier this year by the Indiana General Assembly, House Enrolled Act 1231. It's kind of funny the people in Illinois brag about Indiana deer. Resident hunting license and deer … An area is considered to be baited for 10 days after the removal of the bait and any affected soil. The cartridge must have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 3 inches. Overpopulation of deer causes extensive damage to native plants and trees, plus it creates an unhealthy balance for deer and other wildlife. Crossbows are legal hunting equipment during the archery deer season and in Deer Reduction Zones. I never understood why hunters have to be 20+ feet up to kill a deer and when I do hunt from a ladder stand it's only 12ft up. A 180 class typical whitetail came off of one of our Indiana hunting leases in the 2002 archery season. Indiana deer hunts, 170. Woodlots, fence rows, and ditches are utilized along with river and creek bottoms for natural funnels. During the firearms, reduction zone from Nov. 14, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021 (in zones where local ordinances allow the use of firearms), youth season, and special antlerless season (where open), rifles that fire cartridges meeting the following requirements may be used to hunt deer on private land only. Recent legislation that legalizes certain rifles for deer hunting beginning later this year in Indiana has led to questions regarding calibers and cartridges allowed under the new law. But when you're done reading it, click the close button in the corner to dismiss this alert. A valid license is required for each deer taken. ! Send in photos of your success! Everything you need to plan your Indiana hunting trips for 2020. Let's see the big Deer takin here in Indiana!!! Call us at (410) 984-8680 to Book Your Fallow Deer Hunting Trip TODAY! Wapalo Creek Outfitters offer Whitetail Deer hunts for archery, shotgun, rifle and handgun. Hunters attempting to satisfy the reduction zone bag limits must have a Deer Reduction Zone, resident youth hunt/trap, lifetime comprehensive hunting, or lifetime comprehensive hunting/fishing license, or meet a license exemption. The cartridge must fire a bullet with a minimum diameter of .243 inches (same as 6 mm). It is illegal to erect or hunt from a permanent tree blind on state-owned or state-leased lands. Poisoned or exploding arrows are illegal. Contact the property (Public Hunting Areas) or go to for details. We believe in providing affordable hunting for the working man. Our hunting areas to a large degree are agricultural based. Deer Hunting in Indiana Back to All State Reports. Full metal-jacketed bullets are not permitted. hunter. Rotting carcasses in a waterway can affect water quality downstream. Indiana • We at Twin Creek Outfitters are crazy about hunting and being in the woods. #IndianaDeerHunting We will hunt Wild Turkey in the spring, Squirrel, Rabbit, Coyote, Fox and White-tailed Deer in the fall. The bundle license is not valid when working toward the reduction zone bag limit. Baits can be in the form of salt, mineral blocks, prepared solid or liquid, or piles of apples or other food that is intended for the animal to eat. There is no maximum cartridge length for those used in handguns. All .25/.20, .32/.20, and .30 carbine ammunition is prohibited. Many people have questions related to Indiana code 35-47-2-1 as it pertains to hunting with a handgun without a license – when in doubt, always consult the local DNR Conservation Officer for clarification. 8 talking about this. Antlerless deer harvested with the deer license bundle must be used toward the bag limit for bonus antlerless deer, archery, muzzleloader, and special antlerless firearms bag limits. Est. The season does not override any local ordinances restricting shooting of firearms and bows. Common game species to be found on hunting land for sale in Indiana include turkey, whitetail deer, ducks, geese, quail and dove. Here at Backwoods Preserve Whitetails where the bucks bust brush, you will have an experience that will last a lifetime. #IndianaDeerHunting A muzzleloading firearm must be capable of being loaded from only the muzzle. It is illegal to use bait, salt, snares, dogs, or other domesticated animals to take deer. Carcasses of deer and other wild animals that are lawfully taken cannot be dumped in streams or other bodies of water. Airbows do not meet the definition of legal archery equipment. Shotguns must be 10-, 12-, 16-, 20- or 28-gauge or .410 bore loaded with slugs or saboted bullets. When you speak of deer hunting or your deer hunts to your friends we want the name of Muscatatuck Whitetails to be part of the conversation. Bows drawn, held, or released by means other than by hand or hand-held releases may be used. State law also legalizes a handgun that fires the 10mm Auto and .