The ultimate resistance level you need will depend on the types of driving conditions you will be in. At 42 inches, this is one of the larger LED light bars this company provides. Nilight’s LED Light Bar is 100 percent waterproof and dustproof. This allows superior illumination with multiple beam angles. Consisting of individual light cores, the Array is essentially five to 15 lights wired together. The small profile and identical designs of each individual core make it easy to mount and connect multiple Arrays together so you can expand as much as you want. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. This gives you everything you need to install this light bar. Some manufacturers do offer different color temperatures, with a few models even allowing you to change the color yourself, but white gives you the best illumination. Use it with construction vehicles, garden or backyard lighting or in your garage. In addition to the high-quality light output, the bar has a good spread that hovers somewhere between a true spot and flood light angle. It’s safe to say that if you drive an off-road vehicle, an LED light bar can be extremely useful. Pay attention to the light specifications or product manual to see what the power requirements are for each light. With that said, the build quality and light intensity (around 5,000 lumens on average) give a lot of value for the steep cost. The 15 Best LED Grow Lights for the Money 2.1. The light bar is made with high-quality head conduction silicone gel. With an adjustable mounting bracket, this light can move up to 45 degrees. Not only are Samsung LM301H diodes LED diodes currently one of the best LED chips in terms of PAR-coverage and light-intensity, but they're also the best-value-for-money LED diodes that you can get (will keep the cost of electricity down). It comes with a full instruction manual that makes installation easy for any DIYer. The combination beam creates a unique design that provides more powerful illumination than other LED light bars. The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. The main difference between most light bars, besides the size and bulbs, is the shape. I'm thinking of getting a light bar for the 3 to go on the brush guard so im looking for a 30". This is why many people mount heavy-duty LED bars onto their off-roading vehicles for extra illumination in these challenging conditions. You don't have to buy light bars from the same brand, but it can help with the final look and compatibility with the lights you mount. It can be adjusted to about 45 degrees so you can change the direction of the light beam easily. Circular tubes and T-slots make it easy to slide or clamp light bars on and off with the right accessories. Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. f15+ Best LED Grow Lights Reviews for Weed, Cannabis, Money (June 2020 Updated): Choosing a grow light for your grow room can be confusing if you are growing for the first time.However, for any growing cannabis business (or even recreational growing operation), it’s very important.. Both the work lights and the LED bars have an aluminum construction featuring a 0.8-inch waterproof seal. It is waterproof and anti-heat with aluminum alloy housing. Hi, I'm Aaron Cardwell. There is also a flood light beam (aka flood beams) for broad viewing. The company has superior LED light bars, and this driving light is no exception. 2. The high intensity of light can cause a high temperature to occur which can damage the functionality. Hand washing is the recommended way of cleaning your car when you have anything mounted to it, light bars included. More expensive than most budget-friendly and midpoint options, the Array lights are quite the investment, especially if you want to buy more than one for a more complex setup. Make sure you research your local and state laws before you purchase any of these products. The KC HiLiTES C-Series is a group of simple LED light bars that offers a lot of versatility when it comes to picking the light you need for your unique setup.