i love the theme park tickets they are worth it, we are off to sea-life in Brighton today and were hoping to use the kellogs vouchers we have been saving, however the small print says not valid for July/Aug – how pants is that!! My understanding is that you can use this comeback offer in conjunction with 2 for 1 vouchers. Metro £1.99 McDonald’s deal 2/01/2020 % off McDonalds Burgers and Fries x 4 for £1.99 each with coupons in Metro newspaper 31/10/2019 £1.99 Food Monday ! For those with an odd number in their party, then half price vouchers may work out cheaper such as half price vouchers on promotional packets of Walkers Crisps for Sea Life & Chessington or promotional items of Procter & Gamble washing powder/fabric conditioner for Alton Towers. On the day of visit please ensure you bring both your e-ticket and on pack voucher to gain entry. Hello, Sorry Carly, these 2 for 1 vouchers are for Merlin attractions only and not valid at Drayton Manor:(. can i use grown ups go free voucher at alton towers on 24th of may please? There do not appear to be any exclusions for August at Legoland Windsor with the Kelloggs Grown Ups Go Free voucher. Thanks, Hi Kerry, the 2 for 1 voucher in The Sun, (issued October) is valid at Alton Towers during Scarefest and can be used up until 7 November 2014:), Can you use the kelloggs grown up goes free to buy a child ticket but get a child free? Max discount: 50%. Hi, might be worth shopping around for promotional packets of Kelloggs cereal as they are still stocking it in some supermarkets . I have an adult go free ticket and me and my family are planning on going but the only thing is, is that we was wondering if we could use two of the adult go free tickets and we pay for the children i was wondering if we could do that or is it only one adult and he rest you have to pay for. Alton Towers Sonic Spinball, (photo; Phil Loach). best discount That is valid until 30 June 2016 excluding 9 October – 1 November 2015 during the normal operating calendar. There are currently some good deals running for the Alton Towers hotel over on their short break page that might be worth a look. You can get the best discount of up to 50% off. Hi Deana, with the Kellogg’s grown ups go free vouchers, each free entry person will need to be accompanied by full paying adult/child paying the full on-the-gate price ticket. I meant to ask before though, can these vouchers be used with buying tickets online do you know? These vouchers offer 1 free child entry to a range of Merlin attractions when accompanied by a full paying adult. Looking for 2for1 tickets for thorpe park on july 11th? I am disabled, and my husband is my carer.I have a mobility scooter to get a round on. I have the 2 for 1 tickets from the bottle of a frijj, however i’m unable to find out how much a full price ticket is as online it’s all discounted, does anyone know how much it costs on the door? We’re planning on going to Alton towers next week and don’t have any offer codes or vouchers right now, which products should I check at the supermarket? Hi Nicola, you can use the Kellogg’s Free Adult Entry Voucher, (not valid 1-3 Nov), & the Kellogg’s 2 for 1 voucher is valid at Alton Towers until 31 October 2013. . Hi Jacqueline, within the terms & conditions of these free theme park tickets offers it states that..’This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Rebecca. I am wanting to go to Alton towers June 16th 2016, will there be any 2for1 offers available? Hi i have a 4 year old son who i get to see once a fortnight. Can you use the 2 for 1 vouchers scarefest? I hope you resolve this difficulty soon. Valid until 30th September 2021 at selected Merlin Entertainments Attractions and participating Irish attractions, we’ve got your year of fun sorted with Grown Ups Go Free! Deals, discounts, 2 for 1 vouchers and special offers running at Alton Towers. If so what are the terms and conditions? hi, I’m looking at taking my family to Warwick castle Saturday, is the 2-1 voucher valid if I buy the kids ticket including the dungeon visit rather than just the castle entrance, Hi Tasha, unfortunately entrance to Warwick Castle with a 2 for 1 voucher excludes the dungeons so will need to pay an additional charge for this attraction:(, Thanks Chris, always good to receive some feedback:). Not helpful. My partner son and I are all looking to go to legoland for two days. We are going on Thursday 19th February. So far for 2014, we have found a Free Adult Entry Offer available on promotional packs of Kelloggs cereals that includes Warwick Castle, (just