Question: A man lives on the 100 th floor of an apartment building. But how? 24. ... How long is the answer to this question? 33. We’ve selected the best brain trick questions for you to ponder over! In every dictionary, one word is spelled incorrectly, what is that word? (, Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. You got to try these before you trash one more, 33 Tricky Questions And Answers That Will …, 20 Awesome Brainteasers with Answers to Rack …, A little girl kicks a soccer ball. A bear and a rabbit are 70kg If the bear is 60kg alone, then the rabbit is 10kg. Mind Trick Questions. 9. How is this possible? Which way did it roll? 59. The first child was named April. Top 10 Trick Questions #1 - Alexander Puzzle Alexander is stranded on an island covered in forest. But B is not the son of A. How’s that possible? These answers are typically wrong. The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips as it tries to figure out the answer. But how? Feel like you have …, So you want to see how smart your brain is? 6. (, How can a man go eight days without sleep? Which way does the smoke blow? Everyone tries to get me every day, and when they get me, they give me away. List of Trick Questions and Answers: Here is a list of difficult trick questions and answers you can ask anyone or answer yourself: What is that, which breaks but don’t fall … 8. Your email address will not be published. These type of questions and answers are gaining popularity day by day. Everyone needs it, everyone can give, and it’s totally free. One day before Christmas what Adam says to his friend? Lunch and dinner. 48. What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Some of the trick questions are funny while others are based on logic that you will turn a blind eye to. 2.) These questions will though very difficult, aren't unmanageable. 32 Comments. (. Usually, the answer to the question lies within the question … What gives you power and strength to walk through walls? 🐰 🛵 It’s one of the most popular math riddles these days. Q: How to porcupines kiss? Lebanon is well known for which type of trees? Short funny riddles and trick questions can be … 15. 16. 54. Tricky questions almost everybody gets wrong! It is not just for time pass, but also boost your knowledge and flourish your brain with several wonderful tricky things. Trick questions put your thinking skills to the test—and we have 125 of the most confusing, tricky and hard questions with answers! If Smith jumps from 2 story building, where would he land? 11. 27. 42. Most of the kids have grown up playing these with each other and even … Which English letter pronounce as a letter as well as an animal at the same time? Answer: 87. Don’t beat yourself up though, if you can’t get the answer. Instead, they eat food. Well if yes, then you are standing on the right page. Rate and Share this quiz on the next page! Just stupid answers. According to the bible, there was a blind beggar at the gate of Jericho, what was his name? Submit Answers. It may give even the best brains the task of their life. Bonus question and answer: Tell me about yourself. The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips as it tries to figure out the answer. None. 3. How long will it be until three rungs are covered? How many have 28 days? Who I am? Here's a bunch of funny tricky questions that will really get your brain. 26. These are different from any creative writing. 4. Journalists sometimes use intricate questions to create better story lines, and to also extract information that probably wouldn't be extracted otherwise. Don’t beat yourself up though, if you can’t get the answer. Supposedly the students had just 20 seconds to solve the problem! Who am I? Brain Teaser is a form of puzzles that require logical thinking to solve. 1.) The questions in IAS interview are not meant to solely ascertain theoretical knowledge so instead of mugging up, candidates should focus on their soft skills. Here's a bunch of funny tricky questions that will really get ... Have you ever heard that there's no such thing as a stupid question? This simple test has been used for over 50 years and has tested reasoning and intelligence with great accuracy. 39. 2. How smart are you really? Because they are the kind of ice breaker and also entertaining. What is that? 28. Some are funny; some are really hard. Who am I? 33 Tricky Questions And Answers That Will Beat Your Brains Out! John’s mother had three children. 10. (, Imagine you are in a sinking row boat surrounded by sharks. ... View Answer Discuss. (, If Mr Smith’s peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones’ yard, who owns the egg? 60+general knowledge trivia questions with answers, 70+ trivia questions for middle school(just for kids), 70+ Trivia Questions and Answers for High School. Here we will talk about testing your knowledge by various tricky trivia questions, which may be general, then use them to create your tricky trivia question. (, Is it legal for a man to marry his widow’s sister? Common sense and knowledge do not help you answer the tricky questions. So check out your skills by playing these challenging questions and know how much fare you are. 25. Think again! Let’s get into it. How would you survive? Why should one play tricky trivia questions? 70+ trivia questions for middle school(just for kids). First I thought these were just printed bottles. 46. 34. 5. The word Trivia signifies something of small importance. A thing which is totally your property, but other people use it more than you. How did the car know he was there? 20. What is it? A: Temperature. 33 Tricky Questions And Answers That Will Beat Your Brains Out! (, What gets wetter & wetter the more it dries? Top Tricky Questions With Answers | Brain Teasers | Tricky Puzzles With Answers. Trick questions often invoke us to use the most logical responses to the questions first. (, What has a head and a tail but no body? Trick Questions 1. 