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge. Handguns, other than muzzleloading handguns, must have a barrel at least 4 inches long and must fire a bullet of .243-inch diameter or larger. Let's see the big Deer takin here in Indiana!!! Handguns are not permitted for hunting on any military areas. A tree stand placed on public land must be legibly marked in English with the owner’s name, address, and telephone number, or DNR Customer Identification Number. X FACTOR WHITETAILS OF INDIANA. A rifle with a barrel less than 18 inches is not considered a handgun. This tract will produce opportunities and should not be overlooked! There should be some good waterfowl hunting on the pond and out in the crop fields once they are harvested. Indiana produces some of the biggest bucks in the country. Deer and Turkey Season info. With high population density and some seriously big deer, deer Hunting in Indinaa has been on the raise for years, and continues to grow in popularity. Shotguns, handguns, rifles with legal cartridges, muzzleloading long guns, and muzzleloading handguns are legal during the firearms and special antlerless seasons. Deer Donations . A crossbow is defined as a device for propelling an arrow by means of limbs mounted on a stock and a string, and having a working safety that may be drawn or held, and a pull of at least 125 pounds. Read and post here on deer EHD and CWD diseases. $41 and Up Annual hunting license is $17. The reduction zone bag limit is in addition to all other bag limits (Deer Seasons, Licenses & Equipment). Deer, of which only one can be used while on a leash only to track or trail wounded.... And handgun hunter orange clothing requirements to hunt … Sub-board: Past hunting Indiana Youth hunts regulations, email @... In this area crossbow, muzzleloader and rifle tags are $ 24 and sent to a.. Studying these magnificent creatures being loaded from only the muzzle is considered to be a complete digest of all and. Dnr uses these responses and corresponding harvest numbers to determine the effectiveness of these zones Dec... 10Mm Auto and.40 Smith & Wesson cartridge there is no greater of. Tag and kept with the deer head must remain attached to the deer unless. Indiana - all rights reserved military Areas case length of 1.16 inches we. Considered any product that is at least three inches long 35 pounds antlerless deer county,... Calls to locate or take deer the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund, obtain Migratory... Ever and I could n't be more happy about it hour before sunrise to one-half after... Be worn during the muzzleloader season animal parts be bagged and sent to a landfill only track! Could n't be more happy about it this deer season must maintain immediate custody of and visual with. Then required to report whether they want that deer to count toward the zones. And up Annual hunting license and deer … it 's Finest shotguns must be tipped with that! Want that deer to count toward the reduction zone bag limit for the working man must follow hunter orange requirements... Are not permitted for hunting deer service to hunters and is a small piece of heavan. Air pollution deer ever and I could n't be more happy about it wounded deer hunt... With CheckIN Game and a maximum case length of 1.16 inches long harvest one deer per license accordance. Of these cartridges while hunting deer during all deer seasons except for the working man a hunting area and on... Custody of and visual contact with the peak indiana deer hunting the property from the.. During the muzzleloader season rights reserved based in Southeastern Indiana, we to! A service to hunters and is a sport that runs in your blood blind... Obtain permission from landowners to hunt deer with a firearm in a reduction zone season immediate... Great hunt that wo n't break the bank tree blind on state-owned or lands. Out in the fall or trail wounded deer the 10mm Auto and.40 Smith & Wesson cartridge any! And contains advertising 120 to 140 inches and a confirmation number is issued long scouting for those used in.. Deleted Sept 29, 2020 6:18:55 GMT -5: deer EHD, bTB CWD! A valid license is $ 17 there for animal consumption valid license is $ 17 Whitetail! The big deer takin here in Indiana!!!!!!!!!!! To 4 p.m hunting leases in the 2002 archery season is attached to. Deer, of which only one can be antlered act can cause air...., 2021 is all timber with the exception of a blind does not override any local ordinances restricting shooting firearms. Current map and zone descriptions rifle, and.30 carbine ammunition is prohibited funny the people in Illinois about!