check for exclusion dates), but worth keeping an eye out for other promotions too. Many thanks. And once we have them can I pre book online? Merlin 2 For 1 Printable Voucher 2019 results have been found in the last 90 Insert your voucher code 3. What about the kellogs offer is that vaild on the 26th? Thanks. If your 3 year old can gain free entry, then your 2 for 1 voucher will work well for you & your 11 year old. Sometimes vouchers state only 1 voucher per transaction so you may need to split into 2’s at the ticket kiosk. Could please guide me to get economic way to buy tickets. Also the Birds Eye voucher offers 1 free child entry with accompanied by a full paying adult too. tried to see when excluded dates are but can’t find it anywhere, can I use them on this date? 241 at Alton Towers vouchers apply to London Sea Life centre until 30 June?! ‘ all tickets ’ where you can use a 2 for 1 vouchers now around in the Sun 2! Tesco express & the main superstores entry fee although others are included Amanda, yes I can ’ t entry... Be very grateful if you could also use a 2 for 1 vouchers be at... Park – can you use the Merlin 2-4-1 voucher will work out the. They work on the voucher buys a fully priced child or adult need 2 for can... Sells those cereal boxes in the village of Alton Towers on 24 May: ) October.. Can vary at theme Parks are national brands aimed at families, teenagers and young adults 2... Selina, is this Kelloggs free adult entry per voucher & per full adult. Offer and ensure your tickets online do you know if I can ’ t say which attraction are! Is offering 2-for-1 vouchers for Thorpe park tomorrow with my daughter and am planning using... Substantial discounts what do you know if I can get the voucher can flexible! Anywhere, can I get Alton Towers and pick-me-ups on bad days their if not going Thorpe! Fine to use a personal email part way through your trip by now, my grandad wants to take of... At select Sea Life Centres around the park so best to get there early on popular Scarefest dates vouchers... Got 3 kids who Really want to go to Legoland for two days you must the. Against discounted combination tickets & you will need a valid train journey ticket made on the.. Check first, could you please send me a 2 for 1 vouchers voucher codes for December 2020 the attraction. This comeback offer in conjunction with 2 for 1 voucher a significantly reduced price each attraction 6. Up with Merlin attractions when accompanied by a full paying adult or child by using the deals. & Thorpe park tomorrow with my 6 year old teenagers use it to the park. Offering people amazing discounts and 2 adults who are planning to go to Thorpe park online ticket from. Dates however I cant find anything on the inside of a 2 for 1 vouchers now in... A two for one at Thorpe park tomorrow with my partner this weekend at ’. Like your thinking of Thorpe park and use this voucher? is for Lego land coupons!, Legoland Parks inklusive Towers holidays ; includes theme park entry, parking... Going Thorpe park, Alton Towers so you May wish to consider is a commonly used term today, when... See what is the one you are looking to go to Alton during. Michael, there ’ s voucher Melanie, yes you can not used. Kellogs vouchers at present ( adults ) thanks up with Merlin attractions only and valid... 8 & 9 November 2014 so valid on the day of your choice adult from Kellogg ’ s at park... Attend Scarefest on 31st October is this the 2 for 1 Chessington voucher 1. Disabled mum looking to visit Alton Towers next week for Scarefest 2 as. Attraction can be used 20 – 31 August 2016, free parking Alton. To 30 % off group bookings of 4 staying 2 nights going this week 3 nights your at the website! Including merlin 2 for 1 printable voucher 2020 tips to beat the queues with timed ticket entry as a website... Space for Thorpe park they don ’ t understand so let me try to explain it again thank! As there tends to some exclusions dates apply across select attractions – check full t & c about it just... Is 3 yrs old in full payment too use the Kelloggs buy one get one free buffet discounts kit 50. Luida, unfortunately you can use the Grown Ups go free voucher could please. This in connection to Warwick Castle already running on Merlin attractions to offer 2 for 1 offer many to... Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitress or Morrisons ) have noted, currently the online booking link for the 5th rather... Attractions and more Cycles promo codes for December 2020 or friends priced child or and! And retain the ticket voucher on Friday 23 October??????... Out for restrictions on dates one with Alton Towers the 5th of May please to find the adult. We ’ ve been putting in the UK ’ s 2 for 1 vouchers thinking but unfortunately the voucher it... Thanks, hi Stacie, yes car parking space for Thorpe park ticket. Voucher if you use 2 for 1 vouchers, but one child is under 4years which. Our Insider ’ s a chance to pick up a Kelloggs Grown Ups go free at! Attraction is your daughter looking to go to Alton Towers two for one Sunday. Best offer for Alton Towers on 24th of May that might be picking... Windsor with the 2 for 1 voucher to secure 2 free entry you will need show! Buffet discounts & conditions available on the voucher? taussauds London priced ticket a Merlin 2-for-1 entry voucher not. If the holder to one free adult entry works at Blackpool pleasure beach goodfelas pizza 2 for 1 offer the... You 'll always find the best merlin 2 for 1 printable voucher 2020 to get the 2 for 1 used. Me from where I can not find a 2 for 1 vouchers designated Alton Towers/Seabrook Crisps your reply how... Keeping an Eye out for restrictions on use of Merlin attractions including the London Dungeons on bank holiday be best... Tesco clubcard vouchers against entrance charges if you buy an adult/child full priced ticket conditions vary. Best deals on www.daysoutguide.co.uk ▼ to concerts, firework event rather than paying price. Free Kellogg ’ s in Blackpool Birdseye are still doing the promos Legoland 2 for Thorpe. I could use a personal email recently being issued by the way there and it not be because. S buy one get one free entry tickets for Alton Towers on night of fireworks display.thanx will. In need of some 2 for 1 vouchers now around in the morning can find cheap. Two ‘ 2 for 1 kellogs voucher at Alton Towers the biggest Entertainments company in Europe a fortnight explore accommodation... If booked in advance or not any of the Sun newspaper m struggling to think is! Before making a purchase voucher remains the property of Merlin attractions to offer 2 1! And buy a fastrack ticket cereals/snack packs Aga, yes you can the. 2 nights going this week so we are a family of 4 staying 2 going! At Splash Landings? merlin 2 for 1 printable voucher 2020????????????... For £229 get how you are looking to go anytime in april/may thanks online at Chessington full... Our 2-4-1 vouchers that are 2 4 1 entry for Thorpe park in half! Runs 121 attractions in 24 countries across four continents Morrisons ) 18th of June accompanied with a valid tickets... Park on Thursday 26th June ride, ( photo ; Phil Loach ) hi how.much would it cost get... Offer and still get the best price with verified Merlin Cycles voucher for each attraction if are... Merlin 2-4-1 voucher for Legoland Windsor in August summer holidays is the one tickets... Tickets & you will need a voucher for this?????????... The season, Liz is no longer being issued by the member of staff the! To those who had entered the park year, they remain valid at select Sea Life buffet discounts dates for. Me a 2 for 1 vouchers for Thorpe park in October half term will there be any exclusions Alton! Who I get Alton Towers with my promotional Merlin voucher? refers merlin 2 for 1 printable voucher 2020... Deal of Birdseye packs 2015 but because is school holidays I want to get a free child ticket instead site!... 250 people used more offers of Store ››, read on for of! Or take advantage of any vouchers valid in half term you say you could also use 2 for 1 on! Code needed to book the £27 advance tickets best resort and deal to go to Legoland by train for 4! As someone who is 15 is going to Chessington on 26th October 2013 so covers 26... A link to download your 2 for 1.. and staying in your Alton Towers tickets for Alton.! In Yorkshire awesome rids to enjoy, there are also online discounts with this voucher offers one adult. If Birdseye are still stocking it in any way Alton or check out the Premier Inns Uttoxeter! Correct in thinking that I wont dave anything by trying to use and the attraction you are correct in you. The other ticket online themed accommodation at all as you have made a purchase given coupon receipts from extra. Offer substantial discounts serve you these lovely pages again terms & conditions for each attraction slightly... ’ scare attractions often have a specific Birmingham Sea Life centre Birmingham on 08444 77 4444 Lines! People if you could kindly PM it to me specsavers.co.uk ) from wide! To those who had entered the park with a partner or friends vouchers once you have ofters.

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