12 blackbirds sat on the branches of a tree. 53. How you make the number one disappear? These tricky trivia questions are enough to check your brain power, To check the knowledge of a student tests is necessary, to check the strength of a wrestler, the fight is necessary, the same procedure for brain also. I have teeth’s, but I can’t use it to eat. Mar 19, 2020 - Explore Shasni Afsal's board "Tricky riddles with answers" on Pinterest. Mostly, after listening to the answers, people go like ‘Oh, why didn’t I think about that?’ because answers are obvious but ignored part of the trick questions. A: A monkey. Why tricky trivia used? (, How many times can you subtract 10 from 100? The walls of your room always meet with each other, but where? Christmas tree’s keep their breath fresh using what? 23. Share your favorites with friends and leave comments. (, Name the most recent year in which New Year’s came before Christmas. (, Which is heavier, 100 pounds of rocks or 100 pounds of feathers? Tricky Questions Asked In IAS Interview and their Answers The UPSC interview questions test the candidates’ mental acuity, general awareness, social etiquette, and overall personality. ... Just don’t cheat by skipping ahead to the answer—or you’ll ruin the surprise! So check out your skills by playing these challenging questions and know how much fare you are. 29. Titled as Funny Trick Questions, these puzzles will refresh your mind with some amazing puzzles that may require you to use tricks while solving but will be funny altogether. See more ideas about tricky riddles, riddles with answers, tricky riddles with answers. 30. (, If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? 12. Although the answers to these questions quiz are given right below them, please don’t scroll over them before you have an answer ready. 90% chance that he returns back to you if you give that thing to a person. Saturday, Monday are 2 of them, guess the name of third child? Trick questions can sometimes be silly and sometimes they can be really tricky. What is the special thing in December, that other months don’t have? It goes 10 feet and comes back to her. (, If there are 12 fish and half of them drown, how many are there? When employers ask this, they typically want to hear about you as a professional. You must take your time, read the questions carefully, and think before attempting an answer. 26. Required fields are marked *. Though we have normal, and easy trivia questions in our stock, but these tricky questions are really helpful. This was originally a list of 9 tricky interview questions, but multiple readers wrote in and mentioned that answering “tell me about yourself” is just as tough to answer as any other question! As a messenger which 2 birds Noah A.s send out of the ark? I am always on my way but never arrive at the destination. He then quickly carries it near the east end of he island and starts a new fire. If a president dies in a car accident who will be the vice president? So, let's get your mind ready for the mess up! (, If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have? 1 What Is the Weight Brain Teaser. If I drink water, I’ll die, and if I eat food my age increase. Second American Athlete who wins the Indianapolis 500 4 times? The same as it is today. Tricky Questions and Answers In this section, we will go over some fun, mind-boggling questions. (, An electric train is moving north at 100mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10mph. 18. 22. How is this possible? Cheers! Then, you’d better be aware of all these tricky questions (and their funny answers) as you might face them unexpectedly during the interviews. Take on these tricky riddles to see if you can stand up to the challenge. There is a real answer to this question. So, now the times come to upgrade the facts about geography, boost your knowledge, and get skills to make your tricky trivia question. December 31, 2014. 58. A: Very carefully. (, A 10 foot rope ladder hangs over the side of a boat with the bottom rung on the surface of the water. 19. So you think you are smart? Take Quizzes. A man shot 1 blackbird with his gun. How many were left on the tree? When the rain comes down, I go up. 2. But when I took a closer look, it blew my mind, 25 Brilliant ways to reuse plastic bottles. 31. View easy, hard, funny, math and for kids categories. These type of questions based on different topics such as history, music, animals, sports, geography, sciences or others. An average person has how many birthdays in his entire life? 21. (, If you had only one match, and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, some newspaper, and some kindling wood, which would you light first? When Santa’s toys were naughty, what he normally said? 40. Alexander picks up a piece of wood and lights it from the fire on the west end of the island. 17. When you mix C with son, what will happen? If two bears are 120kg, one bear is 60kg. The only player who scored a hat-trick in all 4 tiers of professional football in England? My life starts from high to low age. Trick questions are a fun way to kill time and have some good fun. (, A man dressed in all black is walking down a country lane. The only place where Christmas comes before Thanksgiving day? It won’t be fun if you cheat and get the answers beforehand. msn back to msn home lifestyle. What can be broken, but it has no sound? The two qualities makes a great combination that can be called as Funny Trick Puzzles. Best Trick Questions With Answers. First ever football world cup held in which country? A kind of ocean but no water, where I can find that ocean? (, How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? Q: What kind of key opens a banana? So make sure to give yourself some time to answer, and examine all of the clues given very carefully. 1668. (, A is the father of B. Do you remember the football player name who won silverware in both Manchester United and Liverpool championship. Wan to try some kids quiz questions? These tricky trivia questions also contain quizzes related to the business, economy, or any other category you like. Who is that? try these questions: 60+general knowledge trivia questions with answers. A famous footballer kicks a football, it travels for 15 feet and comes back to him again. Without making the proper practice, you cannot get the job in … (Plus, they make good questions to … Trick Questions 50+ trick questions (or riddles) that are the perfect mix of funny and perplexing. SHOW ANSWER. Your email address will not be published.